If you’ve found this page, congratulations! This is my new “hidden fan mail” page. It’s not linked from any other page on this site, so if you’re seeing this someone either told you about it (likely me), or you just typed this in. I’ve been running this since since the Summer of 1995, and in all that time response to my site has been almost universally positive. However, every once in awhile I get some wanker who sends me hate mail, or otherwise just acts like a complete asshat. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen once in awhile. I’ve decided to collect some of them on this page. I started this page on May 5, 2005, and I went through my mail archives and looked for insult emails, and put ’em here.

There’s this classic.  It’s an exchange from my Facebook page.  I shared some of my opinions regarding the current status (as of Apr 2012) regarding the Mk I reunion, and then because what I said didn’t fit this person’s narrow view of what a response should be, I got flamed to all shit.  What’s funnier about it is the person had no clue apparently they were doing EXACTLY what they accused me of doing.  Others tried to point it out, and they were SHOCKED that they didn’t get any support in their ranting – that’s what makes it funny.

  • Alicia Wierstra I check the tour up-dates everyday, eagerly awaiting the North American tour! To see the original line-up of Black Sabbath would be an experience of a life-time!! Get well Mr. Iommi! \M/
  • Joe Siegler ‎As I’ve said before.. Don’t hold your breath. There’s only one thing announced for the US.  It all comes down to how Tony does in reaction to his chemo and all of that stuff. There are no “plans”. Not now, anyway
  • Alicia Wierstra Thanks for that. Joe. What kind of a fan are you? I have faith that he’ll recover and I’ll be a first in line to score a ticket to have my mind blown in CANADA!
  • Joe Siegler ‎”What kind of fan are you?” Not sure I understand that question. Honestly, I don’t get the angle there. Please elaborate.Here’s the reality as I see it. I’ve been following the band since 1981. I’ve seen all the changes, all the egos, and I’ve been paying attention. It’s why the timeline on my page is what it is. :) Anyway, the point being that watching their interactions with each other for 30 years makes you see the patterns in their actions. One thing Black Sabbath is not is big on announcing tons of things ahead of time. That’s not their style. They take it slow, and wait.Can a US tour happen? Sure. But Tony’s cancer treatments have to be dealt with. That does not mean that the moment he gets his final chemo treatment, he’s ready go go out on a 14 month world tour. He needs recuperation time – a lot of it. As I’ve said many times, I have a family member that has EXACTLY THE SAME CANCER that Tony has. She recovered, and has been cancer free for some time.My personal guesswork is that we won’t see anything from the band until 2013 (other than the two rogue gigs we know about). Album, tour, whatever. The album could probably come out sooner, but it doesn’t make good business sense for them to release the album say in September or October of this year, and then not tour till Spring 2013.I won’t hold my breath waiting and hoping. When I tell others to do the same thing, it’s a matter of perspective. I’ve seen too many fans get their hopes way up, and then have them dashed. I just wish more people would be more realistic in their expectations. That’s all. Then there’s the Bill Ward thing. My personal interest in going would be lessened considerably if Bill isn’t there.It could all be bullshit, I’m just using some educated guesses – I WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS IS NOT BASED ON ANY INFO THEY HAVE TOLD ME. It’s all from my end here.
  • Alicia Wierstra Blah Blah Blah. There’s no need to be so effing smug and rude. Keep your ‘perspective’ to yourself and stop trolling me. TROLL
  • Joe Siegler Pardon? Why am I not allowed to express an opinion that isn’t considered trolling. I wasn’t rude, and I didn’t swear at anyone.I honestly do NOT understand.
  • Alicia Wierstra I posted a WELL WISHING msg to encourage some positivity and excitement and immediately you jumped down my throat with your negativity. Perhaps you should assess how you present your opinion so as the receiv…  So as the audience doesn’t feel attacked.
  • Joe Siegler I’ve been a fan for a long time, and I don’t have blind happy thoughts – especially when one band member died of cancer recently, and another is sick.Obviously the first thought is for full recovery, but I cannot get too excited. I just wish more people felt the same way.As for my “opinion”. Don’t forget – I’m a fan too – and IMO, I’m entitled to my own opinion. Which by the way I pointed out was all my thoughts in the first post you “bla bla bla’ed”.
