Released October 4, 1994
A Tribute Album

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Track Listing

  1. After Forever by Bio Hazard
  2. Children of the Grave by White Zombie
  3. Paranoid by Megadeth
  4. Supernaut by 1,000 Homo DJ’s
  5. Iron Man by Therapy? w/Ozzy Osbourne
  6. Lord of this World by Corrosion of Conformity
  7. Symptom of the Universe by Sepultura
  8. The Wizard by The Bullring Brummies
  9. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Godspeed w/Bruce Dickinson
  10. NIB by Ugly Kid Joe
  11. War Pigs Live by Faith No More
  12. Black Sabbath by Type O Negative
  13. Solitude by Cathedral *

Writing Credits

  • All songs by Iommi, Butler, Osbourne, Ward


  • The performance credits are different on every song, so they won’t be covered here
  • Executive Producer: Bob Chiappardi
  • Associate Executive Producer: Ross Elliot
  • Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering, Hollywood CA
  • Art direction & Design: Joel Zimmerman
  • Cover Art & Tarot Card Illustrations: Michael Kaluta

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Columbia CK66335 (US 1994)
  • CD Columbia 477671-2 (AUS 1994)
  • CASS MJM MHM349M (POL 1994)
  • LP Disco Records 238.006-7 (BRA 1994)
  • LP Columbia 477671-1 (EUR 1994)
  • CD CBS/Sony 477671-2 (JPN 1994)
  • CD Columbia 477671-2 (EUR 1994)
  • CD Columbia CDMI-477671 (MEX 1994)


  • The video for After Forever by Bio Hazard had Bill Ward in it.  I also believe that Biohazard’s cover is better than the Black Sabbath original, but lots of people consider that heresy.  :)
  • This is the first (and in my opinion, the best) of the three Sabbath tribute albums of 1994. The other two are death-metal type stuff, and Death Metal bites hard. This is far more listenable.
  • 1000 Homo DJ’s features Al Jourgensen of Ministry
  • Bullring Brummies is Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, & Rob Halford. The two guitarists are Scott “Wino” Weinrich (sp?) from the band called The Obsessed, and Brian Tilse from the band fight.  Additionally Jimmy Wood plays harmonica.  The band was supposed to be the original Black Sabbath, but management and label politics caused that not to happen.  Also, the fracas behind the scenes here lead to the breakup of the band after the Cross Purposes Tour.  That tour ended with a band of Tony Martin / Geezer / Iommi / Bill Ward, they were supposed to record the next album.  There was an apparent fight between Gloria Butler & Tony Iommi over this tribute album, and it caused ’em to split up again.
  • The cover of Solitude appears only on some versions of the album, one of which is NOT the US domestic version.
  • The CD single for Biohazard’s “After Forever” contains two other tracks which do not appear on another version of the album.  They’re both by the band Cathedral, and they are “Wheels of Confusion”, and “St Vitus Dance”.



  • This is the cover for the CD single for the Biohazard After Forever cover.


  • Here is the video for “After Forever” by Bio Hazard.  If this video does not work, please email me.  Thanks.


  1. One of the “other” tribute albums features a cover of “Into the Void” by Exhorder. I’ve heard that Iommi likes that cover.

  2. James Reininger says

    Hello Joe,

    On iTunes I have noticed that there are everal Black Sabbath “Tribute” albums. This includes covers by respectable bands (like the ones in this album) to bands looking to make a name for themselves, and the plain weird (ie Black Sabbath songs done in bluegrass, lounge act, and monk chant).

    I am wondering if you, or someone else you know, have taken the time to review these. I know iTunes usually does reviews – but they are often wrong.

    Finally, thank you for your hard work on this website. As a Black Sabbath fan for close to 30 years, I appreciate you keeping us all updated on the band as well as the projects of the various band members. Over the years I have often checked the site to find what is going on.



  3. Wow….I have loved this cover of After Forever since the first time I heard it….when the CD came out…its 06/7/2012 and this is the first time I have ever seen the video (and wish I hadn’t)….. now I know why I never really got into Biohazard…because the are really Delta Bravo Wanna-be’s….this video looks like a cheap rip-off of some “How Will I Laugh” era Suicidal Tendencies (done poorly)……I just hope when this CD comes back around in the rotation again that I can listen to this song without picturing these morons dancing around like a bunch of idiots….Wow (again)

    God bless you all,


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