Released May 11, 1989
Re-Released ??, 2001
Re-Released May 3, 2010

1989 CD [ Amazon US | Amazon UK ]
2001 CD [ Amazon US ] | 2010 CD [ Amazon UK ]

Track Listing

  1. High Wire
  2. Dreams in the Dark
  3. Jade’s Song
  4. Winter’s Call
  5. Dancing on the Edge
  6. Streets Cry Freedom
  7. Hard Driver
  8. Rumblin’ Man
  9. Devil’s Stomp
  10. Seasons
  11. Ball & Chain

Writing Credits

  • All songs by Lee/Gillen/O’Neill except:
  • High Wire + Ball & Chain by Lee/Gillen
  • Jade’s Song by Lee
  • Winter’s Call by Lee/Gillen/Gonzales


  • Jake E. Lee – Guitar, Keyboards
  • Ray Gillen – Vocals, Blues Harp
  • Greg Chaisson – Bass
  • Eric Singer – Drums
  • Produced by Paul O’Neill & Badlands
  • Engineered by James A. Ball
  • Dave Nives – Reissue Producer (2001)
  • Brad Wrolstad – Reissue Design (2001)
  • Curt Evans – Reissue Design (2010)
  • Derek Oliver – Reissue Producer (2010)
  • Andy Pearce & Matt Wortham – 2010 Remastering

Catalogue Numbers

  • LP Atlantic 7-81966-1 (US 1989)
  • CD Atlantic 81966-2 (US 1989)
  • CASS Atlantic 78-19664 (US 1989)
  • LP Atlantic 781-966-1 (EUR 1989)
  • CD Atlantic 781-966-2 (EUR 1989)
  • CD Atlantic AMCY-3115 (JPN 1989)
  • CD Atlantic AMCY-698 (JPN 1989)
  • CD Koch KOC-CD-8276 (US 2001)
  • CD Rock Candy CANDY071 (EUR 2010)


  • Ball & Chain was not on every version of the album.  It was on every CD issue, and some prints of the cassette.  But on no vinyl copies.
  • This band (at least on this album, anyway) has a very strong Black Sabbath connection, with two members (Ray Gillen & Eric Singer) having been in Black Sabbath, and a third having played with Ozzy.
  • Jake E. Lee used to be the guitarist for a few years for Ozzy Osbourne.
  • The band played War Pigs live quite a few times.
  • The 2010 reissue was handled by the Rock Candy label in Europe, and was not released domestically in the US.
  • The 2010 remastered by Andy Pearce & Matt Wortham.  That team handled a lot of the 2009+ Black Sabbath remaster series of discs (or Pearce himself).



  • Below is an image showing the original US Cassette tape cover image.




  1. I saw Badlands once. The reason is because I loved Jake E. Lee in ozzy, but I thought he was being underused. Then, this album comes out. I love this album, so I wanted to see them on this tour. And boy did it suck. I couldn’t get into it at all. Someone told me that they progressively got better as the tour went on. I hope so. I don’t know what their problem was the night I saw them.

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