Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
July 27, 2004
White River Amphitheatre
Seattle, WA


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Adam Wakeman - Keyboards


War Pigs
Into the Void
Fairies Wear Boots
Black Sabbath
Iron Man
Children of the Grave
Paranoid (w/ After Forever Intro)


None available - if you have any, let me know.


From: "Friar Tuck"
Subject: Ozzfest review - Seattle
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 09:15:10 -0700

Hi Joe,
I'm on vacation (not at home), so I don't have the address to send this for the mailing list digest, but here's a review of the Seattle (White River Amphitheatre) show.

Sabbath were in excellent form last night at the Seattle stop of Ozzfest '04. I've read reviews of previous shows on the tour where people thought Priest put on the better show, but I thought Sabbath was better, at least last night. The real surprise was seeing Ozzy in such good shape, both physically and in his singing. I couldn't see any evidence that he'd had a serious accident last year, as he was in pretty much non-stop motion for the whole set. Between doing jumping jacks, jumping up and down in place behind the mic (even while singing, which made for occasionally interesting vocal effects), or just running around the stage, he was as active as I've ever seen him. And his voice - I expected him to be out of tune at least some of the time, given his well-documented past problems, but not last night. You could tell he was taking this gig very seriously and was really trying to nail his lines, and he did. He was spot-on with the original recorded album versions of nearly all the songs they played, unlike Halford, who lazily did some of his lines in a monotone and didn't seem to be putting much effort into it, other than just letting out the occasional piercing shriek, as if that was enough. Sabbath, as a band, sounded reasonably tight, without any of the mis-cues and mess-ups that they reportedly suffered from in earlier gigs on the tour. And you could tell they were having fun together, with Ozzy egging them all on and getting grins in return. At one point, Ozzy introduced the other members (as if they needed it). When he got to Bill Ward, he introduced him repeatedly, causing him to stand up and nod to the crowd each time. As soon as Bill would sit down, Ozzy would say again, "Mr. BILL WARD", and up would pop Bill with a sheepish grin on his face and nodding to the crowd. About the third time, Ozzy got the crowd into it. He'd go "Mr. BILL..." and let the crowd finish it off with "WARD!", and Bill would have to stand up again. Poor Bill, but it was funny. At another point, Ozzy mentioned his accident with the ATV. He said after the accident, his doctor told him he'd better take a year off to recuperate, and Ozzy said "You know what I said to him, Man?" I said "FUCK YOU!" and showed us both of his middle fingers to prove it. That got the crowd roaring. He then said "You know why I said that, Man?" "It's because I love you all and wanted to come back and see you again", and he said it with that dead serious, almost angry look on his face that only Ozzy can pull off, and this was in close-up on the big-screens on either side of the stage. This of course got the crowd roaring even louder, and loving him right back. It was a great moment, even if the real reason might be that Sharon might have had something to do with it. At any rate, Ozzy was in the best, most active, most coherent, seemingly healthy state I think I've ever seen him in, and that's going back to the 80s.

Here's the set list:
War Pigs
Fairies Wear Boots
Into The Void
Black Sabbath
Iron Man
Children of The Grave
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath intro teaser/Paranoid

Too short a set and proof that Sabbath is pretty much just a golden-oldies band these days, but it was worth it just to see Ozzy in such good shape and proving that he's still got it in him to be one of the most entertaining front men in rock. He said Sabbath would be back next year with Ozzfest '05, but no mention of an album or separate tour, so that remains in doubt. Oh yeah - Bill Ward looked good, too, and was hitting the drums with authority and power all night, in addition to having his hair back. When I saw them during the '99 reunion tour, he'd shaved it off down to a crew-cut, but last night he had a long grey pony-tail down his back. Nothing much needs to be said about Tony and Geezer, but they were typically outstanding on their intruments. Sabbath just fucking rocked, basically. Wish they'd channel that energy in a creative direction....

P.S. The water-bucket-into-the-crowd count was 4, each followed by Ozzy throwing the empty bucket from mid-stage into the wings. The guy's an animal with those water buckets.


Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 11:30:30 -0700
From: Dan Smith
Subject: Ozzfest 7-27-04, White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, WA

Just got back from my first Ozzfest. Seattle (actually Auburn) WA - 7-27-04 What a rush!

