Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 17, 2004
DTE Energy Music Center
Detroit, MI


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Adam Wakeman - Keyboards


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From: david gargalino
Subject: Detroit Ozzfest Review: A Momentus Journey between Friends and Music
Date sent: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 15:03:41 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Joe, Here is my Review: A Momentous Journey between Friends and Music.

There comes a time in life where nothing surprises you until you least expect it. I dont need to explain how or why i went to Ozzfest 2004, its a given that i know good music and whenever i can hear it ill be there. I've obviously loved Black Sabbath for many years and have been truly blessed to have been school in classic rock and metal by my father. I'mIm only 20 years old buI'veve now just seen every band that i love that is still around.

Anyways, I have been a two yeaveteranen of Ozzfest prior to Ozzfest 2004. Once in 2001 and last year and let me tell you this Ozzfest was the best one by far that i went to. It is even sweeter than all the rest because of handfulll surprises that came along the way.

I went to see Ozzfest 2001 because a good friend of mine had VIP tickets. The seats were very nice and I had a great time seeing Ozzy for the first time with Black Sabbath. I alwaycherisheded that moment because I truly thought it was going to be my first and last time seeing Bill, Geezer, Tony, and Ozzy together. All in all, Icouldn'tt have been happier. It was one of the few bright spots in 2001 for me. For what ever reason i ddidn'tthink i was ever going to another Ozzfest. I dont know why, maybe because of the money; sure beats me to wonder why i would not want to go again. Then Ozzfest 2002 came along i wanted to go really bad but the money issue came up. I had just started college and needed the money. It ddidn'tmatter much because the line up was nothing special for me and it was looking like Ozzy was in doubt whether he was going to perform at DTE music center.

Then Ozzfest 2003 was looking like it was not going to happen for me since i had spent my money on Metallica's Summer Sanitarium tour ( remind me not to spend my money on that tour instead of Ozzfest). It was looking like it was not going to happen since Ozzfest was just weeks away but then my good buddy Casey came along to bring me good news. He wanted to see Ozzy so bad he had spent $180 on two tickets for the July 25th show. I was blown away that he ddidn'twant any money from me. It was I that had a job since he was just a teenager with out a job. Well lets just say I bought him whatever the hell he wanted at Ozzfest. It was quickquicklyded after Ozzy's set that Ozzfest 2004 was a go.

When February rolled around ( Ozzy was drastically improving daily) I knew that Ozzfest tickets were about to be on sale pretty soon. So I kept close knit to the radio and interInternetdetails. I pretty much decide if I was ever going to get good seats or tickets at all for the matter ( rumored to be the last Ozzfest) I needed to get up very early and secure a place in line at ticketicket masterp; So the tickets were on sale at 10am on February 28th. I had my good friend Casey with me for the surprise we were about to experience. It was already a good time for Ozzfest, it was announced that Judas Priest was going to be on the main stage (and as a Co-headliner in my opinion) along with Slayer and Black Label Society. I was a little curious to see Slipknot again since 2001 but as a fan this time round. We woke up around 5:30 that Saturday morning and journeyed to the local Mall a few miles south of us. Tickets went on sale during MichigMichigan's time of the year for weather. It was quite cold to say the least once we found out that we needed to wait outside as opposed to inside the mall since they had moved the TicketTicket MasterHudsonHudson'sur surprise we were the first ones in line first. (already made my day made)

Well to make a long story short (gee....why so soon) four hours went by with the help of making new friends and joking around. Finally 9:50 came by and we were let in to the store and had the money ready. The ticketicket master was very gracious and was refreshing the web page so the page would be fresh so she could give us nice seats. So once 10 am rolled around i asked for Center Stage and as close as she could get to the stage. She said "How is row CCC center stage for yeah". I nearly goddamn jumped up in the air like an idiot. Third Fucking Row!!! (That was a classic line between me and my friend til the show) Third Fucking row to see Ozzy!, Judas Priest! and BLS! How any better can it get!? Oh it sure did! Oh it sure did!

