Released November 27, 1982
Re-Released August 22, 1995
Deleted from Catalog – April 2002
Re-Released 2007 (Japan Only)


 1995 CD [ Amazon US | Amazon UK ] | 2007 JPN Import [ Amazon US ]

Track Listing

  1. Symptom Of The Universe
  2. Snowblind
  3. Black Sabbath
  4. Fairies Wear Boots
  5. War Pigs
  6. The Wizard
  7. NIB
  8. Sweet Leaf
  9. Never Say Die
  10. Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath
  11. Iron Man/Children Of The Grave
  12. Paranoid

Writing Credits

  • All songs by Osbourne, Iommi, Butler, Ward


  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Brad Gillis – Guitar
  • Rudy Sarzo – Bass
  • Tommy Aldridge – Drums
  • Don Airey – Keyboards
  • Produced & Engineered by Max Norman
  • Recorded Live at the Ritz, New York Sep 26/27, 1982

Catalogue Numbers

  • LP Jet ZX 2 38350 (US 1982)
  • LP Jet JETDP 401 (UK 1982)
  • LP Epic EPC 451124 1 (EUR 1982)
  • CD CBS/Sony 30DP 5222 (JPN 1988)
  • UK Castle CCSCD 296 (UK 1991)
  • CD CBS ZK 38350 (US 1985)
  • CD Jet/CBS – ZK-38350 (CAN 1992)
  • CD Epic EK 67237 (US 1995)
  • CD Epic EPC 481679 2 (EUR 1995)
  • CD Soy EICP 781 (JPN 2007)


  • This album known as “Talk of the Devil” outside of the US, as that is the proper idiom of “Speak of the Devil” there.
  • The album of “Sabbath covers” was Ozzy’s idea, as he was contractually obligated to deliver this, and he didn’t want Randy’s name & work on an album called “Speak of the Devil”.
  • Sweet Leaf does not appear on all versions.  Some of the earliest prints of the album omitted this song due to “compact disc programming limitations”.
  • Recorded live at the Ritz, New York, New York on September 26 & 27, 1982.
  • The band had only a couple of days to rehearse and learn all these songs (it shows in places).
  • In April 2002, this album was deleted from the Ozzy catalog and is no longer being made, except for some prints in Japan.
  • This is the only official Ozzy Osbourne album that Brad Gillis appears on.
  • When the album was released in 1995, it gained the “small cover art, giant Ozzy” motif.  That cover can be seen below.



  • The Talk of the Devil cover and the Speak of the Devil cover are extremely similar – in fact the only difference appears to be the difference in word between “Talk” & “Speak”.


  1. Steve Armourae says:

    Great album, as it contains a couple of, as then unavailable live tracks: NSD,SBS, Wizard live versions were almost non existent in the 80s. thank god for Youtube.
    Terrible album in terms of sound! Under rehearsed, the band sound like session musicians who neither understand or like the music.
    It does have Ozzy sounding like he’s having a heated exchange with the audience at the beginning of Symptom- & on Never Say Die, I can’t be certain about this, it sounds like Ozzy sniffs something followed by a surge in energy

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