This picture is Adam onstage with Ozzy’s solo band in 2007.
Adam is the song of longtime Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman


  • Real Name: Adam Wakeman
  • Birthdate: March 11, 1974
  • Birthplace: Windsor, Birkshire, England
  • Band Position: Keyboards
  • Started in Band: June 2004
  • Left Band: Summer 2005
  • Album appearances: None
  • Other Bands: Ozzy Osbourne, Annie Lennox, Travis, A Company of Snakes, Victoria Beckham, Atomic Kitten, Rick Wakeman, more.



  1. remy alexander weszzenaar says

    I saw you in england when you played with your father
    man! you are awesome & I think the all wakeman family is the best
    congratulations for the wonderful show and please! keep the line of rick wakeman cause he is the
    god of keyboard

    remy weszzenaar

  2. Los Wakeman son unos maestros, desde el viejo Rick….
    Vi en Mendoza a Oliver tocar con Yes, llevan la musica en el alma………….

  3. Dan-Al Blanc says

    I remember watching a dvd of Yes, Yesyears, in wich your father says and I quote ” Yes will still be going on long after we’re all dead and buried “, would you consider yourself interested in continuing the Yes music after the orginal musicians have quit because of their age ? And do you think it would be possible to see the children of Yes’s original guys taking the Yes train and go on for years and years ? People like Virgil and Dylan Howe, Damion and Deborah Anderson, yourself and your brother Oliver etc etc etc, are all related to Yes, it would be a dream come true to see all of you people involved in the future of this great band that is Yes, how do you see this ?

  4. luis fernando says

    great musician.

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