Jo Burt

 This picture is during a live show during the 1987 Eternal Idol tour.


  • Real Name: Joseph Burt
  • Birthdate: Unknown, 1959
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Band Position: Bass Guitar
  • Started in Band: October 1987
  • Left Band: December 1987
  • Album Appearances: None, only there for Eternal Idol tour
  • Other Bands: The Jo Burt Experience, Virginia Wolf, Freddie Mercury solo, Sector 27, The Troggs, Brian Setzer, Bob Geldof, Roger Taylor, James Reyne, The Sweet.



  1. Robert Cam says:

    My God…!!! This is just awesome. Joe, I could not stop crying whilst watching this video. Thank you very much for sharing with us…. Sabbath lives forever…!!!

    Awesome version…!!! fantastic….!!!!

    God Bless JO Burt…!!! God bless all Sabbath fans…!!!!

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