This is a promo picture of Jeff taken from his own website.

Before you read this part, understand that I do not consider Jeff Fenholt to be a member of Black Sabbath. Read all of this, and you’ll understand why it’s listed here at all.

Jeff’s part in the history of Black Sabbath is in dispute. The Black Sabbath camp has said that Fenholt merely “tried out” for the part. Jeff says that he was in the band for about 7 months, worked on the Seventh Star album, and is uncredited for co-writing some of the stuff on the album, including No Stranger to Love. If you’d like to read Jeff’s side of things, click here.  (There’s some more on Wikipedia here.)  I have requested that the Fenholt camp release a picture of him with the band so that we can have some proof, but as of yet, I have not received a response to this specific request. The general consensus is that Fenholt wasn’t really part of the band, but is making this up to “push his cause”. If I get an answer or a resolution from either side on this, I will update this section with that info. However, I’m not holding my breath, I don’t suggest you do, either. :)

However, other info about this time is more secure. Tony Iommi was briefly engaged to be married to Lita Ford during this time, and because of this (I would assume) when Iommi started working on a solo project (what became The Seventh Star) he used Eric Singer and Gordon Copley from Lita’s band. When Lita went to go back out on the road in the fall of 1985, Gordon left the band to go with her, while Eric stayed. Gordon does appear on the final version of Seventh Star on the track No Stranger To Love, though.

There is a bootleg floating around with Seventh Star music on it, but with different lyrics sung by Jeff Fenholt. I’ve heard it, and it is definitely Seventh Star music in an early form, but with different lyrics. I’ve never been able to formally get any kind of official confirmation from anyone as to the sources of this recording (I don’t think I ever will). However, I believe it’s a recording of Fenholt’s audition to work with Tony when Tony was working on his solo album back in 1985 (the album eventually became Seventh Star). I’ve also been told that the Fenholt audition tape shows the reason Jeff wasn’t hired, which was his inability to come up with lyrics on the fly. If you’d heard it, you’d know what I mean by that.

This part of the band’s history is also kind of weird insofar as Sabbath didn’t officially exist as “Black Sabbath”. During this time, the album being worked on was officially going to be a Tony Iommi solo album. From this point of view, it could be construed that even if Fenholt had gotten the gig (which he didn’t), was not officially part of Black Sabbath, since this time is generally regarded as Iommi solo project time, and that Sabbath proper wasn’t reborn until SIGNIFICANTLY later on in the project when record company pressure forced Iommi to call this a Black Sabbath album, and not a Tony Iommi solo album.

Just for a second, assume that Fenholt was working with Iommi (which everyone I have spoken to or emailed about this issue says he wasn’t), but assume he was for a second. Black Sabbath didn’t exist during this time period, and even if Fenholt was involved (which he wasn’t), it wasn’t Black Sabbath, so his claim of being a former Black Sabbath vocalist is doubly inaccurate.

Please note that I do not consider Jeff Fenholt a member of Black Sabbath!! I’ve gotten several messages asking why I even bother to put him here. The main reason is that when I didn’t have him here, and I got a lot more messages asking about him. I figure I’ll put the sum of my Fenholt knowledge here so people don’t have to ask me all the time.


In late March, I got an email from Jeff himself. We went back and forth with an email exchange about him and Black Sabbath. I asked him when we were done if I could post said exchange, and it is shown below. Jeff said to my query, “Sure……why not. You seem like a cool guy.” So here goes my email exchange with Jeff. All the emails were from March 31, 2009 – I didn’t post it until June due to getting backlogged again in updating the site, no other reason:

— [ Jeff Fenholt ] ——-


I appreciate your point of view and I can go along with much of your thoughts. You are quite astute.

FTR : Tony and I got together in Dec ’84 and began writing music. It seemed to work. He said I was in.

Tony went back to England for Christmas and then returned to record at Cherokee Studios in Jan ’85.

Eric Singer, Geoff Nichols, Copley, Tony and I recorded basic master tracks for 2 or three weeks.

Tony, Nichols and I continued in the studio until the middle of May. It was not an audition after my having gotten the green light back in Dec from Tony and Don Ardon. I think 6 months of auditioning in a master studio would make the Guinness book of world records.

