This picture was taken live during a concert in Philadelphia on Apr 12, 1986.


  • Real Name: Dave Spitz (Nickname “The Beast”)
  • Birthdate: February 22, 1958
  • Birthplace: ?? , New York USA
  • Band Position: Bass Guitar
  • Started in Band: Fall 1985
  • Left Band: Summer 1987
  • Album Appearances: Seventh Star & Sabbath Stones.  He is credited as having played bass on the Eternal Idol album, but doesn’t actually play.
  • Other Bands: Americade, White Lion, Impelliterri, Slamnation, Insomnia, Nuclear Assault, Great White, Bill Ward (as a guest)


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  1. Julian Fairall says

    I was at the 1987 Sun City gig – the first Saturday show. The band was amazing, and we South Africans blew Sab off the stage with our enthusiasm and fervent support. I got a pick from Dave which I had for years before sadly losing it somewhere…. but the gig!!!! I could go on and on and on about it. It was the highlight of my teenage years.
    The line-up, in case anyone wants to dispute this…
    Tony Iommi: guitar
    Tony Martin: vocals
    Dave Spitz: bass
    Geoff Nichols: keyboards
    Terry Chimes: drums…

    Oh, they killed “Die Young” – the absolute high point of the show for me :)

  2. Hello Julian,
    I would appreciate if you could come up with the set list of that gig.


    • Julian Fairall says

      I’d appreciate if I could too :)

      I found this….

      Neon Knights
      Children of the Sea
      War Pigs
      Die Young
      Iron Man
      Born to Lose
      Black Sabbath
      Glory Ride
      Heaven and Hell
      Children of the Grave
      The Shining

      But somewhere in there was Heart Like A Wheel… just not sure where. I’m a little cloudy. I was 17, and I was watching Sab in South Africa!!!! You have no idea how starved we were for metal back in those days!!!!

      Anyway…. m/

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