  • Jeff Kaplan If tix went on sale for a NY-area show – make no mistake – I’d buy tix within seconds of them going on sale. With that said, I will not be shocked if we never see another U.S. tour again. Health is the only thing that’s important – and Tony needs to take care of that first. But – aside from all of that – I think when it comes to a tour – what we all REALLY want – is something we can never have….because it involves a time machine. These are men who are reaching an age where mortality is staring them in the face. Yes – they were excellent back in 1998 on the Reunion tour…but – to be quite honest – they were not quite as excellent on the following tours (and I’m talking strictly Black Sabbath – not Heaven & Hell). What I’d love is to travel back in time and see a youthful, energetic Black Sabbath in their prime playing an unpredictable set of songs – some of which were just written and recorded. But that’s an impossibility. I have two hopes for the band – and neither involve them touring. One is that the original four members of the band can find peace with each other….and this most certainly includes Bill Ward who I believe is a much stronger creative force than the average fan believes. Second – is that this new record they are creating (which – let’s face it – will most likely be their last) is something they can be truly proud of as a closing (or – at best – “close to closing”) chapter in their musical legacy….something great (if only to erase the current fact that if the band never releases anything again, Forbidden will go down in history as being the final Sabbath album).
  • Alicia Wierstra I’m holding hope BECAUSE I was fortunate enough to see DIO on his last tour before he passed. Your attitude just seems like a huge underestimation of Tony and an insult frankly. Your ‘opinion’ as I stated came off as an attack. You telling me that you had been following them since this time and that time and that you knew all the facts came off as an ego indulgence and had absolutely no relevance to my original post which was simply an exclamation of my faith in the band and hope to be able to see them. Also, bringing your family member into the argument was unnecessary, and again seemed to me like a ‘battle of the fans’. Thanks, I’ve taken part in these petty arguments, and I’m a little past the angst about my music preference thing. By the sounds of it, if you’ve been following them since 1981, you should be too.
  • Alicia Wierstra Especially in a time like this, the fans should be uniting and supporting the band. Not trying to act like pseudo-intellectuals who have nothing better to do than sit around spewing off all the little trivial you think you know. Ya I can do trivia too, only… I have nothing to prove. So, no need to be hostile and attack me over a supportive comment… I’m so surprised that I didn’t get more horns and all I’ve gotten is this negativity.
  • Charger Taimen Whoah….you clearly don’t know who Joe is and about his close connection to the band…and further more your flame throwing ignorant attidude should have no place in this group. So either shut the heck up or go and spew this garbage somewhere else. Please.
  • Alicia Wierstra Didn’t, but definitely did my research and I think I have a pretty good idea who Joe Seigler is. I haven’t come across the most flattering reviews either. I heard he’s a conman and basically a loser. lol He shouldn’t be harassing Black Sabbath’s fan base. This Facebook fan page is open to the average Black Sabbath fan, and as a fan I don’t appreciate him bullying me. I don’t care how ‘close’ he thinks he is to the band or any other bullshit. I don’t think the band would appreciate him bullying their fan base. I was simply SENDING SOME LOVE TO SABBATH. If this constitutes a ‘flame throwing ignorant attitude’.. lol. The only ‘flame thrower’ on this site is SEIGLE himself. I don’t want to be a part of such hate and pretension. You can take your FAN SITE and shove it!
  • Michael Bunnell C’mon Alicia, we’re a friendly group. We understand and appreciate your support. Joe was just stating that as a reminder. Let’s just drop the whole arguments. Besides would Joe create this group and the site for you and all the other fans if he was just going to bash them?
  • Dan Chambers i agree and besides im sure it gives him a fucking headache having too read any nitwited flack tossed his way at the end of the day
  • Moose Mattson Jesus, calling him a loser is a little low; I think Joe’s passion(s) sometimes get the better of him and one might take his remarks as being kurt or snippy but you have to remember when dealing with fans you are going to get a wide range of emotions. There are many posts I read and want to comment on, but bite my lip and just scroll away, some people can’t do that; and that’s fine. Stick to your opinions as we all do, but name calling is just silly. Joe’s site lead us all here, why bash the prophet? (that was supposed to be smarmy!)….
  • Alicia Wierstra Low? You’re all calling ME low. lol. I didn’t call him a loser – I said that’s what I heard. You’re all crazy. I have come here and tried to send my love and support to this amazing band, and apparently here is not the place to do that. You’re all just looking for a fight and obviously this isn’t about the BAND at all. I’m getting the impression that I’m supposed to be afraid of or be kissing this Seigler’s ass. Well, who the #$&@ is he? I don’t care who he is. If someone is attacking me, I’m going to defend myself. Also, on that note you don’t know who I am.