In any event, as you so aptly picked up on, my lyrics were not Sabbath. I just wasn’t there as an artist. But vocally it worked. Thus the dilemma.

In May I called Larry Mazer to send my friend and producer Jeff Glixman out to help. Tony had never met him.

Glixman was hired and instead of helping us get a good Sabbath type lyricist Glixman started giving me crap. ‘What a back stabber.

I bailed.

I toured S. America starting in June of ’85. I mentioned publicly off the cuff that I had quit BS and was now performing contemporary faith based music. It didn’t seem like a big thing to me at the time given the fact that I had already been on the cover of “Time Magazine” as the first rocker to storm Broadway. I had plenty of publicity without BS. As a matter of fact, the BS connection hurt me more than helped in the faith based arena.

The press picked up on the “Sabbath” connection. The brou ha ha started some 5 yrs later when Tony and Terry lied and said they didn’t know me.

My story has remained the same . Theirs kept changing.

With regard to photos of me with Tony, they all were shot by some friend of Tony’s and were filed with Sabbath Management who has not released any to me. At the time, I didn’t give a rip. Had I known what was to come, I’m sure I would have gotten a shot of Tony and me…..huggy huggy.

I refuse to retract any of my statements because they are true.

I can understand how you have formed your opinion based upon the fact that I recorded with Tony and then quit, and that was the full extent of things. However, I did sing, write and record with Tony on what was later released as a Sabbath Cd.

Heard that Castle Rock Records released a Cd of me singing with Sabbath and some demos I cut with Terry Butler. I don’t have possession of several of those tracks. Who gave them to Castle Rock? Tony?

Bottom line: Why should I not be allowed to speak freely ? I own it.

Thank you for being open minded.

All best,
Jeff Fenholt

— [ Joe Siegler ] —–

I have never heard of the demos you did being legally released. They’ve been floating around in bootleg collector’s circles for ages, but I have never formally seen them released as a CD, especially not a legit label like Castle Rock. You sure you don’t mean Eagle Rock? I’ve heard of Castle, and Eagle Rock, but not Castle Rock – unless they’re a bootleg firm I don’t know about. On top of that, all I’ve ever heard are the live “jam” recordings, not actual studio things.

— [ Jeff Fenholt ] —–

I’ve got several actual studio recordings I sang on that are the same instr cuts that wound up on “7th Star. They’re not a “jam”. I also have demo studio cuts I did with Geezer…..

To be honest w you I thought they all sucked……my vocals included……

Even Glenn Hughes, a friend of mine , with his enormous talent couldn’t resurrect that dog………and sales bare witness.

One thing baffles me…… Dave Dinato, who is a dear guy,.rehearsed with Sabbath for several months and no one including you question including him in the roster. Interesting.

I personally think Tony was looking for PR from me. At the time his gigs were down to nothing and I was doing arenas and stadiums… a matter of fact, when Tony denounced me on MTV I was headlining The Olympic Stadium in Moscow and Kiev, and Lennon Stadium in St Petersburg.

JCS was the biggest Cd of all time in The Soviet Union.

That’s why I couldn’t respond to his asinine comments.

Larry King invited Tony and me to be on the show to clear things up……I accepted. The show’s producer called the day before the show to say Tony had canceled.

Stay cool,

— [ Joe Siegler ] —–

What I’m referring to may not be the same studio recordings you’re talking about. I’m sure you’re aware of and have access to a lot more than I do.

As for Tony’s motives, I can’t answer for him – I’m not him. Jesus tells me to try not to judge people, and I generally do not. But the situation is from a fan standpoint certainly confusing at best. I really don’t know what to make of it from either side.


  1. I went to see Jeff Fenholt when he gave his testimony at Stanford University around 1987 or 1988. Fenholt claimed that he left the band over objectionable lyrics, on one of the songs he was supposed to sing, which Tony Iommi told him had to be on that song in order to have “Satan’s blessing” on the album. Having been raised in a fundamentalist home, I am fully aware that some of my brethren engage in the practice of embellishing the truth in order to make their testimonies sound more impressive. Has Tony Iommi ever been asked about wanting “Satan’s blessing” on any Black Sabbath music?

