Released June 15, 1993
Re-Released Aug 22, 1995
Deleted from catalog Apr 2002
(apparently available again)


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Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Paranoid
  3. I Don’t Want to Change the World
  4. Desire
  5. Mr. Crowley
  6. I Don’t Know
  7. Road to Nowhere
  8. Flying High Again
  9. Guitar Solo
  10. Suicide Solution
  11. Goodbye to Romance
  12. Shot in the Dark
  13. No More Tears
  14. Miracle Man
  15. Drum Solo
  16. War Pigs
  17. Bark at the Moon
  18. Mama I’m Coming Home
  19. Crazy Train
  20. Black Sabbath
  21. Changes


  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Mike Inez – Bass
  • Zakk Wylde – Guitar, piano on “Changes”
  • Randy Castillo – Drums
  • Kevin Jones – Keyboards
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar (on “Black Sabbath”)
  • Geezer Butler – Bass (on “Black Sabbath”)
  • Bill Ward – Drums (on “Black Sabbath”)
  • Mixed/Engineered by Michael Wagener
  • Mastered by Stephen Marcussen
  • Remastered by Brian Lee & Bob Ludwig

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Epic Associated ZSK 5247 (US 1993 – Sampler CD)
  • CD Epic Z2K 48973 (US 1993)
  • CD Epic 481676 9 (UK/Europe 1993)
  • CD Epic 473798 1 (Europe 1993)
  • LSR Epic Music Video MLV 49151 (US 1993)
  • CD Epic E2K 67244 (US/Canada 1995)
  • CD Epic 481676 2 (Europe 1995)
  • DVD SMV EVD49151 (AUS 1997)
  • DVD Epic Music Video EVD 201814 9 (Europe 2003)
  • CD Sony EICP 788~9 (JPN 2007)


  • At the time it was new, it this was Ozzy’s supposed (ahem) alleged final album.
  • The tour behind this live release was called the “No More Tours” Tour.
  • The song Black Sabbath features the original Black Sabbath (Ozzy/Iommi/Butler/Ward) from the 1992 Costa Mesa Reunion shows (playing one song; Black Sabbath), although they played four live (Black Sabbath, Fairies Wear Boots, Iron Man and Paranoid).
  • In April 2002, this album was deleted from the Ozzy catalog and is no longer being made.  However, it was since re-released in Japan in 2007.  Not sure why.




  1. Commander Cyclops says

    I Thing the reason this, “Just Say Ozzy” and “The Ultimate Sin” were deleted is due to a royalty dispute with Phil Soussan over the song “Shot In The Dark”. I guess Ozzy (or Sharon) would rather not sell any albums than have to pay a cut.

  2. Paul Hudson says

    Hi, i have this album on double pack CD with the speaker grill front. Can you tell me if the video, cassette, dvd or laser disc had the same metal speaker front on them please.


    • The DVD was released with a regular cover, don’t know anything about VHS or laser disc releases.

    • John Courter says

      The VHS had the metal speaker cover. Commander Cyclops is correct about the albums being deleted. Joe Croce – Speak was dropped because a) Ozzy hates it, & b) the reunion with Black Sabbath.

  3. Shaun Ferguson says

    love this album except that War Pigs sounds dreadful compared to Just Say Ozzy.

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