Released November 8, 2005 (US/North America)
Released November 18, 2005 (UK/Europe)


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Track Listing

  1. Raising Hell
  2. Bitter Sweet
  3. Faith In Madness
  4. I’m Gonna Live Forever
  5. Scream
  6. Surely Love Is Dead
  7. The Kids Of Today (Don’t Understand The Blues)
  8. Wherever You Go
  9. Field Of Lies
  10. Unbearable (Japanese CD only)

Writing Credits

  • All songs and music by Tony Martin


  • Tony Martin – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Drums
  • Joe Harford – Guitars
  • Cozy Powell – Drums on Raising Hell
  • Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Avalon/Marquee MICP-10558 (JPN 2005)
  • CD MTM/SPV SPVCD-64352 (GER 2005)


  • Late in 2004, Tony let it be known that there would be a new solo album by him out in 2005.
  • Recorded in Tony Martin’s house, which is in “Headless Cross” in Worcestershire England.
  • The cover art for the album was designed by Rory Fiorito.
  • A note from Tony on the late Cozy’s appearance: “There will probably be 12 tracks on the album including a live track from a Sabbath show. I have recorded 2 tracks featuring the legendary drumming of Cozy Powell. How? well, when I fronted Cozy Powell’s Hammer, he gave me 20 drumming tracks to write some songs with, I forgot I had them until I found them recently in the move to my new house.”
  • The first issue of the album was originally going to be limited to 2,000 copies.  This idea was abandoned.
  • Tony had this to say in an email to me when I inquired as to the origins of the track “Raising Hell”.
    Raising Hell is not a Hammer track. I played it to Cozy as a demo when we were doing the Hammer tour and that’s when he told me I should use it on a solo album. It became a song around the Hammer period, but the initial idea was a Geoff Nicholls idea around the Tyr days that cozy played on in rehearsals. It was never recorded in the studio cause it was thought not to be good enough at the time and it was never a song but I was convinced it would work.
  • The album had a different track listing originally. It was from Tony’s (now former) website. That listing was:
  1. Bitter Sweet
  2. Field of Lies
  3. Wherever You Go
  4. Unbearable (Cowritten with Tony’s son Joe)
  5. Raising Hell (Cozy Powell on drums)
  6. Wings of Thunder (Cozy Powell on drums)
  7. An unnamed live track from a Black Sabbath Tour.



  1. I’ve Seen Tony Martin’s Solo Thing Twice. I Wish I Would’ve Stayed With Sabbath In The 90’s, Because Tony Martin’s Fucking Awesome.

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