  • Donald Robert Gervasi It is Joe Siegler‘s page. Why would Joe troll his own page or any one member? Understand, Joe created this page for the fans and those who have similar interests in music.Alicia Wierstra, I think you took his comment the wrong way. You may be looking far to deep into it and getting angry because of it isn’t helping. Joe certainly doesn’t know everything and he was sharing his opinion. He also, was being critical of there being a North American tour or any touring outside of the two dates Black Sabbath announced. As for what you posted. I also, hope that Tony gets well and is well enough to do more shows and complete the new album. I also, hope that Bill Ward is on board for everything Black Sabbath does from now until the end. We don’t always get what we hope for in the way we hope for it. That certainly doesn’t mean we stop hoping. Hopefully, the legacy will continue with all four original members. If not, after all, there will still be the music.
  • Laura Fisher I totally agree with you Donald- this is Joe’s page- period
  • Alicia Wierstra ‎”Never argue with stupid people, because they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
  • Charger Taimen Jesus….well atleast you recognize yourself. But seriously get out of this group. You have no place here with that kind of attidude. Where’s that “kick” button when you need it?
  • Daniel Chabot Time for everybody to check their pulse, sit back, have a beer or 3 or 6, put on their favourite Sabbath album, sink into the couch and watch the paint peel. Now that we are all relaxed doesn’t life seem more pleasant?
  • Airton Tonon Guys. Lets try to forget this post. It is better to let it rest with the old ones. And I will drink my beers tonigth for sure. :-)
  • Alicia Wierstra That’s all I was intending with my ORIGINAL post people. Some comraderie. Cracking a beer cranking the SABBATH and flashing the horns. Not the THORNS that I got. We all love Sabbath here, I’m not sure why I was the witch in this stoning yesterday. I was surprised at Joe’s initial response and how pessimistic it was, and immediately took the defense (which he jumped all over IMO and then fed me to the wolves). I don’t feel taking the defence was wrong to do, I’m entitied to my opinions (and natural responses) as much as the next guy. Also, I don’t want to imagine THE founder of metal (as I see it) not recovering and being in front of me in the stage again in a years time. I’m sure you all feel the same. When DIO was going through this he lead his battle with admirable positivity (the only way he knew) and thats how I intend to support Tony! LONG LIVE SABBATH. These four AMAZING artists are the pioneers of the music that has been the soundtrack for many of the best times of my life. \M/
  • Joe Siegler ‎” I was surprised at Joe’s initial response and how pessimistic it was”It wasn’t pessimistic. It was REALISTIC. Learn the difference.
  • Alicia Wierstra Really? You’re STILL ATTACKING ME? This is just harassment now. ‘Don’t hold your breath.’ – An idiom expressing doubt that something will ever happen. http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/Don’t+hold+your+breath Lacking hope that something will ever be accomplished or take place. Pessimism : ‘a depressed and melancholy viewpoint manifested as a disposition to hold the LEAST HOPEFUL opinion of conditions or behavior’ Generally gloomy; expressing doubt.
  • Trent Wierstra Alicia was just expressing her desire to experience sabbath live, like so many of us have. Joe had something negative to say and she just stuck up for what she said. This was a conversation between Alicia and joe, nobody else needed to stick their nose in someone else’s business. To the rest of you, stop bullying a fellow fan just cause shes Having an argument with the proprietor of this fan page.
  • Trent Wierstra I think joe took Alicia’s initial comment the wrong way to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with expressing a desire and excitement to see the god fathers of heavy metal during this unpredictable time.
  • Brent Steel ‎(Wow, this woman kind of sounds like maybe a sister of a banned Canadian from the Forum, one that REALLY liked Burzum. Just a thought, except that she thankfully liked Dio.) Alicia, you haven’t been attacked by Joe, and his reply to your comment on him as a person isn’t harassment. It’s just that you seem to be one of those Internet bullies who seem hell bent on ALWAYS having the last word, and don’t like the fact that no one at all supports you in your irrational obsession with going off on the man who made this very page available to you. Also, I am willing to bet money that you have spoken to NOT ONE PERSON who has said anything negative about Joe. I call BS. Now squish away and let the rest of us enjoy Sabbath in peace. (I.R. from the Forum- peace to Joe and Charger)
  • Jörg Hoell ‎@ Alicia! You CAN´T see Black Sabbath in Original lineup anymore! Bill Ward isn´t a Part of the Recordings, and he wouldn´t be a Part of the Tour with Black Sabbath!
  • Jörg Hoell ‎@ Alicia! Please read the updates on blacksabbath.com, THEN you are knowing, what you write!
  • Daniel Chabot Maybe we should make that 12 beers and a 40 pounder of tequila with a few more Sabbath albums. If it doesn’t relax us, at least it’ll knock us out for while. There comes a time when it ain’t worth the stress which everyone knows is a big contributer to strokes.
  • Rich Wilson cant believe i just wasted 8 minutes reading all that
  • Joe Siegler ‎Congrats to all.  This entire thread made my “Hall of Fame” of really odd and weird posts and threads.  :)

