Released January 27, 1986
Re-Released August 22, 1995
Deleted from Catalog April 2002


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Track Listing

  1. The Ultimate Sin
  2. Secret Loser
  3. Never Know Why
  4. Thank God For The Bomb
  5. Never
  6. Lightning Strikes
  7. Killer Of Giants
  8. Fool Like You
  9. Shot In The Dark

Writing Credits

  • All songs by Osbourne, Lee, Daisley, except..
  • Track 9 by Osbourne, Lee, Soussan


  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Jake E. Lee – Lead Guitar
  • Phil Soussan – Bass Guitar
  • Randy Castillo – Drums
  • Mike Moran – Keyboards
  • Produced & Engineered by Ron Nevison
  • Addtl Engineeres – Martin White, Richard Moakes
  • 1995 Remaster by Brian Lee with Bob Ludwig

Catalogue Numbers

  • CD CBS Associated ZK 40026 (US 1986)
  • Vinyl CBS Associated OZ 40026 (US 1986)
  • Cass CBS Associated OZT 40026 (US 1986)
  • Vinyl Epic EPC 26404 (UK 1986)
  • Cass Epic 40-26404 (UK 1986)
  • CD Epic 462496 1 (UK 1986?)
  • CD Epic EK 67239 (US 1995)
  • CD Epic 481680 2 (UK 1995)
  • CD Sony EICP 783 (JPN 2007)


  • There was an extremely goofy video for the song The Ultimate Sin loosely based off the CBS TV Series “Dallas“.  Ozzy played “JR Ewing” and his company was “Ozzy Oil”.
  • Three other music videos were made for the album – one was “Shot in the Dark” (conceptual), Never Know Why (live concert footage), and Lightning Strikes (live concert footage).
  • In April 2002, this album was deleted from the Ozzy catalog and is no longer being made.
  • During the early writing sessions, drummer Jimmy DeGrasso was involved.
  • The original title of the album was “Killer of Giants”.



  • This image has proof of an in store release date.



  1. This album is as bad as it’s cover and video. Hair metal fail.

    • Tony Angelo says

      Bullshit, this is as good as the rest of the catalogue……

    • PAMETAL4EVR says

      I hated it at first listen as well, but it’s really grown on me. There’s some great songs on here. And if you don’t like Killer Of Giants, then wtf is wrong with you?

  2. Shaun Ferguson says

    I love this album, it is very underated, Shot In The Dark , is the song that originally got me hooked, and it should not be out of print. Ozzy and Jake sound LOADS better on here then on Back At The Moon.

  3. Why was it deleted from the catalog?

    • Richard F. says

      It was deleted because Ozzy hates the LP, he calls it “The Ultimate Din” and because “Shot in the Dark” was a song brought in by Bassist, Phil Soussan and the Ozzy camp refuses to pay him the royalties for the song, they have omitted it from the Ozzy catalog, its also the reason the video for “Shot in the Dark” is not available on YouTube or on the new Ozzy “Memoirs Of A Madman” DVD or the song itself on the CD or any other Ozzy Greatest Hits collections.

  4. Matt Dennett says

    I always preferred BATM and NRFTW over Ultimate Sin. Too much filler, not enough killer. Horrible production and pot and pan drum sound! Plus Ozzy was bloated and overweight. And the glam sparkly outfits were awful, very americanised (no offence!), big hair abound also – no naked flame pyro on those stages, they would have gone up in flames in no time! Overated egotistical guitarist too, read The Battle for Black Sabbath for more info on the dick Jake E Lee. Thank god for Zakk Wylde, Bob Daisley and later Geezer for bringing Ozzy back down to earth with NRFTW, infinately better album.

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