Released Apr 3, 2007 (US/North America)
Released Apr 9, 2007 (UK/Europe)
Released Nov 5, 2007 (Europe – UK Tour Edition)
Released Mar 11, 2008 (US/N America – MVI Edition)

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Track Listing (Standard CD)

  1. Neon Knights
  2. Lady Evil
  3. Heaven And Hell
  4. Die Young
  5. Lonely Is The Word
  6. The Mob Rules
  7. Turn Up The Night
  8. Voodoo
  9. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
  10. After All (The Dead)
  11. TV Crimes
  12. I
  13. Children Of The Sea – Live
  14. The Devil Cried *
  15. Shadow of the Wind *
  16. Ear in the Wall *
  17. The Devil Cried (Radio Edit – Digital DL Only)

Track Listing (UK Tour Edition)

Disc 1

  1. Neon Knights
  2. Lady Evil
  3. Heaven And Hell
  4. Die Young
  5. Lonely Is The Word
  6. The Mob Rules
  7. Turn Up The Night
  8. Voodoo
  9. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
  10. After All (The Dead)
  11. TV Crimes
  12. I
  13. Children Of The Sea – Live
  14. The Devil Cried *
  15. Shadow of the Wind *
  16. Ear in the Wall *

Disc 2

  1. Neon Knights (Live)
  2. The Mob Rules (Live)
  3. Children of the Grave (Live)
  4. Voodoo (Live)

Writing Credits

  • Older songs vary by song
  • The three new tracks were written by Iommi / Dio / Butler


  • Ronnie James Dio – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Bill Ward – Drums (Tracks 1-5)
  • Vinny Appice – Drums (Tracks 6-20)
  • Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards (Tracks 1-13, 17-20)
  • Remastered by Bill Inglot & Dan Hersch
  • Illustrations by Wes Benscoter
  • Supervising Producer – Mason Williams
  • Product Manager – Liz Erman

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Rhino R2-116668 (US 2007)
  • CD Rhino 8122-79992-4 (EUR 2007)
  • CD Rhino 8122-79947-5 (EUR 2007 – Tour Edition)
  • CD Warner Bros WPCR-12622 (JPN 2007)
  • CD Rhino R2-298876 (US 2008 – MVI Edition)


  • This was originally going to be a box set for the Dio Years, sort of a “Black Box II”.  It got pared down to a single disc late in 2006.
  • Bill Ward was originally onboard during the recording of the new tracks, but backed out after musical differences in the style of the recordings.
  • The new tracks do not have any keyboards on them (per interviews with Tony & Ronnie).
  • There are a handful of tracks that appear both on this compilation and the “Stand Up & Shout: The Dio Anthology”.  Both were “remastered”, but do not share the same remastering sessions.  They were re-remastered for the Dio Years package.
  • Track 13 was culled from the “Live Evil” album, so all four of Dio’s Black Sabbath albums are represented in this package.
  • Other release dates for the package around the world besides the ones above:
    United States: Apr 3
    Australia: Apr 14
    Brazil: May 28
    Canada: Apr 3
    France: Apr 10
    Germany: Mar 30
    Italy: Apr 13
    Japan: Apr 25
    Mexico: Apr 3
    Netherlands: Mar 30
    Spain: Apr 3
    UK: Apr 9
  • The UK Tour edition was released to coincide with the UK dates to close the 2007 Heaven & Hell tour.
  • The UK Tour edition is a UK only release.
  • The MVI edition has the same track listing as the original release, except it also has some music videos on it, too.  The songs represented there are Neon Knights, Die Young, & TV Crimes.  On top of that, it also has a photo gallery, buddy icons, wallpapers, and a booklet PDF, and a link to ringtone purchase options.  You can read more about the MVI format here.  The MVI edition looked cosmetically the same on the outside, save for the addtl track info on the back.  The front looked exactly the same as the standard edition.
  • There used to be an electronic “E-Card” for the release when the album was new (it was here), but as of last check in October 2011, it appears to be gone.  A partially functional version of it is still available here at


This is the cover to the “Tour Edition” version of this release.  It’s mostly the same, just with the addition of “TOUR EDITION” towards the bottom.

This next image is from the inside artwork for the Dio Years CD.  It was drawn by Wes Benscoter, who also did the cover art for the 2003 release, “Stand Up & Shout: The Dio Anthology”.

Here are some thumbnails for various pictures of the inside of the CD package.

