Not released.  Originally planned for a 1999 release, but has been unreleased since then.

Track Listing

  1. Crow
  2. The Dark Half Hour
  3. Straws
  4. God & the Law
  5. Hi Fi Life
  6. Ashes
  7. Angel in the Rain
  8. Beyond Aston
  9. Monmouth Nights
  10. First Day Back
  11. Everybody Loves Me
  12. Powder on the Moon
  13. Soldiers
  14. Abandonded Gift
  15. Somebody’s Heart
  16. Elephant Man
  17. Woodshop


  • Writing credits are unknown, but the majority of this would have been written by Bill.
  • Bill Ward – Vocals, Keyboards
  • Keith Lynch – Guitar
  • Paul Ill – Bass
  • Ronnie Ciago – Drums
  • Produced by Bill Ward

Catalogue Numbers

  • TBD


  • This album was originally called “Remembering”.
  • This album was written and recorded during the time that Bill’s second solo album, When the Bough Breaks, was lying (completed) unreleased in 1996 while Bill was pursuing a record contract.
  • Bill is supposed to have written everything on this album.
  • Bill doesn’t play drums on this album.
  • Bill released a “web mix” of the song “The Dark Half Hour” on his website some years ago.  It is still available.
  • Bill also released Straws as a charity single.  Details are available on Bill’s site.
  • The order of songs has not been decided on (especially given how many years have passed), but when these notes were originally given to me, this was to be the track listing.  Will update if/when it is actually released.
  • Bill supposedly completed this album a few years ago, and has for some reason decided to shelve it.



  1. Come on Bill any time. Why keep this album shelved. sabbath fans want to hear this.

  2. I can’t believe that Bill is too busy with his other projects to release this. I mean, it IS finished. When the Bough Breaks was such an amazing album, I can’t help but think this would be well received as well. I always loved his singing and the world needs more Bill!

    If anyone kows Bill, please give him a poke in the ribs for me to get this out in the hands of the fans! :)


  3. Bill ward fan says

    Any news on Beyond Aston and Accountable Beasts???? I heard both albums are done.

  4. I wanna hear it too, please give us good news about it…

    I love your both solo albums: Along The Way & When The Bough Breaks.

    A Huge Fan from South America!!!!!!!!

  5. Bill ward fan says

    Just shows ya Bill cant follow through on commitments.

  6. Oh God, we’re still talking about this I see. Well let me share with you the thought process I have been using that has helped me accept the Beyond Aston situation. I look at it like this:

    I would love to hear it too. I have been waiting ever since the announcement back in 1999. I remember when the song Straws was being song on Bills site for donations and if you bought one, it came signed and numbered by Bill himself. I was so excited when I got mine in the mail. I always loved When the Bough Breaks but I remember fondly when I finally found a copy of Ward One Along the Way, which had been out of print for some time at that point. I think we all can agree that Bill Ward is one of the most underrated musicians out there. And we all dream of the day his new album comes out, but let’s be real. It’s been 15 years now and it still hasn’t come out. Looks like there are no plans for releasing it either. We, collectively as fans, keep asking about it only to get the same “maybe someday – but it will definitely happen” response. And we keep badgering Bill about it, who at this point is probably sick of hearing about, because he has since moved on to other projects, like his artwork. Anyway, he clearly isn’t interested in the subject anymore and has moved on. And I hate to say it, but maybe we all need to do the same, you know, just let this one go and move on ourselves. I know we all want the new album to be released, but I think it’s time to just accept the fact that it isn’t going to happen. Not now and probably not ever – or it would have been by now. So let’s all just forget about it and appreciate all of Bills other great work instead. Besides, there is no way Beyond Aston would ever be able to compare to Paranoid anyway, you know, basically what I’m saying is that we’ve already likely heard the best of what Bill has to offer anyway, so let’s just listen to that stuff and appreciate that stuff instead. So no more having false hope and wasting time caring about this album that will never be released that’s probably not his greatest work anyway – hell, we still have his other two albums and everything that he ever did with Black Sabbath. I think it’s time we get a life and start focusing on that stuff instead of the one album we don’t have. And now, more than ever before, we should appreciate Black Sabbath, because we could have lost Tony Iommi to cancer. We could have lost Black Sabbath itself forever. So I say forget Beyond Aston and let’s focus on what’s really important – Sabbath. And who knows? Maybe down the road in the future once we’ve all forgotten about it, Bill might surprise us and release his album. Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise? (You know, if we’re not expecting it, and then too, if it doesn’t happen, who cares because at that point it’s old news anyway.) And I think under those circumstances we might actually appreciate it more, at least more than we would if we were expecting it’s release. So Bill, I love ya, but you can keep Beyond Aston. What I think you should be doing instead is rejoining Black Sabbath and making more albums with them. 13 was great, but it would have been so much better if you had been a part of it.