Got there about 9:30am - since I drove 350 miles and my only choice was to sit in a hotel room or go to Ozzfest. I saw about half the bands on the second stage as I was in and out of that area all day. I'm not really into the growling vocal style, but live it's not nearly as annoying. I actually came to appreciate it as part of the show. It has more to do with the rhythm section - since there's no melody to it. But it does look pretty cool to see a guy scream at the top of his lungs till his veins are about to pop - backed by bombastic metal music!

Musically - my favorites were Lamb of God and Lacuna Coil. I left during Slipknot to make my way to the main stage. I had a Pit ticket so I wanted to stake my claim to a good spot. Worked like a charm too as I was front row, right up against the barrier on Iommi's side of the stage for the entire 6 hrs!

BLS was pretty good, I couldn't hear Zakk as well as I could the second guitarist - who's amps were right in front of me. They rocked hard though. Next up was Superjoint Ritual. I expected not to like them, since all the reviews complain about Phil's ranting, but I ended up being converted. I'm not sure what he talked about at the other shows, but in Seattle, he mentioned his support for the soldiers and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - saying "If we didn't do it, no one would". He then spotted a disabled vet in the crowd - the guy was in a wheelchair with an American flag wrapped aroud him - and Phil had security bring him up on stage for a couple songs, saying "Someone give that man a beer" to his roadies. It really made the guy's day! They also, by the way, rocked hard.

Next was Dimmu Bruggir. They were actually kind of comical with their makeup. The lead singer never did break character - keeping his "black metal voice" even for the between song banter. The bass player was cool though - he's about seven feet tall and he actually sings! Pretty good too. I only really liked their last song. But it did rock hard. Next was Slayer. They blew every Slayer wannabe from the second stage off the grounds! They played very intense metal and had me banging my head hard to Seasons in the Abyss - my favorite Slayer song. Needless to say - they rocked hard!

Next was Judas Priest. Halford was on! He nailed his first scream and you could tell that really revved him up. He was pumping his fist and mouthing "Yes!!" The rest of the band however, seemed a little tired and stale. They rocked hard in a couple spots, but for the most part - not. Halford rocked hard though. Painkiller and Victim of Changes were the high notes, Breaking the Law and Living After Midnight - the lows. Then they pulled the curtain and it was time for Sabbath. You could feel the excitement building in the air, and when the band's shadows appeared on the curtain the place just erupted!

I immediately went into a total head banging frenzy. I was ten feet from Iommi for the entire show!!! He nailed it too. I had to remind myself to look at Ozzy, Geezer and Bill! Anyway about halfway through War Pigs I realized I hadn't been watching the video to see if it had the anti-Bush stuff - but I totally didn't care - I mean here they are, the Legends, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME - why would I watch a video?

They did the same setlist everyone else has reported - and I really couldn't tell you if Ozzy sang good or not cause I was singing every stinking song at the top of my lungs!!! But I can tell you he was having a blast. He had a huge smile on his face all night, and was jumping and running all over. He nailed me with a water bucket! Needless to say Sabbath schooled every other band on the bill as to how it's done. THEY ROCKED HARD!!!

Black Sabbath - Ozzy, Geezer, Ward and Iommi - with one drummer, one bass player, one singer, and one guitar player, playing thirty year old music - sounded more devastating than all the two guitar, multi percussion bands that preceded them.

When I got back to my hotel room, my ears were still ringing, my voice was gone and I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

What a night!

From: "Charles L.
Subject: Ozzfest 2004 Tour Stuff - Review of 7-27-2004 Show
Date sent: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 01:41:14 -0700

July 27th 2004 - White River Amphitheatre - Auburn Washington

For those of you who have not purchased a ticket for an Ozzfest show near you, it's time to get online, or get to the box office, and take care of business. This show was worth every penny it cost, and then some.

This was my first visit to the new White River Amphitheatre near Auburn Washington and I must say the designers/builders did a marvelous job. The view of the main stage was excellent from any location. Two giant video screens with amazing quality allowed us to see the finest detail including Geezers amazing finger picking, Bill's riveting percussion work, and Ozzy's priceless gestures. We even had many close-ups of Tony's incredible fret work, including his repaired fingertips! Anyone who lives in or near Washington State, make sure you catch a concert here, it is one of the best venues I have seen and I have been to many all across the country.

