The picture above is a promo shot from the 2009 release, “The Devil You Know”.
Chapman Baehler / Courtesy Rhino Entertainment


  • Real Name: Vincent Sampson Appice
  • Birthdate: September 13, 1957
  • Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
  • Band Position: Drums
  • Started in Band: August 1980
  • Left Band: October 1982
  • Returned to Band: Early 1991
  • Left Band Again: November 1992
  • Returned AGAIN: May 1998
  • Left Band again: Spring 1999
  • Returned AGAIN? Come on, dude: November 2006
  • Album Appearances: Mob Rules, Live Evil, Dehumanizer, The Sabbath Stones, Live at Hammersmith, Live at Radio City Music Hall, The Devil You Know, Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell
  • Other Bands: Dio, Axis, Rick Derringer, World War III, Mark Boals, Power Project, 3 Legged Dogg, Raven Storm, John Lennon



  1. Chris Tatton says

    Vinny is my all time favourite drummer with Bill Ward coming in at a very close second favourite. Vinny’s play style is one of the best I’ve ever heard and it fits perfectly with all of the song he’s played, as well as those played at live shows where the studio versions were recorded with Bill Ward.

  2. Great drummer. Awesome style and he’s always had a great drum sound.

  3. I just found out Bill Ward has left Black Sabbath. I’m hopping to see Vinny return. Because I think Geezer and Tonni are the 2nd closest people he’s been with in the music business. The best thing about band members reuniting is they are also like a family.

  4. Yep. If Bill’s not gonna do it, stop jerking around and get Vinny in there. Seriously, how’s Bill’s health gonna hold up? Sorry to say it, but Bill’s the weak link. Of course, if it’s not the original guys people are gonna bitch, but what can you do? Vinny’s the power hitter.

  5. According to Classic Rock magazine (uk) Vinnie turned down any chance of drum with Black Sabbath so he could concentrate on his new project KILL DEVIL HILL

    later in the same issue he was joining the rest of ther remaining original members in a Dio reunion with an unknown vocalist

  6. He has a great website at

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