Released March 13, 1995 (European)
Released Apr 4, 1995 (USA/North America)
A CD & VHS video double pack

Original VHS/CD Pack [ Amazon US | Amazon UK ]
1993 DVD [ Amazon US | Amazon UK ] | 2010 DVD [ Amazon UK ]

Track Listing

  1. Time Machine
  2. Children of the Grave
  3. I Witness
  4. Mob Rules *
  5. Into the Void
  6. Anno Mundi *
  7. Black Sabbath
  8. Neon Knights *
  9. Psychophobia
  10. The Wizard
  11. Cross of Thorns
  12. Symptom of the Universe
  13. Headless Cross
  14. Paranoid
  15. Iron Man
  16. Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath

Writing Credits

  • Dio/Iommi/Butler – 1,4
  • Butler/Osbourne/Iommi/Ward – 2,5,7,10,12,14,15,16
  • Butler/Iommi/Martin – 3,9,11
  • Iommi/Powell – 6
  • Butler/Ward/Dio/Iommi – 8
  • Martin/Powell/Iommi – 13


  • Tony Martin – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Bobby Rondinelli – Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards
  • Filmed Live at the Hammersmith Apollo, London
  • Video directed by Duncan Smith
  • Video produced by Martin R. Smith
  • Audio produced by Will Ashurst

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD/VHS IRS 7343-4-77806-08 (USA 1995 – Box)
  • CD IRS 7243-8-30069-22 (US 1995 – CD)
  • VHS IRS 7243-4-77807-38 (US 1995 – VHS)
  • CD/VHS IRS 7243-4-91314-3-9 (EUR 1995)
  • NOTE: While the CD & VHS had their own catalogue numbers (separate from the box set itself) in 1995, they were never sold individually.


  • * – Mob Rules, Anno Mundi, & Neon Knights appear only on the videotape, and not on the CD.
  • The show that was recorded for use on the VHS and CD was 13 Apr 1994.  This was in London at the Hammersmith Odeon.
  • Symptom of the Universe is misspelled on the US box as Symton of the Universe.
  • Tony Martin was sick during much of this tour – this unfortunately isn’t a great representation of what he can do live.
  • The video was re-released on DVD in 2003, 2010, and again in 2012. However, both releases were put out without Tony Iommi or Black Sabbath’s authorization, and should be considered UNOFFICIAL.
  • The 2003/2010/2012 DVD’s are also incomplete, missing up to six songs that were on the original VHS release.


  • Here are some images from the 2003 & 2010 DVD releases. The first two are 2003, the other three are 2010. All of these should be considered unofficial.

  • Here are some pictures from the original 1995 European CD & Video combo release:



  1. The uk dvd version lists 9 tracks on the back of the box , but plays all 16 tracks listed on original vhs

    • #$%^! I saw that yesterday and didn’t buy it! But then again, I didn’t have enough money! My gift card only covered 20 bucks….. THANKS CM FOR CLEARING THAT UP!

  2. Why does the date 4-13-94 London Hammersmith not appear on this site? It’s seems to be universally known date for this performance..

  3. The 2010 (and presumably 2012) DVD is complete, at least in the sense that it has the same track listing as the VHS. Still incomplete, in terms of the setlist they played that night.

  4. The first good live album from sabbath. Tony Martin does phenomenal on all the tracks. Geezer is doin what he does best: Being Gezzer Friggin’ Butler. And Tony is amazing as always.

  5. Man, Zero The Hero and Children Of The Sea should be on here, as should either Bill Ward or Cozy Powell instead of Bobby Roddeneli…… Other than that, nothing wrong with this at all, except that it costs 30 dollars at HMV! ARGH!

  6. Adam Alexander says

    Who is doing the high backing vocals during the chorus of “Headless Cross”? Is that Nicholls offstage doing them?

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