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    Default I'd love a proper official compilation dvd

    Something akin to the Led Zep DVD. Stick everything ever recorded on video on it - the Paris '70 show, the Beat Club performances, the Cal. Jam, Don Kirschner, that clip of Paranoid from the Story of BS vol 1 - the promo for Sabbath Bloody Sabbath could be put back in synth, and throw on the promos for Hard Road and Rock N Roll Doctor. You could fill it up with the Live Aid performance and end with either of the 92/97 Ozzy re-unions.

    Probably only a dream cos of rights issues etc, but that would be one legendary dvd that I would bow down to!!!

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    I'd rather have a full DVD of a consistent show, preferably something from the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or Sabotage tours, and NO editing. The 1978 Never Say Die DVD falls short in many categories and a proper release needs to be made.

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    I knew I left something out, the Never Say Die gig - that should be on it too.

    As an historic document alone a comp of the history of early Sabbath should be made.

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    The NSD video is terrible. Ozzy has definitely lost his voice by then due to probably drink/drugs. Just nowwhere near the Paris DVD.

    A CalJam video is probably the best we can hope for unless anybody knows of any other footage that could be unearthed?

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    I'd quite like a nice Zeppelin-ish DVD (or Blu-Ray) but I don't know if it'll ever happen.

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    I think most of the shit from this era was shot on video, so I can't see a Blu-ray.

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