In late 2019 I decided to restart my old “Sabbath Survivor” series of polls.  I’ve always wanted to do it on Twitter, as that’s a wider audience vs my own forums which I did it on in the past.  I’m putting this page here to explain a few things which are too long for a tweet.

I wanted to start this ages ago, but Twitter only allows you to have four options per poll, and with several Sabbath albums having over a dozen songs on them, I would have had to split them into pieces.  I got tired of Twitter waiting to fix their polls, so I decided to forge ahead.  I have to split them into pieces, so I’m going to try using all three segments at once, and see how it goes.  I wish I didn’t have to do that and have them all in a single poll, but unless Twitter changes their options, I can’t do that.

The most current poll will always be linked from the “pinned tweet” on my profile here.

Current poll

Prior Poll Final Results