1970 “Black Sabbath” Tour
World Tour (sort of) in support of the “Black Sabbath” album.

Dates and research compiled by Joe Siegler & Robert Dwyer.
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Touring Band

  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Bill Ward – Drums

Typical Set List

  • Paranoid
  • Iron Man
  • N.I.B.
  • Black Sabbath
  • Walpurgis
  • Hand of Doom
  • Fairies Wear Boots
  • Guitar Solo
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep
  • Rat Salad

Obviously, they were playing songs from their second album in pre-release states, and this was not a consistant set list across the tour.

Date Location Venue Other Bands / Openers Notes
Sep 22 1969 Birmingham Henry’s Blues House Exact date unknown
Sep 23 1969 London Pied Bull – Islington Exact date unknown
Sep 24 1969 Edinburgh The Oasis Exact date unknown
Sep 25 1969 Edinburgh Cavendish Exact date unknown
Sep 26 1969 The band is billed as “Black Sabbath” from this point forward
Sep 27 1969 Dumfries Drill Hall Timothy Pink
Oct 01 1969 Hamburg The Star Club Exact date unknown
Oct 07 1969 “When I Came Down” recorded – Birmingham Arts Lab (Zella Studios)
Oct 10 1969 Sheffield Sheffield Ballroom Unconfirmed
Oct 11 1969 Lichfield The Pokey Hole – Frog Lane Unconfirmed
Oct 12 1969 Regent Sound Studios [Recording sessions for BLACK SABBATH album] – Album recorded in two days
Oct 18 1969 Birmingham Henry’s Blues House Ten Years After (HL)
Oct 29 1969 Birmingham Unconfirmed
Nov 01 1969 Nethertown Tow Bar Inn Society’s Child
Nov 11 1969 London Maida Vale Studios Recorded for John Peel’s TOP GEAR, which was broadcast on 11/21/69 and 3/21/70
Nov 14 1969 London The Marquee Hardin & York (HL)
Nov 16 1969 Dumfries Rugman’s Youth Club – Whitesands Amplified Heat
Nov 26 1969 Carlisle
Nov 29 1969 Birmingham University
Dec 01 1969 Zurich Unconfirmed
Dec 18 1969 Birmingham Unconfirmed
Dec 26 1969 Lichfield The Pokey Hole – Frog Lane
Jan 07 1970 Hull Unconfirmed
Jan 09 1970 “Evil Woman” single released – First Black Sabbath single release
Jan 13 1970 Birmingham Henry’s Blues House Climax Chicago, Duster Bennett, Graham Bond
Jan 24 1970 Poleworth Polesworth Memorial Hall The Dave Harris Disc-K-Tek Show (DJ)
Feb 05 1970 Official beginning of the tour to support their BLACK SABBATH album.
Feb 05 1970 Cardiff ‘Cardiff Arts Centre Project’ – Sophia Gardens Pavilion Pink Floyd, Quintessence, Daddy Longlegs, Gary Farr, Heaven, Tea & Symphony, Ron Geesin Charity Show
Feb 06 1970 Birmingham Mother’s Club At Erdlington – High Street John Peel
Feb 10 1970 Banklands Banklands Youth Club
Feb 13 1970 Black Sabbath’s debut album, Black Sabbath is released!
Feb 13 1970 Workington Workington College Of Further Education – Exhibition Hall Confucius [formerly Hideaway’s from Liverpool] Sabbath performed at a ‘Valentine Dance’ in this Cumberland county town.
Mar 04 1970 Koln (Cologne) Konzerthaus (also written as ‘Kouzenthans’) Unconfirmed
Mar 08 1970 Bletchley Bletchley Youth Centre – Derwent Dr. (Bucks) Writing On The Wall
Mar 09 1970 London ‘Atomic Sunrise’ Festival – The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Quintessence, Gypsy, Black Sabbath 7-night festival; Sabbath played the 1st night.
