Released December 15, 1998

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Track Listing

  • Healer
  • Sun Red Sun
  • Tribal Moon
  • River
  • Walking Attitude
  • Fire Lasts Forever
  • Dog
  • Fat Cat
  • Lord Knows
  • Ride the Jack

Writing Credits

  • All songs by Lee/Gillen

Other Credits

  • Jake E. Lee – Guitar, Keyboards
  • Ray Gillen – Vocals, Blues Harp
  • Greg Chaisson – Bass
  • Jeff Martin – Drums
  • Produced by Jake E. Lee
  • Engineered by James A. Ball

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Pony Canyon PCCY-01334 (JPN 1998)
  • CD Z Records ZR1997024 (CZH REP 2000)


  • This is the “third” Badlands album, originally recorded in 1992-1993.
  • Technically this was never completed, what’s out there is demos.
  • It has been floating around in bootleg circles for a few years with the title “Tribal Moon”.
  • There was some talk that Jake E. Lee was trying to prevent it’s release for a long time.
  • Was never released in the US.
  • The cover art at the top of the page was what it was when it was originally released, there’s also an additional cover, it can be seen below in the Images section.




  1. Toan Bueme says

    Killer friggin’ album!!!!!!!!

  2. Jack Wilson says

    There is a demo on YouTube from this album called let it bleed & it’s the most rawest sounded demo u can find of there’s

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