Released October 16, 2001



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Track Listing

  1. Gets Me Through
  2. Facing Hell
  3. Dreamer
  4. No Easy Way Out
  5. That I Never Had
  6. You Know… (Part 1)
  7. Junkie
  8. Running out of Time
  9. Black Illusion
  10. Alive
  11. Can You Hear Them?
  12. No Place for Angels (B-Side to Gets Me Through)

Writing Credits

  • Tracks 1,4,6 by Osbourne/Palmer
  • Track 2 by Osbourne/Palmer/Humphrey/Nicholls
  • Tracks 3,8 by Osbourne, Frederiksen/Jones
  • Tracks 5,7,11 by Osbourne/Frederisken/Holmes/Trujillo
  • Track 9 by Osbourne/Palmer/Nicholls/Sturmer
  • Tracks 10 Osbourne/Saber

Other Credits

  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Zakk Wylde – Guitar
  • Robert Trujillo – Bass
  • Mike Bordin – Drums
  • Tim Palmer & Michael Railo – Keyboards
  • Produced by Tim Palmer

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Epic/Sony – EK 63580 (US 2001)
  • CD Epic EK 63580 (Canada 2001)
  • CD Epic EPC 498474 2 (Europe 2001)
  • LP Epic EPC 4984741 (Netherlands 2001)


  • The first single (and video) was “Gets me Through”
  • The second single (and video) was “Dreamer”
  • The video for Dreamer was directed by Rob Zombie.
  • The cover art is an actual X-Ray image of Ozzy Osbourne.  With multiple exposures, obviously.  :)





  1. Chris Tatton says

    Is there a part 2 to ‘You Know…’?

  2. I never liked ozzmosis or this album. But ozzmosis had some good songs on it. This was bland. I only liked one song on this. That was the first track. It’s just killer. I love the line “I’m not the antichrist or the iron man” Other than that, it’s nothing more than ozzmosis part 2. I got rid of this album (I traded it in) a year ago because I tried to revisit it and it sucked.

  3. Ok. I gave this album an unbiased revisit (on spotify.) It’s better than I thought, but it still sucks.

    1. Gets Me Through – Still an awesome song. Zakk fucking smokes on it.
    2. Facing Hell – This song sucks.
    3. Dreamer – It’s alright. I used to hate it, but I appreciate it more now.
    4. No Easy Way Out – This song sucks.
    5. That I Never Had – Next Track
    6. You Know…(Part 1) – I think I know what the “part 1” means. It’s because it’s an intro to Junkie. Junkie being part 2. Anyway, this song is ok. Kind of an old school black Sabbath filler track. But even by those standards it falls flat on its ass.
    7. Junkie – Sucks. Ozzy and Zakk at their worst.
    8. Running Out Of Time – It starts out like it’s gonna suck, but I actually like this song. I mean it, I actually really dig this song. This is the epic song of the album. Like Revelations Mother Earth, Diary Of a Madman, Killer of Giants, Fire in the Sky, and No More Tears. Good song.
    9. Black Illusion – It’s O.K. Has a sort of Sabbath vibe to it. But it doesn’t do much with the Sabbath-ness. Better than other songs on this album.
    10. Alive – Next.
    11. Can you Hear Them? – Awesome. But that mellow part sucks.

    There. I gave it an honest point of view. There’s some good songs, but it still sucks.

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