Thanks for clicking on the Donate menu option.  This page is here for one quick purpose.  A virtual “pencil cup”.  I’m asking if you find some worth in this site to consider donating.  A few points about the donation page:

  1. Don’t forget, this is a fan website.  Black Sabbath does not pay me to do this site, nor do they fund it, or anything along those lines.

Well, OK, that was just one point.   But it’s a pretty big one.  This website is not run by the band, nor their management.  It’s run by me.  I’m a fan.  I’ve put an awful lot of effort and keystrokes into this site.  It first came online back in July of 1995, and there’s been a lot of time put into the upkeep of this place.

This site will always be free to use.  If you choose to donate, you’ll have my deep appreciation for helping out in the upkeep of the place.  If you don’t, I won’t feel any different, there’s loads of sites I visit that I don’t donate to, even though they ask for them.  So I understand that response.

Here is the link to Paypal, where you can donate.  If you choose to do so, again – thank you.  It’s more appreciated than you probably believe.

There’s also another option.  I have an Amazon Wishlist – if you’re so inclined, you could just buy me something off of that, too.   Again, totally optional, just throwing it out there, since I was asked about it in the past.