  2. Lucille Patton says

    Now, how I wish I had kept the pictures I use to have of Jeff Fenholt with ‘Black Sabbath’ back in the day, to be more exact 1970-75. I was not a black sabbath fan, but I use to look at the pictures to pray because I felt these were some mixed up individuals, that they would choose darkness and when Jeff Fenholt became a christian, I rejoiced.

    • Hi, I think you may have your dates mixed up. Ozzy Osborne was the only lead singer with Black Sabbath between 1970 and 1975. It wasn’t until around 1985 that Jeff Fenholt was said to have been with Sabbath. What Jeff was most famous for was his role as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. He sang brilliantly in that role, but after he left, one of the guys that was in the choir on that album took over – Ted Neely.

  3. Leigh Blalock says

    Jeff seems like a straight shooter…I don’t doubt his veracity…Sincere Christian..stellar voice..Thanks for posting this exchange.

  4. Michael E. Caruthers says

    I must speak out, to truly confirm that the life-changing experience that Jeff Fenholt has, is indeed true, and real. Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, is true, real, and alive- eternally!! I KNOW, because I had the same experience myself, back in 1973. It’s not about religion, it’s about knowing Christ. I had my testimony printed into a Gospel tract, and copies of same are available from me, if anyone is interested, write to me, or email: Rev. Michael E. Caruthers, New Testament Gospel Evangelism, P.O. Box 307, Leesburg, AL 35983-0307 email: Send me your mailing addresses, and I will mail you some copies. God bless.

  5. Emma Duncan says

    It’s so Interesting that christians have no problem with lying, in order to “prove” something.

  6. Michael E. Caruthers says

    What makes you think that I’m lying? How can you come to that conclusion, when you don’t even know me?? I was not lying. -You just don’t believe it. I actually did have a real, life-changing experience with Christ. I know He is true, and real, whether you believe it or not. I was there when it happened, and I know what I experienced, that Jesus Christ saved me, and filled me with the Holy Ghost. He delivered me from spiritual darkness to Light. He completely changed my life! The things of God are not of this world. The preaching of the Cross is foolishness to them that perish. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation, to everyone that believes,(Rom.1:16). He shed His blood, and laid down His life on the Cross for the whole world, and that includes you! Don’t turn Him away. Everyone will face eternity, -either with Him, or without Him.

  7. Francesco d says

    Jeff is part of black sabbath
    So those who don’t think he is part get a life
    And move on. The band ended long time
    Jeff is member of sabbath

  8. Doug Johnson says

    Francesco – I really hate to burst your bubble but I am here to tell you that Jeff Fenholt was NEVER part of Black Sabbath in any way. The closest he has even got close to be considered working with Sabbath was with Tony Iommi back in ’85…..and in case you are not aware (which I am quite sure of) Black Sabbath wasn’t even a band then…….Bill Ward left the band as well as Butler. Tony Iommi was working on a solo album at the time that Fenholt was working with Iommi which he didn’t even end up getting the job of vocals because of his lack of experience in writing music. Now, that album that Fenholt was working with Iommi was released but it wasn’t until the record company insisted on putting Black Sabbath’s name on it (for popularity reasons) that it is even considered a album of the band. Fenholt, could sing….I will be the first to give that credit to where it is due, however he couldn’t sing to the aspect of being even a resemblance of Ozzy or Ronnie James in anyway.

    If you listen to ANYONE about anything to do with Black Sabbath, I would suggest you listen to me. Considering I own EVERY bit of material that they have ever released – I am talking all 19 Studio Albums, 6 LIVE albums, there compilations (8), 28 singles and the 11 Videos plus tons of bootleg stuff. I am quite sure there are more people like me out there that are fans of Sabbath, but I am here to tell you that I am ONE of the biggest you will ever find!!!

    I don’t have the time to sit here and go over a history lesson with the band at this particular moment, however if at anytime you would like to go into more detailed history of the band, feel free to drop me a line and I will be more than happy to enlighten you with the knowledge that I have about the band!!!

