Released December 1, 1975 (UK)
Released February 3, 1976 (US)
Re-Released August 1976 (UK)
Re-Released April 13, 1998 (UK)

Formal Title: “We Sold Our Soul for Rock ‘N’ Roll”


Original CD [ Amazon US ] | 1998 CD [ Amazon US | Amazon UK ]
1998 MP3 [ Amazon UK ]

Track Listing

Original single disc release

  1. Black Sabbath
  2. The Wizard
  3. Paranoid
  4. War Pigs
  5. Iron Man
  6. Tomorrow’s Dream
  7. Fairies Wear Boots
  8. Changes
  9. Sweet Leaf
  10. Children of the Grave
  11. Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath
  12. Am I Going Insane (Radio)
  13. Snowblind
  14. N.I.B.

1996 Re-Issue Disc 1:

  1. Black Sabbath
  2. The Wizard
  3. Warning
  4. Paranoid
  5. War Pigs
  6. Iron Man
  7. Wicked World

1996 Re-Issue Disc 2:

  1. Tomorrow’s Dream
  2. Fairies Wear Boots
  3. Changes
  4. Sweet Leaf
  5. Children of the Grave
  6. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  7. Am I Going Insane (Radio)
  8. Laguna Sunrise (misspelled Laguana)
  9. Snowblind
  10. N.I.B.

Writing Credits

  • All songs written and arranged by Black Sabbath


  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar, Keyboards on “Changes”
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Bill Ward – Drums
  • Production credits vary by album, see original notes
  • 1996 Remaster by Ray Staff @ Whitfield St Studios
  • 1998 Design, Booklet notes, & sleeves by Hugh Gilmour

Catalogue Numbers

  • LP NEMS 6641-335 (UK 1975)
  • LP NEMS NELD-101 (UK 1976)
  • CASS NEMS NECD-101 (UK 1976)
  • LP Warner Bros 2969 (US 1976)
  • LP Warner Bros 2BS-2923 (US 1976)
  • LP NEWMS NELD-101 (UK 1983)
  • CD Warner Bros 2923-2 (US 198?)
  • CD Essential ESDCD605 (UK 1998)
  • LP Earmark EA41007DLP (IT 1998)
  • CD Sanctuary SMDDD078 (UK 2004)
  • CD CSL NEMS-8001 (GER ??)
  • CASS NEMS CSL-5010 (UK ??)
  • CD Universal UICY-25122/3 (JPN 2011)


  • The 1998 re-release was the final in the “1996 Castle Remaster” series.  While it did come out in 1998, the remastering work was done a few years earlier.  There was no specific remaster done for this release, the songs were culled from the original remasterings of the original albums.
  • The original viynl & cassette versions have three extra tracks (Wicked World, Warning, & Laguna Sunrise).  When this was originally put out on CD in the 80’s, CD tech wasn’t what it is now, and it was packaged as a single CD; those two songs were left off for space considerations.
  • On some US pressings, Wicked World is listed on the sleeve, but not actually on the CD.
  • However, when the album was re-released in 1996, the original album layout was restored due to there being two discs.
  • The 1996 remaster has a typo on the back cover image.  They spelled Laguna Sunrise “Laguana Sunrise”.
  • This was the first thing released under the Black Sabbath name under the new NEMS record contract, who aqcuired the old rights to the first six albums.



  • This is a copy of a cassette tape version of We Sold.. from some sort of re-release. If you have any more info on where this particular version came from, please let me know.

  • The following is the back cover to the 1998 Castle Remaster release.

  • This is the front and back CD images from what I believe to be a German pressing of the CD.

  • This is a cover image with obi from a Japanese pressing of the CD (cannot make out the catalogue number, though)

  • This is a print advertisement from an unknown source for the album when it was originally released.


  1. I had this same cassette with the woman holding the glowing cross on the front but unfortunately it perished in a house fire about 10 years ago. My copy also included behind the wall of sleep, bit of finger,and sleeping village.If my memory serves correctly, it was an import and had a Birminghamshire England address in the bottom right hand corner on the cassette and the back cover.Never been able to find a replacement.

  2. This was my initial intro to Sabbath. It’s only a greatest hits, so there’s not much to say although I think that there are much better tracks to represent Sabotage.

  3. I still have this on cassette… my dad bought it sometime in the 80s. Although it seems to be an authentic Warner US tape, it has a slightly different track listing. Wicked World is not there, and N.I.B. has been moved to its spot at the end of side one, instead of being at the end of side two. The catalogue number is J5 2923.



  5. Paul Hudson says

    Hi, can you help me. I have just aquired the “We sold our Souls for Rock n Roll” album on vinyl. It’s on the Vertigo label (cat No: 6366 116). I was never aware of this album being released on this label. Is this an official release?

  6. Has anyone ever seen the CD single? I’ve never seen it, not in person, not ebay, amazon or anything. Can someone post pictures of it if they have it?

  7. Diego Peixoto says

    I had a brazilian CD version of Castle that the track Children of The Grave is left out.

  8. Thomas Caniglia says

    The band, as I understand it, got no money from this album. I consider it unnecessary. I tweaked the cover to make it an alternate cover for Sabotage.

  9. Martin Steel says

    The 2 CD version (picture) is in fact the US version, the German pressing had the catalogue number 8003-2.

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