Released May 28, 2013

NOTE: The formal title is “Finding the Sacred Heart – Live in Philly 1986”


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Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Draco Ignis
  2. King of Rock & Roll
  3. Like the Beat of a Heart
  4. Don’t Talk to Strangers
  5. Hungry for Heaven
  6. The Last in Line / Children of the Sea / Holy Diver
  7. Drum Solo
  8. Heaven and Hell
  9. Keyboard Solo
  10. Guitar Solo

Disc 2

  1. Sacred Heart
  2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Children / Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll / Man on the Silver Mountain
  3. Time to Burn
  4. Stand Up and Shout
  5. Rainbow in the Dark
  6. We Rock


  • Ronnie James Dio – Vocals
  • Craig Goldie – Guitar
  • Jimmy Bain – Bass
  • Vinny Appice – Drums
  • Claude Schnell – Keyboards
  • Executive Producer: Wendy Dio
  • Producer: Barry Ehrmann
  • 2013 Mixing: Peter A. Barker
  • Eagle Rock Production: Terry Shand & Geoff Kempin
  • Packaging Design: James McAllister
  • Cover Photos: Jeffrey Mayer & Joe Giron
  • Other Photos: Gene Kirkland

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Eagle Rock ER203222 (US 2013)
  • LP Eagle Rock ER203211 (US 2013)
  • CD Eagle Records EDGCD498 (GER 2013)


  • This concert was filmed on June 17, 1986 at “The Spectrum” in Philadelphia, PA
  • Your webmaster was actually AT this concert many a moon ago.
  • This concert was released on DVD back in 2004 under the title “Sacred Heart: The DVD“.  That version was by a different record label (Rhino), and had less clean (and complete) concert footage.
  • Fully restored footage from the original 16mm film and with remastered audio!
  • In all, this release came out on CD, Vinyl, & Digital Audio (iTunes).   On the video side it was available on DVD, Blu-Ray, & Digital Video (iTunes).


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Press Release

Eagle Rock Entertainment To Release




~MAY 28, 2013~

New York, NY (March 21, 2013)—Eagle Rock Entertainment is proud to announce the release on May 28, 2013 of Finding The Sacred Heart – Live In Philly 1986 on DVD, Blu-ray, CD and 2LP from Dio [Prebook order date May 3, MSRP $19.98 Blu-ray, $14.98 DVD, $17.98 2CD, TBA vinyl]. The DVD and Blu-ray versions offer fully restored film footage of the complete concert available for the first time. The audio on the 2CD and double LP is fully remastered.

Finding The Sacred Heart – Live In Philly 1986 was recorded at The Spectrum in Philadelphia on June 17, 1986 during the second leg of the “Sacred Heart” tour, which featured new guitarist Craig Goldy. The show was issued in an edited form first on VHS and then DVD. Now for the first time, the full concert is being released as a double LP in the original running order and with remastered sound. It’s an extraordinary live show with a giant animatronic dragon towering over the stage and spectacular laers and pyrotechnics. The line-up for the show is Ronnie James Dio (vocals); Vinny Appice (drums); Jimmy Bain (bass); Craig Goldy (guitar); Claude Schnell (keyboards)

The show features the Dio classics “Holy Diver,” “Don’t Talk To Strangers,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll Children,” “Sacred Heart,” “Stand Up And Shout,” “Rainbow In The Dark,” and “We Rock” plus other classic tracks from Ronnie James Dio’s career including “Heaven And Hell,” “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and “Man On The Silver Mountain”.

Bonus Features [on DVD and Blu-ray] include a Sacred Heart Tour featurette, an interview from ’86 and a separate interview with Ronnie & Craig, as well as the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Children” music video and a Behind The Scenes feature.

Ronnie James Dio and the band deliver a blistering live performance featuring tracks from their first three albums alongside Black Sabbath and Rainbow classics. For those who never got to experience the powerful vocals and mammoth stage prowess of Ronnie James Dio before his passing in 2010, this is the perfect opportunity to view this legendary icon in all his glory.

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the largest producer and distributor of music programming for DVD, Blu-Ray, TV, Audio and Digital Media in the world. Eagle works directly alongside talent to produce top quality, High Definition and 3D programs, both concerts and documentaries, including The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, The Doors, Jeff Beck, U2, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne. Eagle is a Grammy Award winning company and has received over 30 multi-platinum, over 50 platinum and over 90 gold discs, worldwide. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices in London, New York, Toronto, Paris and Hamburg.

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1) Draco Ignis
2) King Of Rock And Roll
3) Like The Beat Of A Heart
4) Don’t Talk To Strangers
5) Hungry For Heaven
6) Medley: The Last In Line / Children Of The Sea / Holy Diver / The Last In Line (reprise)
7) Drum Solo
8) Heaven And Hell
9) Keyboard Solo
10) Guitar Solo
11) Sacred Heart
12) Medley: Rock ‘n’ Roll Children / Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Rock ‘n’ Roll Children (reprise)
13) Time To Burn
14) Stand Up And Shout
15) Rainbow In The Dark
16) We Rock


Side A: 1) Draco Ignis 2) King Of Rock And Roll 3) Like The Beat Of A Heart 4) Don’t Talk To Strangers 5) Hungry For Heaven 6) Medley: The Last In Line / Children Of The Sea / Holy Diver / The Last In Line (reprise)

Side B: 1) Drum Solo 2) Heaven And Hell 3) Keyboard Solo 4) Guitar Solo

Side C: 1) Sacred Heart 2) Medley: Rock ‘n’ Roll Children / Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Rock ‘n’ Roll Children (reprise)

Side D: 1) Time To Burn 2) Stand Up And Shout 3) Rainbow In The Dark 4) We Rock

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