Released May 10, 2005 (US/Canada)
Released May 9, 2005 (UK/Europe)
Re-Released (digitally) Mar 27, 2020
Re-Released Oct 30, 2020

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Track Listing

  1. Misfit
  2. Pardon My Depression
  3. Prisoner 103
  4. I Believe
  5. Aural Sects
  6. Pseudocide
  7. Pull The String
  8. Alone
  9. Dogs of Whore
  10. Don’t You Know

Writing Credits

  • All tracks by Terence Butler & Pedro Howse

Other Credits

  • Clark Brown – Vocals
  • Pedro Howse – Guitar
  • Geezer Butler – Bass Guitar
  • Chad Smith – Drums
  • Produced by Terence “Geezer” Butler
  • Mixed by Toby Wright

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Sanctuary 06076-84679-2 (US 2005)
  • CD Mayan MYNC0037 (EUR 2005)
  • LP BMG BMGCAT474LP (US 2020)
  • CD BMG BMGCAT474CD (US 2020)


  • On this album, the band is being marketed as “GZR”.  On Plastic Planet, it was “G//Z/R”, and on Black Science it was “Geezer”.  There will probably be some new combination for his next album. haha.
  • There was one single released from this album, that being “I Believe”.  The single was not released publicly, just via promos for radio stations.
  • Toby Wright produced this album – some other bands he’s worked with are Slayer, Alice in Chains, Primus, Jerry Cantrell, & Sevendust.
  • During recording, the track Misfit used to be called ph Balance
  • During recording, the track Alone used to be called Dooms Day.
  • The female vocal intro to the song Pseudocide is done by Lisa Riefell from the LA band Killola.
  • Geezer’s son Biff sings harmony vocals on “I Believe” and “Don’t You Know”.
  • The Ohmwork cover art was done by Lawrence Azerrad of LADesign.
  • Geezer says the band name is pronounced “gee zed R or gee zee R depending where in the world I am”
  • The three Geezer Butler “solo” albums were re-released digitally in March 2020.  At that time, all three were rebranded as just “Geezer Butler” vs the names they had before (G//Z/R, Geezer, or GZR).  At the same time, they got an artwork refresh, you can see the 2020 digital artwork below.


  • Below is the back cover for the lone single issued, “I Believe”.  As this was a radio station promo, there was no proper front cover art produced.  This was the back cover.

  • This image is the 2020 digital re-release artwork for Ohmwork.

  • These images are connected to the 2020 physical re-release of Ohmwork.


Press Release

Here is a press release about the album that came out a couple of weeks before release:



GZR, the quartet led by legendary Black Sabbath bass guitarist and lyricist Geezer Butler, will release its new studio album Ohmwork through Sanctuary Records on May 10, 2005. Ohmwork is Butler1s first album in eight years.

The 10 songs on Ohmwork are “Misfit,” “Pardon My Depression,” “Prisoner 103,” “I Believe,” “Aural Sects,” “Pseudocide,” “Pull The String,” “Alone,” “Dogs Of Whore” and “Don’t You Know.” “I Believe” is the first single.

Butler is joined by vocalist Clark Brown and guitarist Pedro Howse, his longtime collaborators, and new drummer Chad Smith. Ohmwork is Butler’s third solo band release. His first project under the GZR banner was 1995’s Plastic Planet while 1997’s Black Science was credited to Geezer. Howse has worked on all three albums. Brown performed on Black Science.

“I feel that this album is more like our first album, Plastic Planet. On this album I wanted to strip everything down to the bare essentials, so every song would have a live band feel, which I think we achieved.”

The band went hurtling into the studio with a hectic 10-day recording schedule. 3There1s a spirit of spontaneity and freshness that can only be achieved when you approach a record in that manner,” recalls Geezer. “It1s the way the first two Sabbath albums were done. Black Sabbath was recorded in two days and Paranoid took a week and that1s what I wanted with my new record – 10 days done ‘n dusted.”

A potent, tangible band dynamic is crucial for Butler. He does not ever want an album credited to “Geezer Butler” when it is a true band effort.

“It’s important to me that we have a band identity, because the album is a band collaboration. Everyone brings their own specialties to the songs, and we all know our capabilities, and we all work extremely hard together,” Butler says.

Butler is proud of the fact that GZR’s music appeals to both young metal fans as well as Black Sabbath fans. He attributes this fact about cross-generational appeal to heavy metal’s very essence.

GZR touring plans are being put together for Fall 2005.

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  1. Geezer Butler Is The Fucking Man. I’ve Seen Him With Sabbath A Bunch Of Times. He’s amazing. The show in atlantic city was probably my favorite time seeing geezer. Why? Because he was right in front of my face. The only non-Sabbath concert I ever saw Geezer at was the Metallica 30th anniversary shows. (I know that was being shot the whole time with HD cameras, so I ask please, please release those shows on Blu-ray.) He came out and played A National Acrobat and Sabbra Cadabra. Afterwards, I went to go take a piss. I thought that was the end of geezer that night. So, I go in the bathroom. I hear James saying something. Then, I hear everyone cheering. I’m trying to finish my piss as fast as I can to see who came out. Then, I hear them start playing iron man. I’m thinking “what, do they have tony or somebody?!” Then Ozzy Starts Singing. I run out of that bathroom to see Geezer and ozzy. It was awesome.

    PS. I Know I keep talking about my live experiences, but I just have great stories. I know im being a dick, and I am sorry. But, I don’t care if im being a dick. Just like Black Sabbath didn’t care if they were getting your mom pregnant. (Forgive Me, all jokes about Black Sabbath fucking your mom belongs to Dr. Fukk from Thrash Or Die)

    PSS. Hey, Joe did GZR ever play live?

  2. Hey, Joe did GZR ever play live?

    • Yes. There were a handful of live dates for the Plastic Planet album. The Japanese version of Plastic Planet has some live tracks on it.

      • Supernaut says

        GZR or Geezer has played live, I saw the Black Science tour in SF at Slims on Sep 1 1997 , they were opening for Bruce Dickinson who at that time was also solo, great show!!!! about 400 people there.

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