An Intro by Rob Dwyer

Welcome to the Tour Date Archive!

Our mission here is to document every known gig date that Black Sabbath performed from their earliest incarnations as Polka Tulk and Earth to their most recent and sadly final THE END tour in 2017.  This has proved to be a challenging project requiring at least a decade of research that is still very much ongoing.  It is by no means 100% complete or accurate, nor will it probably ever be.  Still, it is our aim to provide the most accurate and useful database for Black Sabbath’s history anywhere on the Internet.

If you do happen to notice any missing or incorrect information on these pages, please feel free to send us an e-mail.  Since we need to confirm any new information for inclusion, please provide any supporting evidence you might have, such as scans of ticket stubs, handbills, posters or any other items that supports your claim.  You are also welcome to share your memories or even reviews of these concerts, since some facts may be impossible to provide in a tangible form.

I will try my best to respond to your messages in a timely manner.  HOWEVER – please be aware that I’m already dealing with a substantial backlog of submissions dating back several years.  Many submissions require additional research time, so progress is often slow, not to mention that my personal time to do this work is limited by other obligations (like a day job and a life!).  If you don’t hear back from me right away, these are just some of the reasons why.

That said, I do try my give each and every contribution my undivided attention when research time avails itself to me.  I have greatly appreciated the input of everyone who has contributed to this research and will make those acknowledgements elsewhere in his section very soon.

Please be aware that your submissions and corrections will not immediately appear on these pages.  Due to the nature of our new database system, we must process these updates in batches.  I wish there were an easier way for us to do this, but unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast we’re working with (Gigpress).  Each update requires a coordinated effort between myself and Joe which is fairly time consuming for each of us.  Additionally, I’m still in the midst of converting my data over to this new system.  Once this conversion has been completed, future updates should be a bit more frequent and less painless for us to do.

Now for the good news!  We will be doing a fairly comprehensive update of the entire tour dates section in 2018!!  It’s been many years since we’ve made any revisions in this section.  Over the past year, I’ve added countless gigs, updates and corrections to the information we originally had.  We will also be adding additional show data (ticket prices, venue information, sold out show info) that wasn’t included with prior versions of these tour listings.

Thank you for your patience with us and for all of the great help we’ve received.  Cheers!

We’re always on the lookout for more materials.  If you have concert pictures, ticket stubs, or tour advertisements, I’d love to see them and use them here.  Send materials to – we can handle just about any kind of file attachment.  One small favor if you send something via email.  Send two emails.  One with the attachment, and another letting us know you’re sending it (that way I can check my spam software filters – frequently file attachment emails get killed, and I need to rescue them).

P.S. – DO NOT INQUIRE ABOUT ANY NEW TOUR DATES!  As of 2017, Black Sabbath has already announced they will no longer be playing any more concert tours.  If there any exceptions along the way, they probably be mentioned on the News page first, as this section will not be updated on a frequent or regular basis.  Any inquiries about new shows will simply be ignored, so please don’t waste your time or our time in asking that question.

MOBILE DEVICE NOTE: The actual pages of dates might look really strange on your device, depending on what it is.  Given the current nature of this data, there’s no easy fix at this time for that.  Please use a desktop browser to make use of the tour archives if what you see on your mobile looks strange.