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    Default Geoff Nichols listed in writing credits on "Facing Hell" from Down to Earth?

    I just noticed that Geoff Nicholls is listed as a writer for "Facing Hell" on Ozzy's 2001 album Down to Earth:

    However, I can't find any additional information about this anywhere else. Is this legit? If so, what's the story?

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    I'll have to look into that. Geoff is indeed given writing credits on ASCAP for that song. A few times PRS is listed as his PRO, but sometimes it's listed as "no society," which is a shame because he wouldn't get any royalties if it's not linked with his PRS account. In "Facing Hell" it says "Geoff Nichols" (one 'l') and "no society," which means he wouldn't get those royalties if it's not entered correctly with PRS.

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