Mar 11 1970 Birmingham Mother’s Club At Erdlington – High Street
Mar 13 1970 London The Marquee
Mar 14 1970 Manchester University Stack Waddy
Mar 15 1970 Bradford St. George’s Hall Blodwyn Pig (HL)
Mar 16 1970 London The Marquee Grisby Dyke & Straight Lace
Mar 18 1970 Oxfam Dance – The Cosmo Andromeda (HL) Charity gig for Oxfam
Mar 19 1970 London Hounds – Duke’s Head, East Ham
Mar 22 1970 Birmingham Holy Child School
Mar 25 1970 Birmingham Mother’s Club At Erdlington – High Street Grisby Dyke & Straight Lace
Mar 28 1970 London The Temple Gypsy, Sour Milk Sea Billed as “All Nighter” show from 9 PM to 6 AM.
Mar 29 1970 London Free Easter Festival – Victoria Park, Bethnal Green Original scheduled lineup: John Lennon and Yoko Ono (HL), Amazing Grace, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Agula (?), Curved Air, J.J. Jackson’s Dilemma, Alan Rushton, The Scratch Orchestra, Shy Limbs, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Sunflower Brass Band, Cancelled? Festival organized by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Lineup listed in 2nd ad: Black Sabbath, Liverpool Scene, Toe Fat [featuring Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep] and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Mar 30 1970 Hamburg ‘Pop & Blues Festival’ – Ernst Merck Halle Renaissance (HL), Greatest Show On Earth, Warm Dust, Steamhammer, Groundhogs, Flaming Youth, Killing Floor, Sphinx Tush, The Nice (featuring Keith Emerson), Marsupliami, & Killing Floor.
Mar 31 1970 Workington Banklands Youth Club
Apr 03 1970 West Croydon The Happy Star Hotel – Broad Green White Lightning
Apr 05 1970 London The Lyceum Steamhammer (HL}, Gin House, Flare, Anne Nightingale [Radio I DJ]
Apr 08 1970 Birmingham Mother’s Club At Erdlington – High Street CANCELLED
Apr 09 1970 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Mayfair Ballroom Taste (HL), Dogg
Apr 10 1970 Stoke-on-Trent King’s Hall Juicy Lucy
Apr 11 1970 Folkestone Tofts
Apr 12 1970 Epping Groovesville Wake Arms
Apr 16 1970 London Empire Rooms – Tottenham Court Rd. (Warren St.) Hardin And York, Van der Graaf Generator Kilburn Polytechnic S.U. Charity Week Dance
Apr 17 1970 Plymouth Van Dike
Apr 18 1970 London The Pied Bull – Islington
Apr 19 1970 Croydon Fox At Greyhound CANCELLED
Apr 19 1970 Crawley Thomas Bennet School – Tillgate Stray, Clark Hutchinson, Dr. Strangely Strange, Boris and a few local bands CANCELLED
Apr 19 1970 Darlington Civic Theater
Apr 20 1970 London The Pied Bull – Islington
Apr 21 1970 Birmingham Town Hall The Egg
Apr 22 1970 Watford The Top Rank Suite Caravan
Apr 23 1970 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Mayfair Ballroom Taste
Apr 24 1970 Crawley Arts Lab Unconfirmed
Apr 25 1970 Essen 2nd Pop And Blues Festival Renaissance, Keef Hartley Band, Hardin And York, Marsha Hunt, Groundhogs, Flock, Rhinoceros, Taj Mahal, Ten Wheel Drive 2-day festival show
Apr 26 1970 London Royal Albert Hall CANCELLED
Apr 26 1970 London John Peel’s ‘Sunday Show’ (Radio Session) Medicine Head Source for THE OZZMAN COMETH “basement tapes”
Apr 27 1970 Montreux Galas de la Rose d’Or – Montreux Casino Antoine, Jeannie Bennett, Nimo Ferrer, Flirtation, R.B. Greaves, Half-a-Crown, Kathy Kovacs, Ashton Gardner & Dyke, New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Unconfirmed
May 02 1970 High Wycombe Hellfire Cavern Allegedly taped for German TV
May 02 1970 Portsmouth Student’s Union – St. Paul’s College Image [comedy act]
May 03 1970 Richmond The Castle CANCELLED
May 03 1970 Godalming Angel
May 04 1970 Paris Recording Session for TV and Radio
May 07 1970 Scarborough Top Spot
May 08 1970 Leicester IL Rondo
May 09 1970 Bradford Bradford University
May 10 1970 Redcar Redcar Jazz Club
May 13 1970 Walsall Whiskey Villa Club – Hatherton Hall, Freer Street Slam Hammer Possibly two sets
May 14 1970 London The Marquee Bakerloo
May 15 1970 Twickenham Eel Pie Island Tiny Clanger
May 16 1970 Salisbury Alexis Disco
May 17 1970 Leamington Spa Jephson Gardens Pavilion Galliard
May 18 1970 Romford King’s Head – Market Place Ipsissimus
May 19 1970 Surbiton Surbiton Assembly Rooms
May 20 1970 Tonypandy Judges Hall Unconfirmed
May 21 1970 Bournemouth The Ritz
May 22 1970 Glamorgan Blackwood Cancelled?