    Once again………Fenholt had NOTHING to do with Black Sabbath!!!!!

    P.S. I had the opportunity to speak with Fenholt when he was at my parents church in Indianapolis back in 2000 and I even got him to admit that he was never a part of the band ‘Black Sabbath’ [persay -is how he put it] but did some work with Tony Iommi (which yes, Iommi is the ONLY member of the band that has always been] which didn’t pan out at the end.

    ONE MORE TIME…….. Jeff Fenholt has NEVER been a part of Black Sabbath (the band) but has been a part of Tony Iommi (which is a PART of Black Sabbath but NOT Black Sabbath in general, only a member) solo effort when the band ‘Black Sabbath’ wasn’t even together.

    Thank you…..

    Doug Johnson

    • Thank you for not having the time to write us a “history lesson” on Black Sabbath. As it is, you did manage to write the longest posting to belabor your opinion that Jeff Fenholt was never part of Black Sabbath.

      • Pardon? Even if you take Fenholt “as” a member of Sabbath, his part is relatively small just the same. I’m not sure what you want here, a 6,000 word essay just on Fenholt’s time? I said what needs to be said. There’s not much more that I could add, tbh.

  9. jp laa manroe says

    I’m sure the truth will come just in time and everyone will be surprised happy.

  10. jp laa manroe says

    The Lord Jesus never hide the truth but sometimes people want to run away from the truth.
    JP Laa Manroe / Painter

  11. camile lukis gethbourne says

    I agree with JP Laa Manroe’ s opinion that Father in heaven will show the truth.. Camile Lukis Gethbourne

  12. camile lukis gethbourne says

    Whatever about jeff fenholt that he has worked witth black sabbath or “not”, I agree with the opinion of JP Laa Manroe ( artist /painter ) that one day Father in Heaven will show the real Truth.

  13. I used to be a regular viewer of TBN and I have heard Jeff say that his reason for leaving Sabbath was over Tony Iommi’s insistence that he write/sing lyrics that conflicted with his christian faith. I have also heard him say that when he was with Sabbath they did something called the “Black and Blue tour.” I’ve come to believe that his story about that wasn’t true,and was just something he said to further his cause.I once saw him at a local church in ’98.After the service was over we were directed to another part of the church to purchase his books etc.As he was entering that area,I clearly heard him direct his staff to inquire about chartering a fishing boat in key west.After that he sat down at a table where he signing his books and pictures he was selling,and he basically didn’t talk to anyone. His demeanor changed completely after his performance/service was over.Idk what to make of all this,but its definitely very disheartening.

    • Sabbath did a “Black & Blue” tour in 1980 with Blue Oyster Cult.

      • Randy Miller says

        With the lineup of Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio, Bill Ward/Vinny Appice and Geoff Nicholls. Jeff Fenholt would not surface with Tony Iommi for about another five years.

  14. Thee Ox says


  15. I don’t mind that he became a Christian and a preacher.However he has gone on record to state that Rock music is of the devil.He did not imply that it was sinful for him to listen to it.He would of done better doing it that way.Then he would not appear to be hypocritical.Here he goes telling everyone it is wrong.I think he is bad for that reason and the fact he goes on TBN to makea prophit off of religion.

    To Jeff-GO AWAY!!!!!!!

  16. Matt Dennett says

    Fenholt DID NOT sing for Sabbath, he merely worked for a very brief period with TI when Sabbath was over. I dont claim to know the man or the details of what he did but it obviously did not work.out and he was sent on his way with his bags packed. And to bring this religious angle into it is simply confusing matters. After the TI period he turned into some preacher-type, renouncing rock and metal music and its “evil” lifestyle . There are many many more things going on in this twisted world than rock and metal music – war, famine, terrorism, racism, violence and crime – Fenholt needs to get a life if he thinks rockers are evil and tainted, anyone who thinks the same needs to OPEN THEIR EYES!!!

