Released March 17, 1990
Re-Released August 22, 1995
Deleted from Catalog Apr 2002
Re-Released 2008


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Track Listing

  1. Miracle Man
  2. Bloodbath in Paradise
  3. Shot in the Dark
  4. Tattooed Dancer
  5. Sweet Leaf
  6. War Pigs

NOTE: All tracks are live.


  • Writing credits vary; see albums songs originally came from
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Geezer Butler – Bass Guitar
  • Zakk Wylde – Lead Guitar
  • Randy Castillo – Drums
  • John Sinclair – Keyboards
  • Produced, Engineered, & Mixed by Andy Johns
  • 1995 Remaster by Brian Lee with Bob Ludwig

Catalogue Numbers

  • 1990 CS Epic 6ZT-45451
  • 1990 CD Epic ZK-45451
  • 1990 CD Epic 45451
  • 1990 CD Epic 45451
  • 1995 CS Epic 67242
  • 1995 CD Epic 67242
  • 1995 CD Epic 67242
  • 2002 CD Sony Extra Value 4815172 (Japan?)
  • 2007 CD Sony 786
  • 2008 CD Sbme Special MKTS. 723675


  • The liner notes state that the album was recorded live at London’s Brixton Academy.  However, there is a belief that it was actually recorded at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA (usually billed as Philadelphia) instead.
  • The “grafitti artist” on the front cover is Zakk Wylde.
  • The album’s title is a play on the then First Lady Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” Anti Drug Campaign, and was apparently a spontaneous thing by Zakk.
  • The liner notes by Ozzy state that he prefers this version of “Shot in the Dark” over the original studio recorded version.

Artwork / Images

  • The cover art shown at the top of the page was only used during the original 1990 release.  Subsequent releases (1995 & 2008 for example) have used a version that has a giant “Ozzy” on the spine and the original cover art shown smaller.  This was an attempt in 1995 to standardize the cover art, they all had that same layout.  That image can be seen below.
  • Below is “cover art” for the 1990 original cassette tape version of the album.



  1. Shaun Ferguson says

    I love this EP and pretty much consider it Sabbath, what with 2 original Sabbath members being on here as well as a little over 1.5 Sabbath songs too. Pity it’s out of print. Ozzy is right though, this version of Shot In The Dark is better then the original. This is also the best live version of War Pigs on any Ozzy solo record and the ONLY live version of Sweet Leaf you can find out there from Ozzy’s solo career. Zakk and the rest of the band are wonderful on here also.

  2. I have to agree Shaun, an absolutely cracking EP that a mate of mine brought back on CD for me from the UK when it was released. Still love it. In fact……’s time to give it a spin right now!

  3. Joe Croce says

    One of my favorites too, however Sweet Leaf is also on Speak of the Devil but this version is much better.

  4. Well just going by number of Sabbath band members represented; yes this is more Sabbath than some versions of the Sabbath where Tony Iommi was the only original member. I used to have this on cassette back in the day. I never noticed Zakk on the cover!

  5. Paul Hudson says

    Why do you not have cat No for vinyl?
    Epic – 465940 which is my copy.

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