Holy Diver Super Deluxe CD

Got news in the last couple of days that there will be a “Super Deluxe CD” release for Dio’s Holy Diver album, which will turn 40 f’in years old next year.  While the album still stands up damn well in its original form, I’ll be curious to hear the extras and remixes and whatnot.  Below […]

Master of Reality Documentary

Remember a few months ago when I posted about a fan made Sabotage documentary?  That was Alan Berry from The Tapes Archive who was behind that, and now he’s back with a new episode – this one about the “Master of Reality” album.

Dreamers Never Die SXSW Report

As you probably know already, the movie about Ronnie James Dio’s life, “Dreamers Never Die” had its world premiere at the SXSW event in Austin Texas.   While I wasn’t able to attend, my good friend Damian was.  Damian has shot many bits of Black Sabbath video over the years, including the only authorized footage […]

Jazz Sabbath Vol 2

Coming on two years ago now, the album “Jazz Sabbath” was released.  I want to say by Adam Wakeman (ha?).  It was an interesting album – very appropriately named because it’s basically an album of Black Sabbath covers done in Jazz. The band’s “bit” is that they’re a real band who claims that the actual […]

Sabotage – The Documentary

Today, The Tapes Archive released a 30-minute documentary on Black Sabbath’s classic album, Sabotage. Sabotage is the sixth studio album by metal pioneers Black Sabbath, released in July 1975. It was recorded in the midst of litigation with their former manager Patrick Meehan. The stress that resulted from the band’s ongoing legal woes infiltrated the […]

A Handful of Memories

From 2004 onwards, when Black Sabbath did live shows, Adam Wakeman was their keyboardist (and rhythm guitarist).  While he wasn’t on any studio albums by Black Sabbath, there’s plenty of other projects he played keys on, not the least of which was his own stuff. That’s why I’m here today – to tell you about […]

Technical Ecstasy Super Deluxe Details

Announced this morning (formally) is the next in the Deluxe Edition Series – “Technical Ecstasy”.  I’m here to bring all the details as to what is on the set.  Check it out:

Forums Closed

I have an update about the forums I’ve been running here for ages.  In short, I’m closing them.

Born Again Master Tapes Found?

BIG NEWS! It appears the multi-track master tapes for Born Again have been found!! #KeepItWarmRat

Geezer Butler Box Set

Today we got news that Geezer Butler will be re-releasing his existing solo albums in a box set in late July.  The box set will have the three albums we know with a fourth disc of bonus tracks.  I’m here to detail what’s going on with them.  #ManInASuitcase