The first band up was Black Label Society who cranked out an excellent set. Perhaps they should be higher on the bill. Zack Wylde is too cool and we enjoyed their set. Superjoint Ritual and Dimmu Borgir play that death metal stuff that is almost always unintelligible no matter what venue it is performed in. You cannot distinguish any of the instruments and certainly not lyrics the vocalist sings-are they lyrics? Slayer was a little clearer, but again not really what I came to this show for. More power to those who like that style, it just isn't my cup of tea. Plug in Robin Trower and Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush instead, and now you're really talking.

Finally, we got down to business with Judas Priests! The Metals Gods delivered the goods and then some. I liked Ripper's voice when he filled in (didn't really like the direction the music went though) but let's face it Rob Halford belongs in the Priest, and he showed that and then some. Tipton and Downing were clean and precise as they laid out all of the Priest classics. Rob Halford still has perhaps metals greatest voice; displaying the phenomenal range and power that inspired an entire style of metal in its own. What set the Priest apart from all the other bands that had performed up to that point was the crisp clean sound; you could hear clearly every word that Halford sang even though it wasn't necessary. The crowd knew all of the lyrics and sang along on many songs. Priest has such an incredible catalog and they are such talent musicians that they raised the bar very high for Tony, Ozzy, Geezer, and Bill. The slightest misstep by the Sabs and Judas Priest would take the day!

In preparation for the Sabbath set a huge semi-transparent curtain with the winged demons was drawn across the front of the stage. Change over between bands happened very quickly at this show, so Sabbath was ready to step up just a little while after Priest. Suddenly the lights dimmed and we could see the figures of Tony, Geezer, and Ozzy being cast and amplified on the still drawn curtain. That's when Ozzy took matters into his own hands literally. Ozzy (Ozzy's shadow really) turned sideways and lowered the microphone to waist level and started.well you know. The place erupted in laughter as Ozzy once again transcended beyond the music.hahaha.

True to the set list provided by previous concert goers Sabbath started their set with the always fresh War Pigs. The sound was absolutely outstanding, much like Judas Priest; you could hear Ozzy's lyrics perfectly and could easily distinguish all of your favorite licks by Bill, Tony, and Geezer.

Probably the first thing that struck me was the very strong and clear sound of Geezer's work. To many times you go to a live concert and the bass just doesn't make it through the mix and lacks definition and clarity. It is a huge part of the Sabbath sound and Geezer made sure we got what we needed. For all of you people that think you are a bass guitar player, if you see one of these shows and the venue provides good video, look at Geezers fret and picking technique and be amazed. No matter how hard you try, no matter how many years you spend, you will never be that good so learn to live with it.I did.

Now, let me be honest, I came to see Bill Ward. I know, that's a strong statement but I have always admired Bills technique and style. He is such a unique player; among the greatest rock percussionist of all time, in my book, and yours too. I was so happy when that "misunderstanding" about who would play drums for Black Sabbath was cleared up. I don't know if the band or management read post here on Joe's marvelous site (I sure hope they do) but I want to convey this message as strongly as I can to them. We the fans want Bill Ward and that's final. No more fiddle faddle, when Sabbath makes a new album.Bill Ward, when Sabbath plays a gig.Bill Ward. To put an exclamation point on it, Bill was outstanding. he laid down the skins as only Bill can. His one of a kind style was shining bright, and Bill gave the fans all that they could hope for and beyond.

The last time I saw Sabbath play was January 11, 1999 at the Rose garden in Portland. On that night Ozzy sacrificed himself and performed the entire set with a pretty severe throat cold. It was a great show, but it was tough on Ozzy and we appreciate him seeing it through where many others with ego problems would have abandoned the fans in a heartbeat.not Ozzy! At Ozzfest 2004 there was no cold and no problems! In my opinion, Ozzy sounded better than he has is sometime. It's really amazing considering the year Ozzy has gone through. The Oz sang the higher notes in Snowblind and Sweet Leaf perfectly. He laughed, told stories, and revved up the crowd like only Ozzy can. It's just amazing the effect that Ozzy has on the fans, there is no one since the Beatles who can compare. I'm serious; you folks that haven't gone yet are in for a real treat, Ozzy's voice is in top form and he is master of the stage as always. Thank you Ozzy for hanging tough and brining your fans a night to remember.