About a month later, mid to later March,while i was skimming stories during my lunch break at college i ran across a head line that announced that Geezer Butler was going to be Ozzy's new solo bassist. I was totally stoked to know that id be seeing two Sabbath players along with Zakk Wydle. Then i begaibeganead rumors that Black Sabbath might be the head liners this year. To witness such a show Bls Slayer Priest and Sabbath on the same bill, it was quite something i have never been a witness to. It felt like nu-metal band and newer up coming bands were taking over the mainsmain stagethe past 3-4yrs. But 2004 was going to be different. Finally, a real metal show in the states was going to take place at a festival. I always read about the great metal show festivals in Europe and how Anthrax gave props to Europe for being a better market for Metal than the States.

"Third fucking Row" rang in my head for months. It was a great feeling to know that the PavilPavilions sold out in 15 minute and only one show was going to be played in Detroit.(I later found out during the concert that most of the seats we were in were mostly scaplscalped;for a lot more money than 70 bucks). It was hard to believe that the Ozzman was going to be well enough to even play shows any more. A few months past before it was confirmed that Black Sabbath was going to be head lining the second stage. I could feel it in the air that it was going to happen. First because Ozzy almost left us and second the new 8-cd and dvd set of the remastered Black Sabbath was released earilearlierhe year. Finally it was a go for all the members to be on the bill. We certainly welcomed the return of our friend Bill Ward. He has had a lot of hardships in this band and heath wise so it was nice to see him back into the fold.

Well Summer came by very quickly and after having the pleasure of seeing RUSH and Van Halen it was time to witness and even bigger concert. Ozzfest has become a ritual of sorts and i had a lot of preparations to do. Monday August 16th certainly came faster than i thought it would (much faster than back in February). Me and my friend Casey hung out played alot of music and went out on our journey to CVS and Meijers. I just want to say that i am a big fan of bootlegging. I certainly dont do this for profit but just for audio memory. I've done this for about 5 years. Almost every concertI'vee been toI'vee been able to bootleg conerconcertsp; I get a lot of fun out of reliving theses concerts as i transfer the songs to cd from my computer. So any ways I bought 4 cassecassettes and 6 batteries for bootlegging Slipknot , Black Label Society, Slayer, Judas Priest ,and Black Sabbath. Basically all the bands that i wanted to see i bootlegged.

So i went to bed pretty early that night so i could make it up to my friend and get to ozzfest by 9am. Last year i promised the same thing but i ddidn'twake up til 1pm and i think that disappointed him. So in honor of our journey we spent waiting in the bone chilling cold weather for these tickets , where we are sitting, and who's going to be on the bill, it was fitting that we see the whole experience.

Monday August 17, 2004 6:35 am: I can believe i just woke up this early, i just had 5 hours of sleep,my friend had 3 hours. Oh boy, was he happy about that. Who cares, i ddidn'twant to sleep but if i was going to endure the all day festival i had to.

MONDAY AUGUST 17, 2004 7:15 AM: we hit the road from st. clair shores to Clarkson michigan. A good 45 min drive up I-75. We made a stop at Farmer Jacks to pick up some shitty ear plugs.

MONDAY AUGUST 17, 8:25 AM : I stashed the cascassettecorder and 3 tapes in my harHarleyots, at the local shell gas station 3 blocks from DTE, so i wouwouldntve to worry about messing around at DTE's parking lot. ( I did the exact thing at ozzfest 2003, its becoming part of the ozzfest ritual.)

MONDAY AUGUST 17, 2004 8:45 AM: we pull in to the parking lot to discover at least 5 thousand other crazier people at DTE at such a early hour. We found a very long line to wait in to get in but it flowed pretty well. Once we got in i raced to the bathroom to take the tapes out of my shoes and pants and put them in a shirt to carry it with me all day. Then we checked out the second stage bands starting.