NOTE:  These lyrics came to me from Wendy Dio in 2012 and were not copied from any lyrics site on the Internet.  They should be considered authentic.

The Devil Cried

One fine day in Hell
The master told a story
Someone lied so well
He sent him back to Glory

There are whispers between the screams
That this deed can be done
Even sinners must dream
And I can be the one to make the Devil cry

I can win this game
If all things come together
I know this sounds quite strange
I won’t be smart, just clever

It’s the law on the other side
Just a tear lets you run
And though many have tried
I know I’ll be the one to make the Devil cry

At last my time has come
I must not give him pleasure
I can be the one
One chance or burn forever

So I told him about my pain
And the life I’ve been through
He just smiled and the laughter came
Then I told him that I love you, and the Devil cried

Tears from his eyes
Eyes of fire
And the Devil cried

Shadow of the Wind

Oh it’s night again
And the dark just killed the sun
If the light must end
You’ve got time to run away

There’s a door to dreams
And it always lets you in
But with a silent scream
All the nightmares must begin

Still you chase what you can’t see
Like death and pain and sin
And the Shadow of The Wind
The Shadow of The Wind

You’ll remember me
I could make you disappear
Be where you want to be
Just as long as it’s not here

Well I’m back and stronger
And the first one’s always free
And it lasts much longer
You can bet your sanity

Never more the victim cries
As I slip beneath the skin
Like the Shadow of The Wind
The Shadow of The Wind

If words had names like red and green
And two for sympathy
Black and white and in between
Then you’d be misery

Every day is an inquisition
Who are you? What are you? Why?
I’m alive, I belong, I’ll be back
It’s a half truth, still a whole lie

In the garden of good and evil
You’ll come, but you know
The spider only spins
The Shadow of The Wind
The Shadow of The Wind

Ear in the Wall

Hello can you hear me
I might not be alone
Don’t see anyone near me
But I just won’t go home again
Let’s meet in the morning
I just can’t speak tonight
This is more than a warning
Be silent ’til it’s light and then

You know I’ll be there
Waiting for someone to believe me
Remembering it all
Makes my flesh start to crawl
I’ve seen an ear in the wall

This time it could prove it
But you’ve heard this all before
Cry wolf and you’re moving
To a special kind of danger zone
I need a witness
Somebody just like you
So bring an exorcist
A wizard and the Holy Ghost

You know I’ll be there
Waiting for someone who believes me
Remembering it all
Makes my flesh creep and crawl
I’ve seen an ear in the wall

One more reason one more time
Someone’s searching through my mind
Now where am I suppose to go?
It’s not who you are it’s who you know
What’s it gonna be?

I knew you would answer
I’m the curiosity
You could miss a chance because
The fool might see reality
There it is in the corner
You must be going blind
What’s wrong were you born before?
Your God invented eyes

It’s got to be there
Grinding away at my secrets
It’s going so dark
And you can’t see at all
I’ll turn on some lights
So you’re sure not to fall
It’s next to the eye in the wall


  1. Glad the lyrics for these are finally here! If you put these together on a burned CD with the songs “The Next Time”, “Bad Blood”, and “Unknown With Vocals” from the Dehumanizer demos bootleg….. then you’ve got a very nice little E.P. for yourself right there with Dio singing with the Sabs doing songs YOU CAN’T FIND on the other four studio records. 6 songs in all, Cozy on the first half and Vinny on the second. I have these burned right next two Ozzy’s Blizzard Of Ozz all on one CD. In case you are wondering: YES, I BOUGHT THEM BEFORE BURNING THEM, in case there was any doubt!

  2. It should probably be noted that the live tracks on Disc 2 of the UK ‘Tour Edition’ of this album are lifted from the ‘Live At Hammersmith’ album.

  3. Again, I had no initial motivation to buy this. Then I read online about these 3 New tracks. I don’t buy it physically. I buy the 3 songs i want on iTunes. These songs are pretty good. My Favorite being the devil cried. Next thing I know I hear that they’re now referring to dio sabbath as Heaven And Hell. And that they have a new tour going on. It wasn’t the reunion that I wanted, but I was psyched anyway.

  4. Disc 2

    3. “Children of the Grave” (Live)

    I think you meant to type “Children of the Sea.”

  5. John White says

    The MVI disc is a slight sound quality upgrade – if you have a decent sound system you can just tell. (24bit 48kHz)

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