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    Kind of an odd coincidence. I really I didn't plan this at all. I am a member of Netflix, and my latest videos arrived today. One of the DVD's I've had on my list for about 6 months is the 1973 documentary on Jimi and that was in todays package. The strange thing is I just now realized today September 18 is the day he died in 1970.

    Anyway just thought I'd make a post about the man & pay a little respect.
    Some of my fav tracks of his are 1983 a Merman I shall Be, One Rainy Wish, If 6 was 9, & 3rd Stone from the Sun.

    This is the Movie Poster to that 73 documentary.

    Anyway Toast a glass of whatever you want to the man. And if you want to, post your thoughts about his music here.

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    It's a shame Hendrix died. Some of his tones and effects have yet to be duplicated.

    I think if he had lived he was headed into more of a John McLaughlin-type fusion direction.

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    All Along The Watch Tower is my favorite Hendrix tune.

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