MONDAY AUGUST 17, 2004 9:30 AM-4:00 PM: So for the most part of the day before the main stage started me and my friend just watched some bands; some were good some were eh alright and some were not worth watching. To each their own i suppose, it just wasnt any one I wanted to see until slipknot. We had some lunch and sat down on the lawn of the main stage while they were doing sound checks. It was a nice get away from most of the crowd and chill while taking the experience in. We arrarrivedck to the second stage to see a few bands before slislipknot.  Slipknot (second stage headliner 4:05 pm): After advavoidinge massive pits in the crowds during Hatebreed and then just getting to meet some of the members of slipknot prior to getting dressed, i headed back to the second stage and got my recorder ready. It took a while to get the stage prepared and the amps and drums sound checked. I could feel that this was going to be a crazy crowd when slipknot takes the stage. Indeed i was surely right, ambient music of corey saying phrasing and stuff started. It was a packed parking lot, i ddidn'thave much room to move around. So finally the intro track of the first slipknot album began, IT WAS ON. Pure chaos was on the way. Sure enough right when they took the stage and performed (sic), the whole crowd turned into one pit, i dedefinitelyas not too pleased, considering i was trying to record the concert. Hey that was my own fault for getting into the crowd but i loved every moment. They certainly put on a good show, just like they did in 2001. I wasnt a fan back then but i still appreciated the show performance. I hahaven'ttop listening to there lalatestd, Vol 3. the subliminal verse. I think its there best album to date because it showcases Jim's and Mick's talented guitar work that was not truly shown in there two prepreviousbums. (sic), the blister exists, disasterpiece, duality, the herhereticthem, wait and bleed, spit it out, people=shit, and surfacing were played. I have since put it on cd and it dididn'tbsp;come out that bad considering where i was. (seen twice: ozzfest 2001 and ozzfest 2004:bootlegged) 10 out of 10

Black Label Society (first main stage band) 4:45pm-5:15pm: What can i say about this band. I always wanted to see this true metal with the legendary Zakk Wydle. Missed them on Ozzfest 2001, wanted to go see them on Ozzfest 2002 but couldn't, and I would never go to see them at Harpos because its not in the safest part of Detroit (if there ever is one). Since i saw the time listings for the other shows at ozzfest i knew that i had to leave the second stage immediately in order to not miss BLS. For some reason when slipknot ends at 445pm the main stage starts at 445pm, which i dont get why they would do that by anyways. I went to my set right when Zakk and the band was starting Funeral Bell, i had my recorder ready! We thought we were going to have third wow seats but it turned out to be second row, to our surprise, I couldn't believe Zakk was that close to me. It was amazing to see him play. He's on my top five list of the greatest guitars ever. We were on the side of the bass player, James. He's a fine bass player. Everything hit me at once, the experience of ozzfest was here. I cant say enough of this band. I certainly wish they had played more than 5 songs but i cant complain. It was really great to see Zakk come out with his Randy Rhodes Jackson guitar. The put on an amazing show and put away a lot beer as always. The Detroit Chaper rules and it was awesome to see the Harpos DVD of the band from 2002 cranking out pure heavy metal. Ozzy sure knows how to find the greatest guitar players.

Funeral Bell
Suffering Overdue
Stoned and Drunk
Genocide Junkies

(Ozzfest 2004:bootlegged and received a pick from James the bass player) 10 out of 10

Slayer 6:45-7:35: What can I say about The Kings of Thrash? Tom, Jeff, Kerry, and Dave were at the top of their game. I have never seen Slayer before but i have definitely listened to their music. It was pretty sweet being about 6 feet from these metal masters. Looking back at the lawn the there were some crazy pits going on. Jeff was getting a kick out of the chaos. The set opened up with the intro to God Hates Us All and for the rest of the set SLAYER! RULED. I cant wait to see these guys again. The shear guitar attack of Jeff and Kerry was amazing and heavy as shit. \m/ I was not too familiar with the song titles but i recognized a lot of them thought so i wont be able to give many details of each song. But it sure was great to hear Raining Blood and Disciple. Seeing a great Slayer Show with the original line up was a testament of how great this year's Ozzfest was. My friend was lucky enough to catch Jeff's pick after the show. (seen once on Ozzfest 2004: Bootlegged set) 15/10