May 22 1970 Hilversum DOEBIDOE Dutch TV Performance Although we know for sure that this TV performance took place, no footage is known to exist.
May 23 1970 Ewell Ewell Technical College Caravan (HL), Mobius, Aural Plasma Lights and sounds from BC (DJ?)
May 23 1970 East Sussex Whitsun / ‘Bank Holiday’ Festival – Plumpton Racecourse – Lewes Ginger Baker’s Air Force (HL), Richie Havens (HL), Julie Driscoll, Hard Meat, King Crimson, Christine Perfect [aka Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac], Judas Jump, Keith Tippet Group, Fairfield Parlour, Chicken Shack, Roy Harper, Savoy Brown, Warm Dust, Gra
May 23 1970 Tarx Club – Potters Bar CANCELLED
May 24 1970 Newcastle-under-Lyme Hollywood Festival – Madeley – Leycett, Finney Green Afternoon Show: Colosseum (HL), Free, Quintessence, Wildmouth. [Sabbath were the 2nd act to play, according to the order shown in ad for the show] Afternoon Show
May 24 1970 Turnstall Golden Torch Evening Show
May 25 1970 Bremen ‘Beat Club’ – German TV Rare Bird, Jody Grind, Blodwyn Pig, Renaissance, Canned Filmed for German TV – “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Black Sabbath”
May 28 1970 Swindon McIlroy’s
May 28 1970 Spennymoor CANCELLED
May 29 1970 Cambridge Corn Exchange
May 30 1970 Malvern Malvern Winter Gardens
May 31 1970 Cleethorpes Cleethorpes Winter Gardens
Jun 01 1970 The first album (BLACK SABBATH) is released in the US
Jun 02 1970 London “Extravaganza ’70” – Olympia National Hall Afternoon Show: Status Quo, Stuart Henry
Evening Show: Wild Angels, Black Sabbath
Festival show
Jun 05 1970 Glasgow Temple Of Peace Family, Chicken Shack Beginning of short tour with Family and Chicken Shack.
Jun 06 1970 Edinburgh Usher Hall Family, Chicken Shack
Jun 07 1970 Epping Groovesville Wake Arms Family, Chicken Shack
Jun 08 1970 Aberdeen Music Hall Family, Chicken Shack
Jun 10 1970 London Fox On The Hill – Denmark Hill, SE5 Bob Stevens, D.J.
Jun 12 1970 Lancaster University Of Lancaster
Jun 13 1970 Weston Super Mare Winter Gardens Pavilion Brass Syndrome, Lizard Sounds Discotheque with D.J. Paul, Mike Slocombe Combo & Kaleidoscope Lightshow
Jun 14 1970 Croydon Fox At Greyhound – Park Lane Bob Stevens D.J.
Jun 15 1970 Cambridge Churchill College
Jun 16 1970 Paranoid Recording Sessions (Jun 16 through Jun 21)
Jun 21 1970 Frankfurt ‘Rock Circus ’70’ – Neiderradeyeling Stadium (Radstadion) Deep Purple (HL), The Byrds, Family, Black Sabbath, Edgar Broughton Band, Steamhammer, Badfinger, Chicken Shack, Jackie Lomax, Chuck Berry, Nosferatu, Screaming Lord Sutch, Bo Diddley, Heavy Jelly, Little Free Rock, and Ashton Gardner & Dyke
Jun 22 1970 Essen Big Gig Festival – Klein Flottbek – Derby Colosseum, Family, Rare Bird, Humble Pie, Uriah Heep, Gentle Giant
Jun 25 1970 Hannover Kuppelsaal – Niedersachsenhalle ‘Magic’, ‘Life And Groups’
Jun 26 1970 West Berlin Audimax der Freien Universität – Henry-Ford-Bau Frumpy (ex-City Preachers), Hairy Chapter
Jun 27 1970 Langelsheim The Beat Club
Jun 28 1970 Ciney Wallon
Jul 01 1970 Torquay Marquay Club – Torquay Town Hall Adolphus Rebirth, Blue Blood
Jul 04 1970 Southport Margate Dreamland
Jul 05 1970 Kiel ‘Progressive Pop Festival’ – Ostseehalle (East Sea Hall) Hardin & York, Groundhogs, Frumpy, Sphinx, Tush, Tomorrow’s Gift, Beautique In Corporation Progressive Pop Festival. 2-day festival show.