If music were ancient Greek mythology, and musicians the gods, then Tony Iommi would be Zeus.the king of the gods. Tony flattens me each and every time I have the honor of listening to the master ply his trade. I sometimes sit and wonder how one man could be so consistently creative over such a long time. And what a virtuoso performance he gave us this night. I really appreciated the extended solos Tony took during Fairies, N.I.B., and Black Sabbath. I don't need to tell you people that the man was on; if you have ever seen Black Sabbath then you already know this to be true. I think every heavy band that came after Sabbath should list Tony Iommi for writing credits on each CD that they release since he defined rock guitar and created the space in which other heavy band flourish.

I hope everybody finds a way to make it to a Sabbath show as they make their way about the world. And then when you are done, go home and listen to each and every album, and if you are missing one, go and by it. These guys are one of the few moments of sanity that is offered above the crap that is flooding the scene today. I hope the Sabs find the time to give us a new album in the near future; that is really the missing piece of the puzzle. Thank you Geezer, Ozzy, Bill, and Tony!

Great site Joe.keep it going!

Charles L.
Seattle Washington

Subject: sabbath in seattle
Date sent: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 10:45:25 -0700

really, really short set in seattle!!!! war pigs, n.i.b, into the void, fairies, black sabbath, iron man, children of the grave, and of course paranoid, with the first 20 seconds of after forever before.[just a tease ya know]
ozzy looked better than i've seen him in many, many years. in real good health as well amazing how you can sing the same songs for thirty years and still fuck up verses and lyrics. [wouldn't have it any other way though]
priest was outstanding had to put that in there

From: David Rostowsky
Subject: 7/27 BS Review
Date sent: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 21:28:55 -0700 (PDT)


I went to Ozzfest at the White River Ampitheatre and just thought Id toss in my $0.02 on Black Sabbath's performance. In general, it was great, and was indeed the best act of Ozzfest!! Anytime we can get the original 4 together is indeed a great event!

Ozzy is now in "fat Ozzy" mode. Not getting enough exercise post accident. What a pot-belly, ha! Its like the Ultimate Sin tour all over again. He looks like Bill now. Bill, put on a shirt! AH!!! Ozzy gave Bill the best introduction of the night. Made everyone repeatedly applaude Bill. Bill was quite happy. In fact, the entire band was in quite a gleeful mood. Iommi was beaming through most of the set which is unusual given his usual concentration. Ozzy did this hysterical Peter Pan-esque skipping across the stage that had everyone in the band and crowd just rolling. That was the most mobile thing he did all night. At times, Oz forgot to put the mic near his mouth so the vocals would take a deep fade, but nobody really noticed or cared, and the crowd filled in anyway.

I liked the background video considering how hastily eveything was put together Im sure. It was really well done, and not just the same old Sabbath images that we've all seen a zillion times.

War Pigs - We got the "censored" version of the backgound video with only Hitler video instead of the even more "sinister" Bush comparisons. The song was performed great. Ozzy was his usual off-key self, and the crowd pretty much drowned him out and made it even more off key, ha. The band played it very tight though.

NIB - Simply fantastic. I always love hearing this live. It was minus Geezers usual intro, but oh well. Ozzy sang it great! The band was a rock!

Fairies Wear Boots - This sounded odd from the get go. Iommi's guitar sounded like it was tuned down 5 steps, and Butler was tuned up 2 steps. It sounded very weird and off key the whole time. It was so loud though that I dont think anyone could tell unless you were a guitar player. They even seemed a bit lost at times. Kind of disappointing as its one of my personal favorites.

Into The Void - What a great performance! I love this song, and the guys didnt disappoint.

Snowblind - The usual arm waving and great performance!

Black Sabbath - The never-ending guitar solo. Went on forever! GREAT! I kept yelling "Iommi!!!" while everyone else yelled for Ozzy. The best song performed all night. Classic. They could infinite loop this song and Id be happy forever. That was the longest version of that song Ive ever heard even from the prime-time years.

Thats all for now. I was quite happy with the show, and Im looking forward to some new Sabbath in '05 (I hope)!!!