Hell Awaits
Dead Skin Mask
Hallowed Point
Spirit In Black
South Of Heaven
Raining Blood

JUDAS PRIEST 7:55pm-9:25pm: The anticipation for seeing Priest has been with me since that fateful July 2003 summer day when it was announced that Rob Halford had rejoined. Its just too bad that i've only been a fan of priest and Rob Halford for only three years. But thank God I became a fan just in time. I have previously seen Judas Priest in February of 2002 and I saw the band HALFORD in April of 2003. Finally Rob and Priest were united so i could see them both in action. I could not wait and it was a major surprise to find out that they would be supporting the Ozzfest tour. As far as i was concerned they were co-headliners with or without Black Sabbath. I mean this was history in the making. Slayer, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath. ALL THE GODS OF METAL WERE IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT. Right after Slayer, the stage was instantly morphed into The Electric Eye stage. Scott Travis' huge drum set was positioned in the very back of the silver stepped stage. I was in awe to see the stage set so expansive. This is definitely the Priest in form. The lights went dark the intro to the Hellion began and it was time to rock. Judas Priest had come to destroy all that saw. The intro began as the screen was showing clips of the metalogy promo. Then Scott got on his drums while the intro was still playing then Ian Hill, KK Downing and Glen Tipton came out to finish out the Hellion and then they kicked into The Electric Eye. Right when the lyrics were suppose to start Rob came out of the eye behind Scott. Rob is a first class act and i was very looking to see him live with HALFORD. His voice is shear metal. No one can touch this guy vocally. He was in top form. I personally thought they stole the show. Every song they played was a hit; one right after the other. Scott is one of the best metal drummers around, Ian Hill keeps the foundation with his solid bass playing, KK Downing and Glenn Tipton are the most underrated guitar players in the music industry. They showcased remarkable conviction on their guitars. The invented the twin guitar attack. Their solos flowed like what water. I couldnt believe the amazing intro Glen did on A Touch of Evil. He replicated the keyboard work that was on the studio album perfectly. There is not enough time to go into too much detail about each song. But all i can say is that Judas Priest had the Ozzfest crowd at the palm of their hands. For a moment i could have cared a less about Black Sabbath. It was the Priest that took the show especially when they came back with an encore with Halford on his Harley. The Painkiller was in amazing form as the last four songs in the set got the crowd going. Rob is an excellent crowd leader. He had the crowd repeat everything he said. It was like he could turn the crowd on and off when he wanted. At the age of 52, Rob has lost nothing. He voice is still in its prime. I actually like him better in his older years than when he was younger. Thought it would have been a bigger treat to hear a new song, i am definitely going to see them back in Detroit in 2005. As far as I'm concerned the Priest are my favorite Metal band theses days. I was so excited to see Judas Priest that i forgot that Black Sabbath still had to play. Black Sabbath was like the final touches of a wedding cake because the rest was already there. Thats why Ozzfest 2004 was so special, there was always something better to look forward to. I doubt Ozzfest will ever top this year. (Seen Priest twice 2002 and 2004: bootlegged 2004 Ozzfest set, Seen Halford Twice: HALFORD 2003 and with Priest in 2004) 20/10

Hellion (Recorded Intro)
Electric Eye
Metal Gods
Heading Out to the Highway
A Touch of Evil
Victim of Changes
The Sentinel
Beyond the Realms of Death
Breaking the Law
Hell Bent for Leather
Living After Midnight
You Got Another Thing Coming'

Black Sabbath 9:35-10:35: After Judas Priest I couldnt believe that one more band had to play. I had been at DTE for almost 12 hours and things werent going to end any time soon which was perfectly fine with me. The band that i thought i had seen the last of back in 2001 was about to go on. The Almighty Black Sabbath. I think it was the perfect time for Sabbath to come back into the realm of things. Its their 35th anniversary as a band and I think Ozzy wanted to be with his closest friends. Black Sabbath for Ozzy was like being back home. It was the most comfortable position he could be in considering what had happen to him 8 months ago. It was an extra treat that all the members were on board......So anyways, darkness had set in over the sunny skies of a beautiful Tuesday afternoon.

