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    Default Best Dio version of Stargazer live?

    I was searching on Youtube last night to find a great live rendition of Stargazer, either from the Rainbow days or the Dio days, but I couldn't find much. Most of the videos were from mid-late era Dio (late 90s - mid 00s) and were fairly underwhelming.

    Can anyone recommend a definitive live version of this epic track?

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    I don't know about "definitive" but you should find the recording of Dio at the Monsters Of Rock festival here in the UK in 1983, it's widely available online as a bootleg of the BBC Radio 1 radio broadcast from the time and was then officially released as "At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987" shortly after Dio's death in 2010. It was Dio's first show in the UK (in front of 50,000 people!) and (according to Tapio's fan site) only the band's 12th ever live show. The band know they have something/everything to prove and they come flying out of the starting gate and don't let up for 45 minutes, with the whole band absolutely on fire. They manage to squeeze something from each major part of Dio's career into the 45 minutes and they do a medley of Holy Diver/Stargazer/Heaven And Hell in the mddle of the set. Vivian Campbell pays almost no respect to the original versions and he sounds incredible, particularly in the improvised interplay between him and RJD in Heaven & Hell. Anyway, that's certainly one of my favourite versions of Stargazer.
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