Jul 08 1970 London The Marquee Harry The Horse
Jul 10 1970 München (Munich) Euro Pop A-Z Musik Festival – Olympia Eisstadion am Oberwiesenfeld 2-day festival show (Sabbath played from 10:15PM till 11PM)
Jul 11 1970 Lincolnshire Baston Festival
Jul 16 1970 San Francisco, CA Fillmore West Postponed
Jul 17 1970 San Francisco, CA Fillmore West Postponed
Jul 17 1970 London ‘Klooks At The Lyceum’ – The Lyceum Ballroom Yes (HL), Uriah Heep, Clark Hutchinston, Big Lil, D.J. Andy Dunkley, First Light Show
Jul 17 1970 Paranoid Single Released
Jul 18 1970 San Francisco, CA Fillmore West Postponed
Jul 18 1970 Dunstable Dunstable Civic
Jul 19 1970 San Francisco, CA Fillmore West Postponed
Jul 20 1970 Los Angeles, CA Whiskey a Go-Go Postponed
Jul 21 1970 Los Angeles, CA Whiskey a Go-Go Postponed
Jul 22 1970 Los Angeles, CA Whiskey a Go-Go Postponed
Jul 23 1970 Los Angeles, CA Whiskey a Go-Go Postponed
Jul 24 1970 Los Angeles, CA Olympic Theater Postponed
Jul 25 1970 Bishop’s Stortford Rhodes Centre Unconfirmed
Jul 25 1970 Lt. Bardfield Barn Club
Jul 25 1970 Los Angeles, CA Olympic Theater Postponed
Jul 27 1970 Chicago, IL Beavers Postponed
Jul 28 1970 Chicago, IL Beavers Postponed
Jul 29 1970 Torquay Torquay Town Hall Unconfirmed
Jul 29 1970 Chicago, IL Beavers Postponed
Jul 30 1970 Chicago, IL Beavers Postponed
Jul 31 1970 New York City, NY Fillmore East Postponed
Aug 01 1970 New York City, NY Fillmore East Postponed
Aug 03 1970 New York City, NY Fillmore East Postponed
Aug 08 1970 East Sussex Plumpton Race Track – Lewes Multi-Day Festival
Aug 12 1970 Dortmund Fantasio Club Unconfirmed. Rescheduled from 8/26?
Aug 21 1970 Vlaams Jazz Bilzen ’70 & Humo VIII (Bilzen Blues And Jazz Festival) Badfinger, Djengis Khan, Burnin’ Plague, The Dream, Bismark, Wild Angels, Arthur Conley, The Kinks, Kate’s Kennel Kate, Amazing Mistery, Doctor Down Trip, May Blitz, Johny Dover Big Band, Kleptomania, Humblebums, Eddy Boyd, Baba Robert Quintet, Willy Rogg Bilzen Jazz Festival. 3-day festival (August 21-23).
Aug 22 1970 Tiel Betuwse Popfestival Golden Earring (around 11 pm), The Wild Angels [from U.K.], Arthur Brown and The Gass (around 1:30 am), The Kinks, Cat Stevens, The Dream, May Blitz (didn’t play), Bismarck (didn’t play) Outdoor festival show
Aug 25 1970 Bielefeld Unconfirmed. Rescheduled from 8/27?
Aug 31 1970 Montreux Montreux Casino Taste (HL), The Doors [cancelled], Cactus Rescheduled from 8/30
Aug 31 1970 End of the tour for the “Black Sabbath” album.