The stage was instantly transformed and the drapes were down. The camera crew was being set up and a black sabbath promo was showing on the screens. Excitement was at an all time high, the pioneer metal masters were on their way. Finally, everyone hears the classic Ozzy voice over the PA. "Oye Oye Oye, I Cant Fucking Hear You!!!" Behind the curtain you can see Iommi and Geezer coming from stage left and stage right. Bill Ward takes position behind his drum set. Then the Silhouette of Ozzy came before the curtain and the crowd went crazy. I was 6 feet from the action and I never felt so good to see Black Sabbath. War Pigs started and the stage crew ran over and removed the curtain and then was reveled BLACK FUCKING SABBATH. The one thing that caught me eye was how smaller and intimate the stage had become. Bills drum riser was in the middle, while Geezer's ampeg amps were stacked together in a small area and Iommi's trademark wall of amps was trimmed down to eight or so cabs.

This was in stark contrast to the past tours. That was ok with me, it seemed all the more fitting to see all the guys close together. Bill has grown out his hair again this time round compared to the short army crew cut he had in 2001. He was still a little over weight but he looked a lot healthier. Iommi had not changed he still was equipment with his red Gibson SG and that trademark mustache and glasses. Geezer had not changed one bit either but he sported a new bass (looks like a fender precision bass body with a Larkin neck). But the one person that surprised me the most was Ozzy Osbourne. He looked like the healthiest one and the happiest. This night he ditched the sunglasses, the hanging jewelry, the black sweatshirt (as i had seen previously at ozzfest 2001 and 2003). He was wearing a silk Black shirt with blue sleeves. His previous red highlights were gone and he sported his normal hair color. Ozzy looked like he just came out of the mid-seventies. I don't think he has looked better than he did tonight. He seemed to have a hell of of time and truly enjoyed every minute. When they started War Pigs, I was instantly blown away by the shear power of Geezer's amp. Since i was standing right in front of him, his amps over powered the other band members. So I got to appreciate the amazing bass work of Geezer. But altogether the band never sounded so good. The set list was quick but to the point. Yeah i wish they could have expanded on the set list especially leaving out the usual War Pigs, Paranoid, and Iron Man songs. I miss The Wizard but It was great hearing Fairies Wear Boots and hearing the intro to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. But all in all, I took whatever was given all in. Who's cares what they played just to witness Black Sabbath again was all that I cared. Ozzy had his Coffee and Tea mugs on Bill's drum riser. Oz was great and it was nice to see him explain how the odds were against him but he was determine to prove the doctors wrong. And indeed he did and he gave the doctors a big time "Fuck You." Zakk was right about Ozzy, he's a soldier. I hope the get together and make an album, if not at least another tour. If it indeed becomes the last Ozzfest next year I think it would be fitting to have Black Sabbath close it out. But i treasured every moment of seeing Black Sabbath and appreciated what they had done for rock n' roll. I also got what I wish for; a black sabbath pick from Geezer. It was a bittersweet moment at the end because it was all over. The last 7 months of anticipating this moment had gone by quick, but as soon as it ended, me and my friend Casey turned to each other and said "We are doing this all over again!!!"(Bootlegged Black Sabbath Set, Got a Geezer Butler Pick. Previously seen Black Sabbath July 31, 2001 and Ozzy Osbourne July 25, 2003)

War Pigs
Fairies Wear Boots
Into the Void
Black Sabbath
Sweet Leaf
Iron Man
Children of the Grave

\m/ Dave \m/