Released October 24, 1995
Re-Released June 20, 2002


1995 CD (Amazon US | Amazon UK) | 2002 CD (Amazon US | Amazon UK)
2002 MP3 Download (Amazon US) | 2002 iTunes (US)

Track Listing

  1. Perry Mason
  2. I Just Want You
  3. Ghost Behind My Eyes
  4. Thunder Underground
  5. See You on the Other Side
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Denial
  8. My Little Man
  9. My Jekyll Doesn’t Hide
  10. Old L.A. Tonight
  11. Whole World’s Falling Down
  12. Aimee

Track 11 was on the original Japanese version, and is on the 2002 remaster.  Track 12 is only on the 2002 Remaster.

Writing Credits

  • #1/10 by Osbourne/Wylde/Purdell
  • #2 by Osbourne/Vallance
  • #3/7 by Osbourne/Hudson/Dudas
  • #4/9 by Osbourne/Butler/Wylde
  • #5 by Osbourne/Kilminster/Wylde
  • #6 by Osbourne/Wylde/Purdell/Baron
  • #8/12 by Osbourne/Vai
  • #11 by Osbourne/Shaw/Blades


  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Zakk Wylde – Guitar
  • Deen Castronovo – Drums
  • Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
  • Michael Beinhorn – Keyboards
  • Produced by Michael Beinhorn
  • Engineered by Paul Northfield

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Epic/Sony EK67091 (US 1995)
  • MD Epic 481022 8 (US 1995 – MiniDisc)
  • CD Epic 481022 2 (EUR 1995)
  • CD Epic CEK 67091 (CAN 1995)
  • LP Epic 481022 1 (NETH 1995)
  • CD Epic EK86645 (US 2002)
  • CD Epic EPC 508362 2 (UK 2002)
  • CD Epic 5083622000 (AUS 2002)
  • CD Sony EICP 790 (JPN 2007)


  • During production, the producer Michael Beinhorn was quoted as saying “I’ve got half of Black Sabbath here. If I can’t make a heavy album, then I don’t know who can!” (or something like that, I don’t remember the exact quote)
  • This album project started life with a completely different band.  That version of the album was thrown out, and what we have here was worked on.  The original band had Steve Vai on guitar, Bob Daisley/Mike Inez/James Lomenzo on bass, and Randy Castillo on drums.   Only the track “My Little Man” survived from that version of the album.
  • “My Little Man” was written about Ozzy’s son Jack.
  • “Aimee” was written about Ozzy’s daughter Aimee.





  1. I’m listening to this album right now and I gotta say it’s pretty neat, don’t know what’s the general opinion on it. It’s great that Ozzy and Geezer got together on this one. The guitar is awesome but I can’t help but feel really curious about the discarded version with Steve Vai, I wonder if they saved the demos or something, would be nice to listen to them. Thank you for your work on this website Joe, one can clearly see how much you love Sabbath and everything related. Greetings from Argentina!

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