  17. Robert Cam says

    Jeff said Iommi asked him to sing evil related songs. What a fuck!!! If you listen to the Seventh star album you realise that the lyrics are not evil oriented whatsoever. Much on the contrary, the lyrics in Angry heart are awesome, not to mention the lyrics in Seventh star, which are about the end of the world and things we can see in the Bible…. God bless Sabbath… keep on praying for Iommi…

    Robert Cam

  18. Randy Miller says

    First of all, let me state that I am a Christian – an active member of a congregation of the Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod). I am also a near-lifelong heavy metal aficionado, and Black Sabbath are my favourite band.

    In about 1994-95 I was working for an employer where nearly all the employees (except me!) were related by blood or marriage and/or went to the same church. Weird environment; didn’t like giving me time off for my Air National Guard commitments. It was an extremely fundamentalist environment; new employees had to sign a paper saying they would not use foul language in that workplace.

    One day one of my co-workers – a very nice girl as it happens – told me that she was going to a lecture (not sure if those were the words) given by “a former singer of Black Sabbath” who had become a born-again Christian and asked if I wanted to go.

    At that time the only “former” Sabbath singers were Ozzy, Dave Walker, RJD (R.I.P.), Ian Gillan, David Donato (very loosely), Glenn Hughes (who didn’t want to be in Black Sabbath), the late Ray Gillen and their current in-and-out vocalist was Tony Martin. She said, “no, none of those, his name is Jeff Fenholt.” This was THE first time in (at that time) 15 years of following the band I had ever HEARD of the guy and I told her so. She was adamant that he had been in Black Sabbath, and, as I said, she was very nice and I didn’t want to argue the point with her so I just let it drop.

    I nearly considered going to this “lecture” just to see what this joker was all about…but I probably would have started questioning him on Sabbath minutiae and got kicked out, so I didn’t.

  19. Well sounds like Jeff got a shot to record wit Iommi on his solo album due to his success with jesus Christ superstar and when Jeff got his shot in the booth he blew it he does hit those high ass notes thow but I take it due to some reason jeff couldn’t freestyle on the spot maybe his life was out of control at that time drugs booze woman or that simply his writing wasn’t to par wit tonys vision so he was shit canned it doesn’t mean Jeff sucks he does belt out his Vox beyond the norm so I believe to even be considered to try for the Iommi project is an honor an I take it due to legal shit Tony named his solo album a sabbath album makes sense to me sales wise and as I see it Jeff maybe said well I’m use this whole experience to my advantage to make a living and did the tbn thing he still was touring singing in the limelight and making a good living either way I think it was cool to get a shot to sing with the legendary Tony Iommi but thumbs down?to stepping on heavy metal putting the lifestyle on blast as he did took a lot of balls to do that kinda like an ultimate betrayal deal justified in his own mind maybe a way to get back for not getting on the record hhahaha ✌

  20. Khylerzmom says

    Just a matter of opinion with all u political bloggers, facts are facts, truth is truth, honesty is honest….etc. Jeff Fenholt has real talent, and quite a story to tell of his journey through life. His experiences and opportunities that came by his gift of song in the music industry are phenomenal, and that alone speaks for itself….Jeff Fenholt is an honorable and inspirational musician, and I truly admire him for all that he has done in his career. Legendary. I consider him family, uncle Jeff to my birth son, now David Lee Fenholt….whos story has yet to be told….in Gods hands, and mommy’s heart.

  21. Jeff fenholt says

    I’ve never said anything but the truth.
    The embellishments have all come from haters, not me.
    Rock on.

    • Richard Brock says

      Hey Jeff, remember me? Richard Brock, used to live in Stony Brook next door to you back in the early 70’s. Matter of fact, you gave your dog Rasha to my family. (I also did some painting in your house in Belle Terre.)

      I have given my life to God and to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Thought you might like to know.

      If you want you can contact me at

      Hope to hear from you Jeff.

    • Robert Bishop says

      Jeff, I have no doubt you recorded demos with Iommi. I’ve heard them on YouTube. Whether or not it’s Black Sabbath is irrelevant. Iommi can deny all he wants. Look at how he’s treated Tony Martin and Rey Gillan.

