Released January 10, 1990

This album has been out of print for QUITE a long time,
and good cheap copies are hard to come by.

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Track Listing

  1. (Mobile) Shooting Gallery (5:11)
  2. Short Stories (1:06)
  3. Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays) (4:23)
  4. Pink Clouds an Island (3:15)
  5. Light Up the Candles (Let There be Peace Tonight) (3:35)
  6. Snakes & Ladders (6:35)
  7. Jack’s Land (4:41)
  8. Living Naked (6:03)
  9. Music For a Raw Nerve Ending (2:05)
  10. Tall Stories (5:04)
  11. Sweep (4:00)
  12. Along the Way (3:09)


  • All music, lyrics, & arrangements by Bill Ward
  • Bill Ward – Drums, Percussion, & Vocals
  • Rue Phillips – Guitar
  • Keith Lynch – Guitar
  • Marco Mendosa – Bass
  • NOTE: This is not everyone. See Notes section for more info on personnel.
  • Produced & Engineered by Peter R. Kelsey
  • Recorded at The Village Recorder, Take One, Front Page, & Studio on Wheels.
  • Originally Mastered at Capitol by Ron Masters

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD Chameleon D2-74816 (US 1990 – Deleted)
  • CASS Chameleon D4-74816 (US 1990 – Deleted)
  • LP Chameleon D1-74816 (CAN 1990 – Deleted)


  • The next to last track on the album has a 2 second sound byte from “Paranoid”.
  • Ozzy Osbourne sings on two tracks (#3 & #7).  Three, if you count the sound byte mentioned above.
  • The core band is what is listed above (There is a picture of them on the back cover of the CD). However, there are several tracks where there are multiple people on the same instruments. A complete listing would be rather lengthy.
  • Has many guest musicians. A complete list is on the CD cover, but the Black Sabbath related appearances are Ozzy Osbourne, Gordon Copley, Bob Daisley, Eric Singer, & Zakk Wylde.  Zakk’s last name is spelled wrong on the album (Wyld).
  • At roughly 0:46 of the music video for “Bombers”, there’s a shot of what appears to be Bill sitting on the ground with some others.  That is Bill’s kids at the time of the video clip’s original creation, presumably with his wife at the time.



  • There were two versions of the cover art. The more well known one is the one on the top of the page. The second one is shown here, and is EXTREMELY rare.
  • Here are some images from the insides of the two CD versions of Ward One. The one with the “red disc” is the more commonly known one, and the “black disc” is the very rare black cover version.


  • Here are some images from a pre-recorded cassette version of Ward One, showing the front, back, and spine views of the cassette.


  • Here are some images of a 7″ single for Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays) b/w Snakes and Ladders.  Thanks a bunch to Antonio Gherardi for sending these in so I can use them.

  • Here are some images of a picture disc for the album.  Thanks again to Antonio Gherardi.



  1. Garcia, A. says

    This is such a great and under-rated album, my ears were blown away when i first heard it.

  2. The black cover version is currently on eBay Australia.

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