This is a promo picture of Laurence sent to me by his wife.


  • Real Name: Laurence Cottle
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Swansea
  • Band Position: Bass Guitar
  • Started in Band: Fall 1988
  • Left Band: Early 1989
  • Album Appearances: Headless Cross (also makes appearance in music video for title track)
  • Selected ther Bands: Alan Parsons Project, Tony Martin Band, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, Don Airey’s Band, Mike Oldfield



  1. Jimmy The Dick says:

    Cottle was ‘in the band’ for a total of 5 days. 2 to record the album, 3 to do the video. Ask him. 5 days hardly a member make.

    • Perfect1 says:

      on laurences official website bio, he lists black sabbath there so if you say “ask him” well obviously he thinks he was in sabbath

      • Just did an interview with him and asked him about this. He sees himself as a session player who was hired to record this album.

    • He played bass guitar for the full album. To me that counts. Is he a big a member as Geezer Butler? No. But if you don’t include him, then who is the bassist in the band for this album?

  2. Steve Armourae says:

    He played bass on the whole album, even as a session player that should count as a band member. He was THE bass player for Headless Cross so should be regarded as a member.
    And he played on the best post Born Again album. It’s the only one with anything like a Black Sabbath sound alongside Dehumaniser

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