  22. Aaron Rowe says

    The question of Jeff Fenholt being in BS is irrevelant now. He serve’s The Author of Life and those of you who do not still have the same Hope waiting for You. Jesus Christ is The Way The Truth and The Life…I was a serious roknroller until 89′. I loved the dark life.Your simply mocking Jesus and those of us whom HE Saved…God Bless You.

  23. Linda Ray Galbraith Nielsen says

    The Good New is that the past is the past, Jesus, is in the NOW! Praise the Lord! First time I saw Jeff, was at Rice University in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR! Sitting in bleachers just a few steps grim the BIGGEST SPEAKERS EVER! Louder than all the Shoffer horns in Israel put togethet# Later I met Fenholt face to face and talked about our assignments at Bread of Life Houston, my Dusty Kemp’s dome church! I wore a black sweat shirt with the Golden Gate Bridge o. It because, I left my ❤ there! Jeff Fenholt is the real thing! He belongs to JESUS, THE CHRIST! Listen to him and believe! Lovingly, In Christ, Linda Praise and Glory be to THE LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN# Amen and Amen!

  24. Robert Hoffman says

    This guy has more evil issues as well as burned bridges than anyone I know who pretends to be Christian for the money that comes with this high dollar business. Instead of giving his heart for The Lord, Jeff has always been into bad games that are spiritually dangerous as he treads on blasphemous issues. He has always had affairs, while being married. He finds yet another prostitute named Kim to take him in because he can’t afford to live the highlife he supposedly had in the 70’s. Jeff is such a has-been. He writes articles claiming to be worth $3 million dollars, when all he owns belongs to his new wife Kim. She has a ranch in Colorado, and because Jeff became broke in 2006, he turned to her who was basically a church groupie. Jeff is living off the money that Kim’s previous husband has paid for. He never sees his 6 children, & sadly one of his daughters passed away. The other children don’t even speak to him. Jeff is lost after years of hatred & using churches to make his spending money. Many women have come & gone from his female escapades. I don’t think Jeff even believes in God. You have to spend time with him, to see the real Jeff Fenholt. A pathetic man who hates everyone, and burns all his bridges. Soon enough, when women refuse to pay his way, he will end up as just another bum.

    • Bernadette Rodriguez says

      All 6 of Jeff’s kids are still alive and he did have a relationship with most of them before he passed away

  25. Jess Hamilton says

    Jeff may be the best con artist the Christian community has ever met. He is all over the road with personal problems. Just read his nasty posts on Facebook in the past. He never sounds like a Christian man. I just worry about the people who will experience his witness, only to be hurt when Jeff says something terrible. I believe he has a demon spirit in him, to go with that temper he exhibits. Funny, how Jeff seems to keep announcing that he is worth $3 Million. Is that Kim’s money, or an apparition.

  26. Linda Ray Galbraith Nielsen says

    The bible warns us not to judge others, for we will be judged the same way we judge. You cannot know what Jeff has lived beforecoversion. Even Saint Paul begged for God to free him from wound in the flesh and HE said MY GRACE is sufficient for thee. So, it is with Jeff and me also. Forgive Jeff what you think you see, and watch how ABBA FATHER preforms a miracle to set you FREE! Livingly, In Christ, Linda Ray Galbrsith Nielsen

  27. Jeff always came across on TBN as sincere. Only thing that has really worried me about him were the rumours that he had an affair with Gala Dali (Salvador Dali’s wife) and supposedly milked her for a couple of priceless Dali paintings. Anyone able to comment on this?

  28. Big Al Szolack says

    I am a former professional basketball player who traveled around the world playing wiith the Washington Generals, the opposition team for the Harlem Globetrotters. I do not care if Jeff was with Sabbath or not. I met him January 29, 1989 in a church Living Waters in Hurfville, N J. Jeff was the guest speaker and I acepted Jesus Christ into my heart. He also helped me go to Arizona with Athletes International Athletes. He helped change my life.
    God Bless
    Big Al Szolack

  29. Linda Ray Galbraith Nielsen says

    May God richly bless you at this Yuletide! May HE pour out great FAVOR wherever you go and give you REST HE keeps telling me to Rest in HIM! Tell Jeff I have a Christmas card for him, but cannot find where I put it! I am going to be 77 years old in January!

