This is a promo picture of Laurence sent to me by his wife.


  • Real Name: Laurence Cottle
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Swansea
  • Band Position: Bass Guitar
  • Started in Band: Fall 1988
  • Left Band: Early 1989
  • Album Appearances: Headless Cross (also makes appearance in music video for title track)
  • Selected ther Bands: Alan Parsons Project, Tony Martin Band, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, Don Airey’s Band, Mike Oldfield



  1. Jimmy The Dick says

    Cottle was ‘in the band’ for a total of 5 days. 2 to record the album, 3 to do the video. Ask him. 5 days hardly a member make.

    • Perfect1 says

      on laurences official website bio, he lists black sabbath there so if you say “ask him” well obviously he thinks he was in sabbath

      • Just did an interview with him and asked him about this. He sees himself as a session player who was hired to record this album.

    • He played bass guitar for the full album. To me that counts. Is he a big a member as Geezer Butler? No. But if you don’t include him, then who is the bassist in the band for this album?

  2. Steve Armourae says

    He played bass on the whole album, even as a session player that should count as a band member. He was THE bass player for Headless Cross so should be regarded as a member.
    And he played on the best post Born Again album. It’s the only one with anything like a Black Sabbath sound alongside Dehumaniser

    • WillyMcCabe says

      total rubbish. being a session player on album no more makes you a member of a band than standing in a garage makes you a car. Daryl Jones has played bass on every Rolling Stones album for the last 25 years and he’s STILL not a member of the Rolling Stones

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