Released November 16, 2010
Officially titled “Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell”


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Track Listing

  1. E5150 (DVD only)
  2. Mob Rules
  3. Children of the Sea
  4. I
  5. Bible Black
  6. Time Machine
  7. Fear
  8. Falling Off the Edge of the World
  9. Follow the Tears
  10. Die Young
  11. Heaven & Hell
  12. Country Girl (DVD only)
  13. Neon Knights

Writing Credits

  • All Songs by Butler/Dio/Iommi except
  • Tracks 2, 10-11, & 13 by Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward


  • Ronnie James Dio – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Vinny Appice – Drums
  • Scott Warren – Keyboards
  • Produced by Tony Iommi & Geezer Butler

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Eagle/Armoury ARM250462 (US 2010)
  • CD Ward Records VQCD-10207 (JPN 2010)
  • DVD Eagle Vision EREDV823 (EUR 2010)
  • DVD Eagle Vision EV302189 (US 2010)
  • DVD&CD Eagle Vision EV302189 (US 2010)


  • This was filmed at the Wacken Festival on July 30, 2009.
  • A promotional “E-Card” for this release is available at the record label’s site here.
  • The DVD features some interview footage of the various band members.  Some of the footage of Ronnie hadn’t been seen before, and the three surviving members of the band gave a tribute to Ronnie.



  • Below are a picture of the European version of the CD cover, as well as the US DVD cover.



  1. There is also the brilliant 2LP (red vinyl) set. Apparently there is a black vinyl reissue also.

    Neon Nights – Live At Wacken

    Side A:
    Mob Rules
    Children Of The Sea

    Side B:
    Bible Black
    Time Machine

    Side C:
    Falling Off The Edge Of The World
    Follow the Tears
    Die Young

    Side D:
    Heaven And Hell
    Neon Knights

    Back On Black BOBV291LP, UK, January 11, 2011
    – Gatefold sleeve
    – Limited edition of 1000 copies
    – Red vinyl
    – Includes an insert
    – Has a sticker on the front sleeve

    Back On Black BOBV291LP, UK, March 2011?
    – Gatefold sleeves
    – Reissue, release date unknown
    – Black vinyl
    – Includes an insert

    (Details from

  2. It might be worth noting that the CD issue is quite heavily and noticeably edited in comparison to the DVD show, presumably to try and fit the set onto the one disc. Most glaringly Vinny’s drum solo is missing despite Ronnie’s lead-in.

  3. I don’t remember if this came out before or after Dio died, but by the end of 2010 it seemed like Black Sabbath was done. Ozzy had a new solo band, and Heaven And Hell was in ruins. At the time, I thought this would be the last Sabbath release ever. It was a good send off.

  4. I’m halfway through watching the DVD for the first time and it’s really good. I read interview with Ronnie’s wife somewhere describing how much pain he was in by the time of this show, and how she couldn’t even believe he could do the show at all. Well, watching it knowing that, you could see that whatever Ronnie lacked in vocal power (not much by the way) he more than made up for in sheer spirit and determination. He’s not hitting the high screams like before but he’s laying it all out there – most notably by extending the last words of certain lines more often than usual. It’s as if he knew it was probably his last show. If you’ve watched this before not knowing this, watch it again. The dude gives his all.

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