  7. Oh, and as for Accountable Beasts? Yeah, that’s not going to happen either.

    I mean, in Bills own words, he said it took him five years to record nine songs. And why start a new album when the other one technically isn’t finished yet, that being to get it released and all? Maybe it’s his way of trying to stay relevant now that a lot of people have already dismissed or are dismissing Beyond Aston as something that they will never hear. Accountable Beasts is just a new name to throw out there to generate interest, likely nothing more. So don’t get your hopes up. It’s not going to happen. Sorry guys.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bill, so I hate to say this stuff about him. But believe me, I’m not trying to be disrespectful to Bill or anything, I’m just trying to be realistic. I don’t think theres any chance these albums will ever see the light of day, but I do sincerely hope I’m wrong. Until then, I stand by my earlier conclusion that we should just be grateful for all the wonderful music that Bill has already given us instead of taking that for granted and focusing on the one album we don’t have. If it’s meant to happen then someday it will, but until then, I’m just going to blare War Pigs and all the other classics instead. But yeah, about Beyond Aston and Accountable Beasts, I think we should just be realistic. That’s all.

  9. Bill ward fan says

    Unfortunately Anthony you are right. Those 2 albums are never going to be released. Their are good reasons the other 3 guys moved on without Bill.

    • Monte Self says

      yes , because Oz would not credit him as a member of the band but only pay him as a hired hand. oh yeah accountable beasts and now soon to follow …

  10. Yeah, but I wish I was wrong, you know? I love Bill and his music and I would love to hear more from him. But it is what it is I guess. It pains me to talk badly about Bill, but there comes a time when we all just need to be realistic. I hope Bill proves me wrong someday, but that’s all up to him. Until then it is what it is. Still, I wish Bill the very best in all his future endeavours, whatever they may be.

  11. This is my first comment EVER….Bills first to albums were for lack of a better word”AWSOME” but what Bill needs i think is……a drink!!!!!

  12. born Again says

    F that, Bill is such a bullshitter,don’t blame the others for moving on in Sabbath,he could not even complete drums on 1 new Sabbath song if he had too. He should get off his lazy ass!!.

  13. Anthony Roof says

    I hate to say it, but I think you may be right, born again, so where my instinct is to defend Bill from your attack, I think I am going to have to agree with you instead. After all, on the Reunion album, they recorded two new songs, “Pshyco Man” and “Selling My Soul.” And as I understand it, Bill was only able to complete the drum parts on one of those songs. The other song actually used a drum machine instead. So maybe Ozzy was right when he said that Bill just wasn’t up to the task of recording and touring from a physical and health standpoint. But hey, I don’t hold that against Bill, after all, we all get older and run into physical limitations as we age. I just wish Bill was more honest about it instead of feeding us what sounds like a load of crap with this “unsignable contract” business. I know he has self-esteem and an ego to protect, but I think we would all understand and love him anyway if he were to just come clean about the whole thing. And as for the unreleased solo albums? At this point, who cares any more? Bill, just retire, you deserve it. You have given us so much already for which we are eternally grateful, so now, you deserve to enjoy a nice retirement. Don’t worry about staying relevant, just enjoy your life instead. Do what you want to do, don’t worry about us. We still have all your other great works to appreciate.

    • Bill did do both songs. He was replaced with a drum machine. :( Somewhere in the archives is a version of Selling my Soul with Bill on it.

    • Monte Self says

      Thanks Joe.. you are a great myth buster ! lol along with all the other stuff that goes one it’s no wonder the drama saga continues.

  14. Joe I know Bill doesn’t tell you anything ,but do you forsee any music being released from this man? I don’t know why he does not just sell it as downloadable mp3’s on his website.

    • I wish I knew the answers. I gave up trying to figure that out ages ago. I’m as much in the dark on that one as you are, unfortunately.

    • Monte Self says

      yes, I had mentioned that to Bill, I believe he thought it would put him at the same level as an Indie Artist, but he now has a great way to market I believe when the iTunes (was a premature release) got thrown out there it created lots of hype on it, the only problem was his fans like to have a CD version, but many could only hear it if they bought the iTunes version not knowing when the CD would be Available Itunes probably made some good money on it, BUT now that the CD is available as far as I know only at is in my opinion the same as “his website” so thats a good thing and I think a good way to bypass a lot of middlemen and get more for himself in return. JMO !