There’s this classic from someone who toasted me for an unstated reason.  I don’t even know why the heck I’m being insulted here.

from: Jesse Akers <JESSEAKERS@zoomtown.com>
to: siegler@black-sabbath.com
date: Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 10:39 AM
subject: Website Contact Email:
mailed-by: u16126700.onlinehome-server.com


This was a weird email exchange. I got this email from a guy ranting about why the Heaven & Hell project was called that instead of Black Sabbath. Told him why, and then he proceeded to insult the shit out of me. Gotta love such closed minded people.

from Mike Banuelos <Mike8096@hotmail.com>
to siegler@black-sabbath.com,
date Jan 11, 2008 12:00 AM
subject The Name B/S

Joe, please find out why Tony is not calling this latest project Black Sabbath. It is pissing the hell out of a lot of Sabbath fans. And to think that Sharon has something to do with it, makes us sick. She is such an egomaniacal bitch. Lord help Ozzy, but she sucks. A misguided immature little bitch. And her face looks like a plastic mannequins. Lots of people want the real low-down. Why did Tony backdown. HE is Black Sabbath. And what about the new Dio-led album. Certainly that won’t be a Heaven and Hell album. Come on Siegler. Give us the scoop!! We all want to know. This Heaven and Hell tour was awesome but naming it Heaven and Hell was blasphemy!!! To the legions of Sabbath fans, this was the most Sabbath feeling tour since the last Tony Martin tour. The Reunion shows were so watered down. Call it Black Sabbath!!!!!!


from Joe Siegler
to Mike Banuelos
date Jan 30, 2008 10:25PM
subject: re: The Name B/S

> Joe, please find out why Tony is not calling this latest project Black
> Sabbath. It is pissing the hell out of a lot of Sabbath fans.

Easy. They wanted to retire Iron Man, War Pigs, & Paranoid. I agree with it. Time for those songs to be retired.

> And to think that Sharon has something to do with it, makes us sick.

False. You should look up facts first before believing rumour, because it sounds like that’s what you want to do.

Go read all of this page. In particular the bit towards the bottom about the “Heaven & Hell” era. I’ve talked at length several times already about the name issue, and what I wrote is there.


from Mike Banuelos
to siegler@black-sabbath.com,
date Jan 30, 2008 11:50 PM
subject The Name B/S

I’ve read your story and I don’t believe it. Sharon is a natural-born cunt and she has a lot of pull and has Ozzy by the balls. She must have put one over on Geez and Gloria and Tony for them to go out under anything other than Black Sabbath. That is like blasphemy for the boys to tour under a pseudo name. Unless you are inside then your information is what their publicists want you to relay and I don’t buy it. Of course since you are the webmaster of this site, milllions of Sabbath fans will go on believing what the press people want us to believe. The truth will come out one day. Tony is Sabbath and about retiring Iron Man, War Pigs and Paranoid, you must be nuts. Talk about reading too much fan mail. Like I’ve said all along, this site needs to be run by someone older than you. Someone who was around when Sabbath formed. Then we can have the opinion of someone that knows all of Sabbath and not from Mob Rules on. Sad thing is that individual would have to be at least 58 years old. How old are you?? Deleting those songs from their repertoire is like telling Metallica not to play Enter Sandman 15 years from now. Grow up!

