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    Default Ozzy - Suicide Solution

    Just got my hands on a demo of Suicide Solution, very bad sound quality, but the music and lyrics are different. Anyone ever heard this? I could use some help figuring out the lyrics.

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    Ooooh really? Where can we hear this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iconosphere View Post
    Ooooh really? Where can we hear this?

    Send me a PM.

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    Actually, I think it quite impossible to make out any lyrics of that... and it´s most likely he was singing any-old-stuff= there´s probably not any lyrics, as these rehearsal-recordings were done by the guys themselves; Bob Daisley taped rehearsals so he could write lyrics over Ozzy´s melodies. Have to say that Ozzy´s always been good at melodies for vocals... to bad he didn´t get more into lyrical side... maybe he did...who knows?

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