The End Cover ArtReleased January 20, 2016 (Tour Only Merch)

[ Lyrics ]

This item is only legally available for sale at shows on the “The End” tour.

Track Listing

  1. Season of the Dead (7:22)
  2. Cry All Night (6:58)
  3. Take Me Home (4:57)
  4. Isolated Man (5:31)
  5. God is Dead? (Live, 8:57)
  6. Under the Sun (Live, 4:36)
  7. End of the Beginning (Live, 8:09)
  8. Age of Reason (Live, 7:46)

Writing Credits

  • Tracks written by Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi & Geezer Butler
  • Except Track 6, written by Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, & Bill Ward
  • Published by Aston Music (ASCAP), Blizzard Music (ASCAP), & Valallen Music (ASCAP)
  • Full copyright is: “(c) 2016 BS Productions Limited”


  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitars
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Brad Wilk – Drums (Tracks 1-4)
  • Tommy Clufetos – Drums (Tracks 5-8)
  • Adam Wakeman – Guitar, Keyboards (Tracks 5-8)
  • Produced by Rick Rubin (Tracks 1-4)
  • Mixed by Greg Fielman (Tracks 1-4)
  • Recorded at Shangri La Studios, Malibu CA (Tracks 1-4)
  • Recorded & Engineered by: Greg Price (Tracks 5-8)
  • Asst Engineer: Trevor Robinson (Tracks 5-8)
  • Engineer: James Boblak (Tracks 5-8)
  • Mastered by Robert Vosgien (Tracks 5-8)
  • Cover Art by Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant

Catalogue Numbers

  • BSPLTD-001 (TOUR 2016) – This is my made up number, it doesn’t have a true catalogue number.


  • The four studio tracks were originally recorded during the sessions for “13”.
  • Rick Rubin was the one who decided which tracks went on 13, or were left off.
  • This CD is only being sold at march tables on dates at the 2016 “The End” tour.
  • There’s rumors it might get released digitally/physically after the tour is over, but no solid news on that front.
  • The cost of the CD is $30 US at the shows.
  • The CD itself does have CD Text on it, so if your CD player is so equipped, the track names will show up and not just be “track 1”, etc…



  • Here are some pictures of the CD and its packaging.






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  • These lyrics are NOT official, as I have yet been unable to procure official lyrics from either band management or Geezer Butler directly.

Season of the Dead

Phantom soldiers marching off to war
Never knowing what they’re fighting for
Tell me what decides who has God on their side?
There’s no reason, it’s the season
Is there any war that is worth dying for?
There’s no reason, it’s the season of the dead

Death and glory, same old storyline
Children of the future lost in time
Deadly toys of war that kill more than before
There’s no reason, it’s the season
Dead men don’t come back when they’re under attack
There’s no reason, in the season of the dead

Is this the end of England’s glory
Living in this purgatory
King and country, (cup of sacrifice)??
Shame or honor is the only choice

Mystic forces on pale horses ride
Bearing hunger, plague and genocide
Senators of state with their prophets of hate
There’s no reason, it’s high treason

As they light the fuse no one can refuse
There’s no reason, it’s the season of the dead

Cry All Night

Caught up in the pain of a broken heart
Life isn’t what it seems
Because it’s all been torn apart
It’s my imagination playing tricks on me?
The politics of love
Have turned into a conspiracy

Wash your life in mother’s tears
Grieving after all disease
Tell me who gave you the right
Get down on your knees and cry all night
Cry all night

Insanity and madness, better or for worse
Dishonesty and lies
Have turned a blessing to a curse
And in this world of sadness
It’s easier to blame
Deception and denial
Shuns the burning of the flame

The path of life leads to the grave
God have mercy, Jesus save
Guide us through, now, hold on tight
Get down on your knees and cry all night

Why don’t we try to find a real solution?
No need to cry, so wipe away those tears
So many times I’ve tried, but you won’t listen
Now it’s too late to save those wasted years

Mind assassination, break the golden rules
Who do you think you are?
To me, you’re just another fool
You ???  to reason, you didn’t even try
Only see things from your side
It’s all a one way ride

Don’t go under, stand your right
Wish someone would stop the fight
Shattered dreams fall out of sight
Get down on your knees and cry all night
Cry all night
You’re gonna cry all night
Cry all night

Take Me Home

Take these bones
My spirit doesn’t need them any longer
In the zone
Between the living and the dead
Take these eyes
‘Cause I don’t need to see another minute
Of this life
From which I’m hanging by a thread

Please let go
We’ll maybe meet again in someone’s vision
Who could know
If there’s another one out there?
On my own
I’m crossing through the final resolution
Going home
Without a promise or a breath

We are of indecision
Too late to change your mind
Was it a superstition?
???  your dime

In my time
I’ve tried but didn’t find a real direction
Toe the line
On the periphery of life
Say goodbye
There’s no escape from absolute conclusion
Life goes by
But memories remain the same
Remain the same

Isolated Man

I like being alone
I’d like to stay in my room all day and night
Don’t like to talk on the phone
So please forgive me while I just turn off the light

Don’t wanna see nobody
Ever and ever again
Don’t you feel sorry?
I’m just a crazy, isolated man

I know me better than you
I hate to hear another persons screaming voice
What are you trying to do?
Leave me alone!
I won’t be anymore in cries

Don’t wanna see nobody
Ever and ever again
I’m not in any hurry
I’m just a crazy, isolated man

Why don’t you leave me alone?
‘Cause there’s nothing more I wanna say!
Thank you for caring but I’ll be alright
Now will you understand and go away!?
Don’t have a problem living in my room because it’s where I really wanna be
So please forgive me if you think I’m strange but I just wanna spend my life with me!

Don’t wanna see nobody
Ever and ever again
Don’t you feel sorry?
I’m just a crazy, isolated man

Don’t wanna see nobody
Ever and ever again
I’m not in any hurry
I’m just a crazy, isolated man

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