from Joe Siegler
to Mike Banuelos
date Jan 30, 2008 10:25PM
subject: re: The Name B/S

> I’ve read your story and I don’t believe it.
I’ve told you the truth. If you don’t want to believe it, it’s your choice.

from Mike Banuelos
to siegler@black-sabbath.com,
date Jan 31, 2008 12:48 PM
subject The Name B/S

> pseudo name. Unless you are inside then your information is what their
> publicists want you to relay and I don’t buy it.
BTW, you do know I work for Bill Ward & Geezer Butler, too, right? I’m a paid employee of both, I do their websites, so yeah, I do think I know a little more than the average fan.

If you want to talk, that’s cool, but if you just want to stick your head in the sand, and insult everyone under the sun because the truth doesn’t fit your narrow view of what you believe things should be, then come talk to me. Otherwise, I’m finished with this discussion. I’ve told you the truth of the matter already.

Whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you.



From: joel iler <joeli@videotron.ca>
To: siegler@black-sabbath.com
Subject: Ozzy
Date sent: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 22:22:46 -0400

Who the hell are you to do a web site and pretend anywhere in the site to be Ozzy or a member of Black Sabbath? If you’re not doing this, why do you write yourself has I in the site that showes to user that you are a member of Black Sabbath? I wanna know, if you are really not a member of Black Sabbath, what is the official web site of Black Sabbath and if we can write to them. Thank You. tu parle tu francais??? moi oui jaimerais savoir k ta faite comme si tétai Ozzy??? criss ta tu un probleme??? toute le long du site tu parle de toi comme étant Ozzy c dla criss de marde sa. combien de monde tu pense ki se sont faite avoir??? sa vraiment pas dsens. bon espérance ke tu mrépondre pour le site web.salut épais

This was a submission for the mailing list I denied:

From: “Brandon White” <triviumfan08@hotmail.com>
To: “Joe Siegler” <siegler@black-sabbath.com>
Subject: RE: Pilgrims of Sabbocracy #1249
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 11:02:09 -0500

ok i want to know why all you guys talk about is the dio years and heaven and hell just to let you know that dio is the worst musician ever he sucks period and for heaven&hell i thought this was a sabbath mailing list all i ever hear is H&H this and H&H that you yeah tony is in it its his band yes he is an awsome player one of the best there is and ever was but this is a side project and thats all there is to it when i joined this list it said that you like to talk about all the years of sabbath well i’ve been on this list for about a 8 months know and i have not heard one thing about the ozzy years well i have run out of things to bitch about so my last words are DIO SUCKS


My reply:

This will not be put out on the list. If you want to disagree with stuff, that’s fine. But this is outright mindless flaming, something I do not put on the list.



His oh so brilliant response:

you know what then fuck you you let everyone ealse have their opinion but when i want to post mine it’s mindless flaming just cuz it doesnt at least give h&h some props or some bullshit like that so take me off the list then

From: Ryan.Greer@borealc.on.ca
To: siegler@black-sabbath.com
Subject: Ozzy
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 11:37:44 -0500

You stupid Fuck,

Who the fuck do you think you are saying “Ozzy of coarse dropped throu. Like we need to see Ozzy’s mid 50’s bum.”? I think you should never be aloud to hear another Ozzy album again, including Black Sabbath. You are a jew. You should respect someone like him, expecially if you know everything about his carreer (wich I highly doubt you do, cause yor a fucking idiot). You should really fuck off you dirty, disrespectful pice of shit. So anyways, I think you should fuck off and should be replaced. Go fuck yourself and take off eh!

-Pissed off ozzy fan

From: joel iler <joeli@videotron.ca>
To: siegler@black-sabbath.com
Subject: Ozzy
Date sent: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 22:22:46 -0400

Who the hell are you to do a web site and pretend anywhere in the site to be Ozzy or a member of Black Sabbath? If you’re not doing this, why do you write yourself has I in the site that showes to user that you are a member of Black Sabbath? I wanna know, if you are really not a member of Black Sabbath, what is the official web site of Black Sabbath and if we can write to them. Thank You. tu parle tu francais??? moi oui jaimerais savoir k ta faite comme si tétai Ozzy??? criss ta tu un probleme??? toute le long du site tu parle de toi comme étant Ozzy c dla criss de marde sa. combien de monde tu pense ki se sont faite avoir??? sa vraiment pas dsens. bon espérance ke tu mrépondre pour le site web.salut épais

