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Thread: I'm back..

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    Default I'm back..

    It's been a long while since I posted.

    A lot has happened while I've been silent.

    A member of the Homeowners Association at my condo attempted to assault me in my basement.

    I was in the ER briefly for what I thought was a heart attack (turned out it was anxiety).

    I tried to sell my condo but ran afoul of an arsehole Realtor.

    Man, sometimes I think things go from bad to worse.
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    Sorry to hear that, why did the HOA guy attempt to assault you? That’s crazy!

    Are you selling your condo because you’re not happy there, what’s going on?

    Good to see you back DiosSword and sorry that all of this is happening to you.
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    Good to see you back, DiosSword. Sorry to hear that all that has been happening to you, things will look up.

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