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    Default Bill Ward vs Tony Martin vs Geezer - Round 2

    We can have another special round as it fits the chronology sequence quite nicely.

    Here we're going to compare the follow up solo albums of our lesser known Sabbath members:

    Bill Ward - When The Bough Breaks (1997)
    Geezer - Black Science (1997)
    Tony Martin - Scream (2005)

    How would you rank the above albums? As always, I'll kick off:

    1) Tony Martin - Scream (2005) - a pretty solid album overall. A vast improvement over his first solo album. Perhaps it lacks a bit of depth in places but it ticks the right boxes for me.

    2) Geezer - Black Science (1997) - I feel Geezer toned down the aggression for this album and as a result the riffs and songs could flow better. I think the result is slightly better than his previous album.

    3) Bill Ward - When The Bough Breaks (1997) - After his phenomenal debut album, I had high hopes for this one. While I appreciate that stylistically Bill was trying something different, perhaps I could say taking a more 'organic' approach to the overall sound, I think this one didn't do much for me. I only really like When I Was A Child and Animals. Considering this album was somewhat released in a very secluded manner, it didn't really make any impact anywhere.
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    Bill Ward-When The Bough Breaks

    Tony Martin-Scream

    Geezer-Black Science
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