This picture is a 2009 promo picture for the “The Devil you Know” album.


  • Real Name: Terence Michael Joseph Butler
  • Birthdate: July 17, 1949
  • Birthplace: Aston, Birmingham, England
  • Band Position: Bass Guitar
  • Started in Band: 1968 – Founding Member
  • Left Band: Mid 1984 after attempt with Dave Donato
  • Returned to Band: Mid 1990
  • Left Band: Fall 1994
  • Returned to Band: Spring 1997
  • Album Apperances: Black Sabbath through Born Again, Dehumanizer through Cross Purposes Live, plus Sabbath Stones, Reunion, Live at Hammersmith, Live at Radio City Music Hall, The Devil You Know, & Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell
  • Other Bands: Geezer Butler Band (aka G//Z/R or Geezer), Ozzy Osbourne Band, Rare Breed



Here’s an email from Geezer about the basses he used in the 70’s:

I used Laney amps and Laney cabinets [mainly 4×12] in the early 70’s; I gradually switched to various pre-amps going through Crown power amps and custom built JBL speaker cabinets. I started off with a Fender Precision bass, but was forced to switch to a Dan Armstrong plexiglass bass when someone in Canadian customs chopped up my Fender [its a long story]. After that, i had custom made John Birch and Jaydee basses, and occasional Rickenbackers.



  1. You’re the absolute best Geezer ! Rock on my friend !

  2. Hands down,the best lyricist and bassist of Black Sabbath.My favorite bass player of all.Love his work with Sabbath,Ozzy,and GZR.He is up there wih-Geddy Lee(Rush),Jack Bruce(Cream),and John Paul Jones(Led Zeppelin).My favorite Sabbath albums are with Geezer.Though,I do like Neil Murray and the others.But,none compare to Mr. Geezer Butler!

  3. geezer you are my #1 inspiration on the bass man, even john paul jones must have stressed out everday in the 70’s over your elite presence with that bass. you electrified and rattled every show and your agility of which you can wield that 4 stringed monster is way beyong my ability to move around on that fret board…. i will continue playing bass until bass playing actually has a significance in music like it used to… you are the FUCKING man and i love you.

  4. hello geezer
    tommy made a great job but Bill is the best for sabbath
    see you in december in France and wy not with Bill!!!!!

  5. You rock the bass like no other. As another poster stated Geddy Lee and John Paul Jones also awesome. Rock On!

  6. alexis soti says

    Un maestro ,,,,,,exelente bajiista

  7. Patrick Hale says

    I am a huge fan of the way you play bass. You add so much to the song !! You actually inspired me to play bass and not just the guitar. You are such a unique player that everyone who has filled in for you in Black Sabbath could never even come close to the bar you set. You’re the best !!!

  8. Sean M Hunnicutt says

    I have been searching all across the internet and cannot find any video of you playing “The Straightener” in concert. You were one of my inspirations to start playing bass and I would love to see it.

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