One of the questions I get asked a lot running this site is about merchandise.  I’ve never personally kept track of that, because there’s just too bloody much of it out there.  Authorized or not.  If you’re looking for things like band T-Shirts and whatnot, I don’t realy have an answer for you on that.  I can tell you this.

The official Black Sabbath site (which is NOT this one, btw) will be selling official merchandise.  I’d keep an eye on their site for developments in that regard.

However, I do have a few online stores available on this site.  Now, keep in mind I don’t sell anything myself, it’s just a bunch of collected links over to’s site.  Given the world wide nature of the band and this site, I now have two separate stores available.  One’s for the US/North America, and the other is for the UK/Europe.  While there’s nothing specifically stopping you from ordering from the other, the one more relevant to your region in the world should probably be picked.   I have a group of hand selected items, band CD’s, books, etc.  Check ’em out below:

NOTE:  Neither store page looks too great on the iPhone specific skin for this site.  The iPad one is OK, but it wasn’t really designed to work well with an iPhone.