  15. Anthony Roof says

    I will have to look for Selling My Soul with Bill on it. But as for new music, I don’t forsee any. I would love it but it’s probably not going to happen. As they say, “wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up quicker.” But you know, that’s okay, because it’s like Joe said of Tony having cancer, we need to have realistic demands of our heros because they are only human like us, they are just people too, they’re not gods or super human or anything, just people, and we need to realize that. The fact is, Bill is old and most likely out of shape and overweight, conditions that most of us share or will share someday. So it’s cool, it happens. If Bill were reading this right now, the one thing I would like to say to him is this: I have just read several articles where Tony, Geezer and Ozzy are saying they plan on doing one more album, and this they expect to be their final Black Sabbath album, then they are done. I don’t know if it’s true or if it will pan out, but Bill, if you are actually in shape and up to challenge, this could be your last chance to try involved and be a part of what is now Sabbath. Think about it, you were there for the first album, you should be there for the last album too. Be a part of this thing, be a part of this legacy, finish what you started and put this thing to bed. You wouldn’t even have to tour if you didn’t want to, just get in that studio if you can and if you are feeling up to it. If your health allows, just give us this one final gift, then we won’t bother you again. If I could tell Bill anything, it would be that. But I won’t cross my fingers, because, you know, wish in one hand…

    • Monte Self says

      love the guy but Ozzy is old too … in my opinion can’t sing like he used to, sad this all had to happen (Never Say Die) now Accountable Beasts has been released you’re going to say he can’t play a live set, all I have to say right now is KEEP THE PACE ! , if you don’t get that the you need to listen to Accountable Beast.

  16. Anthony you have very good points.. I have heard both of Bills solo albums are completed.

  17. Bill, this is wrong! We -Your fans and we know that the album exist , many of us are no longer young, give us a chance to hear it! because Sabbath (together or separately, it does not matter) is the best thing that happened in our life!Thak you

  18. I know for a fact that Accountable Beasts is done,I talked to one of Bills band members who played on it..he said the album is smooooking!!!

  19. I feel the same way you guys do, but I’m slowly starting to not care anymore.

  20. I’m with ya Anthony…definantly losing interest.

  21. Monte Self says

    as far as never hearing Beyond Aston, it should be known that Straws, Ashes and First Day Back were 3 tracks moved on to Accountable Beasts, not sure the reason but I also saw Beyond Aston will be an 8-9 track LP, some songs were probably cut but we won’t know which until hopefully the near future. he told me and has announced it’s ready to go as well, but I have a feeling he wants a break between the 2 for an obvious reason, I also think he is releasing in this order because he feels Beyond Aston is a greater LP and wants his fans to absorb Accountable Beasts first.

  22. Anthony Roof says

    Accountable Beasts…wow. Finally. Didn’t see that one coming. Didn’t think it would ever happen. Just amazing. I guess I have to eat some of my previous words now. Oh well, it’s worth it. This is an answered prayer. See, this is what Bill should be doing right now, solo stuff. Because with Sabbath, he just makes too much drama, you know, “unsignable contracts” and such. And the other guys don’t help with Ozzy calling him fat and unfit and the like. Even if it is true, which I imagine it is, saying it publicly doesn’t help anything. Not exactly the way to make or keep friends. Just too much bullshit and drama. But with being solo, you don’t have that. You can be your own boss, call the shots, do what you want to do. Without the drama, there is one less obstacle, and for Bill, that was a major obstacle with Sabbath. So, yeah, I’ve said it before, Bill just retire from Sabbath and do your own thing. Your new album proves that you still have it in you to be awesome. And Monte Self, relax buddy. You make some good points. And I will take your advice to really absorb Accountable Beasts. It’s a great sign for us as fans that Bill released this. Maybe there will be more to come.

  23. Dante_Doomsday says

    So far Straws, Ashes, First Day Back, and Powder on the Moon have been released or at least the titles have been used.

    I hope with the release of Arrows, Once This Was a Road, and Powder on the Moon these last few months that Bill is planning on releasing an album, EP, or more songs from Beyond Aston

  24. Bill Ward Fan says

    I have Enjoyed Accountable Beast, The Day of Errors songs, Bills solo albums. I read a recent interview how he said Beyond Aston is a masterpiece but can’t get a record contract. Hopefully he does release more DOE music.

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