Released October 17, 1995
Re-Released (digitally) March 27, 2020
Re-Released Oct 30, 2020

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Track Listing

  1. Catatonic Eclipse
  2. Drive Boy, Shooting
  3. Giving Up the Ghost
  4. Plastic Planet
  5. The Invisible
  6. Seance Fiction
  7. House of Clouds
  8. Detective 27
  9. X13
  10. Sci-Clone
  11. Cycle of Sixty
  12. Drive Boy, Shooting (Live, Japan 1995 Only)
  13. Detective 27 (Live, Japan 1995 Only)
  14. House of Clouds (Live, Japan 1995 Only)

Writing Credits

  • Music by Geezer Butler & Pedro Howse
  • Lyrics by Geezer Butler


  • Geezer Butler – Bass & Keyboards
  • Burton C. Bell – Vocals
  • Deen Castronovo – Drums
  • Pedro Howse – Guitars
  • Produced by Geezer Butler & Paul Northfield
  • Engineered & Mixed by Paul Northfield
  • Recorded at Long View Farm Studios
  • Originally Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering by Brian Gardner

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD TVT 6010-2 (US 1995)
  • CD Raw Power RAWCD105 (UK 1995)
  • CD Victor VICP-5764 (JPN 1995)
  • LP BMG BMGCAT472LP (US 2020)
  • CD BMG BMGCAT472CD (US 2020)


  • On this album, the band is being marketed as “G//Z/R”.  On Black Science it was “Geezer”, and on Ohmwork, it was “GZR”.
  • Burton C. Bell normally sings for the band Fear Factory.
  • Giving up the Ghost is allegedly about the Spirit of Black Sabbath & Tony Iommi.
  • “The Invisible” appeared in a slightly remixed version on the soundtrack to the movie “Mortal Kombat”, although the song didn’t actually appear in the movie itself.
  • I asked Geezer Butler via email if the lyrics to Cycle of Sixty were about worshipping the actual sun, or the “Son of God – Jesus Christ”.  He replied back that Pedro Howse wrote those lyrics, so I asked Pedro the same question.  He replied back with…  “yes geezer is right it is worship the sun and, it was from a diary of chinese mysticism that someone gave to me at the time of the recording of PP. It was about the turning of the seasons if i remember correctly and, i had this little guitar idea and, they kinda went well together so we put it on the end of the record. Also the bells you hear are wind chimes from outside the recording studio. When we had finished we went outside for a smoke and a few beers and, those wind chimes were chiming away for us so we took them into the studio and, recorded them.”
  • The three Geezer Butler “solo” albums were re-released in 2020.  First digitally in March, and physically in October.  At that time, all three were rebranded as just “Geezer Butler” vs the names they had before (G//Z/R, Geezer, or GZR).  At the same time, they got an artwork refresh, you can see the 2020 digital artwork below.


  • This image is the sticker that was on the outside of the jewel case when the CD was bought originally:
  • This image is the 2020 digital re-release artwork for Plastic Planet.
  • Here is some artwork from the 2020 physical re-release of Plastic Planet.



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