Date sent: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 18:46:29 -0800 (PST)
From: Adolf Hitler <the_fuhrer_666@yahoo.com>
Subject: (To You Siegler)
To: siegler@black-sabbath.com

As much as i like sabbath i fucking hate you . if you don’t wanna answer the people’s emails then shut your fucking site down. and i hope you are happy cause a true sabbath fan would not say something about the people what the fuck do we know if there are any shows available that’s why we ask. fuck you and i’m never coming to yuor fucking site again you piece of shit.

long live black sabbath

From Joe: Seems like someone has some anger management issues here that need to be dealt with. This was in response to a remark I made about not having the time to deal with the same question over and over again like “when will there be more tour dates”.

From: Shirleysmarykay@aol.com
To: siegler@black-sabbath.com
Subject: News section
Date sent: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 18:31:29 EDT

Hey fatass, get up out of bed and post some news. We all know your lying about you being “sick” so get up and quit bein gay

From Joe: Uh, OK. I don’t even get this as an insult!

From: “NancySheffer@comcast.net”
To: <siegler@black-sabbath.com>
Subject: contest observation
Date sent: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 22:03:41 -0800

I was browsing through the “contest” area in the site and saw that original “VIYNL” was being given away. Last time I checked it’s spelled Vinyl. WTF? Spell check anyone? Whatever. I know what Sabbath “site” I won’t be going to anymore. Good luck finding an editor fool,

-Me 666

From Joe: Not wanting to come to a website because of a typo in a contest? Wow – that’s really using that 10% of your brain the average human is supposed to be using. Also, you don’t insult someone about misspelling a word and then end a sentence with a comma. 0wned. ;)

And then there’s this classic by someone who got their panties in a knot over a tour date posting.

Step 1: The initial email..

> Thanks asshole for not getting the right info up for the Chicago tour date
> !!! I live down by Galesburg Illinois and do not get much info about
> Chicago concerts except for off of web pages. You said that the show was
> Jan. 20th at the United Center. I find out this past Sat. afternoon that
> the show was for the Rosemont on Jan. 19th and that it has been that way
> all along. I know for a fact that you didn’t make the change in your page
> until yesterday, because I checked your page off and on all damn
> weekend!!! It was too late for me to get good seats by the time I found
> out the truth. Now there’s only shit seats left that are behind the
> stage. I just wanted to say thanks a fucking lot for fucking this whole
> thing up for myself and my friends!!!!!!!!!!! This trip was for my
> birthday you ass!!!!!!!!! Either make damn sure about your info, or just
> fucking give up on the whole web page!!! I know I’ll never visit your
> site again!!!! And I’ll tell every Sabbath fan I know to keep off of your
> page, because you don’t know shit!!!!!!!! Again, thanks
> Jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 2: My response…

From: “Joe Siegler” <siegler@black-sabbath.com>
Organization: Black Sabbath Internet
To: “Carol H” <sexpot60@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 09:43:15 -0600

Ah, another moron who insults me because HE doesn’t know the facts. If
you had bothered to check before insulting me, you would know that the
info doesn’t come from ME, it comes from the BAND.

Thank you for reaffirming the notion that people are too interested in
insulting the shit out of people first before bothering to find out any

Step 3: Their reply to my response.

From: “Carol H” <sexpot60@hotmail.com>
To: siegler@black-sabbath.com
Subject: Re: Thanks Pal!!! You’re A Jackass!!!!
Date sent: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 17:20:07 PST

Listen up fuckface!!!!! I know you get the info from the band, but if you
would have bothered to check with them you would have known. I have found
out from other people over the past few days that most of the people that
run the Pantera sites knew about the change as soon as it happened and
made updates right away. Unlike you, the real fucking moron here!!!!
They’re just the opener and there people know more about what’s going on
than you’ll ever dream of knowing!!!!!!!!! Like I said before, give it up
fucker and save the rest of us good people a lot of grief!!!!!!! In fact,
someone should cut your fucking balls off so you can’t contaminate the
world!!!!!!! Fuck off and die you smart mouth
jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Preferably before YOUR concert, that
way YOU won’t be able to see it