  30. Jeff is not lying I found a picture of the album he produced with Black Sabbath. Look this up and you can see the album I’m talking about. Black Sabbath Featuring Ray Gillen & Jeff Fenholt ‎– Eternal Stars.

  31. Mary Elizabeth MacNamara says

    Moderator, please remove my comment above, and if you can keep this better version below ↓

    Jeff’s consistent responses deflate gossip for profit, filling in blanks including abuses of him that though hurtful and disappointing don’t seem wildly upsetting to him moved on to more significant work than becoming an old drug rocker burn-out. Some here say they have insights into Jeff’s personal life contradicting his public image. If true, then I agree in prayer for Jeff and his people for healing and to be with us in heaven by not rejecting Messiah paying our sentences.

    Prostitution is buying or selling sex without love. Unless the commenter calling Jeff’s wife Kim a prostitute has actual knowledge, that is actionable slander. If Kim is a churchgoing widow with a bachelor’s degree in holistic nutrition, whose inheritance supports her and her beloved husband Jeff’s music and evangelism, that’s not prostitution–it’s being a patron of the arts and ministry and life partners. And if Kim supports Jeff, then why does commenter say Jeff makes a living for himself by conning Christians for a high lifestyle the commenter says Jeff doesn’t live as a lonely though married man (confirmed by lack of public gossip during his marriage to Kim)? Illogical inconsistencies.

    Facts all seem to agree on:

    1. Jeff was once but no longer an abusive drug rocker living a wild high life and denying God.

    2. Jeff’s voice made him famous the facts show more in demand at that time than Tommy, whose BS band was dormant before his work including with Jeff was later published under the BS name.

    3. Everyone including humbly Jeff agrees that the music he made with Tommy wasn’t great because Jeff wasn’t a lyricist in sync with Tommy’s Black Sabbath style at that time Jeff was starting to walk with God.

    4. Jeff didn’t keep singing in the secular world and instead has kept lifting his voice to God and His lambs including the indisputable testimony of Jeff no longer in the drug rock world after his transparently admitted challenges since difficult youth even jail and he & Reeni surviving his drug rock years I’m glad they’re both married to ╬s, and Jeff’s wife a nuturing holistic nutritionist of means.

    5. I don’t know if we can buy Jeff’s “Time Magazine”-marvelling pioneering crossover performance from rock to Broadway musical, but I treasure his greatest music: his ╬ cassette tape and TBN CD you can hear some online.☺ Blessings to you all. ♥ “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son; that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” ☼ John 3:16

  32. Sadly Jeff Fenholt passed away today.

  33. I saw Jeff in 1990 in Monroeville Pennsylvania. He told some good stories and they seemed believable. I met him afterwards and he told me he was still in contact with TI and others in the industry, that he was witnessing to them. I forgot about him after a while. (I found things suspicious myself for a time, I looked him up a few years back and I thought he was fake) BUT….

    Hearing about his death made me want to look into this more. He played with a band called the Fifth Order in 1967 and he was the original Jesus in JCS. He recorded a single “Simple Man / Billys dead” in 1972. It was all I could find of him as concrete evidence. Of his recordings. (I will continue to look for more) I can’t say either way what his association with TI was. As a musician and Rock n Roll historian, one thing I know is that famous people do lie and they can give you a sense of false hope. They will tell you how much they can do for you and when that time comes, they deny saying what they told you. Tony and Don may have said Jeff was in, then retracted that statement. This is also a dirty business too.

    Is Jeff 100% innocent? I think he may have exaggerated some stories and may have had feelings of animosity towards TI and the Black Sabbath organization over things. He took this to push his ministry. (Mind you, this is my opinion, so don’t take it as total fact) People of God lie too. We all have seen that over the years. But it is not up to us to make any judgment calls over this situation. None of us were there to witness anything and it is Iommi vs Fenholt on this. We love our bands, idols, and icons so much sometimes that we overlook the fact that they are regular people. They give us one side, with an image and they can do no wrong in our eyes, so we fight for them and believe everything they say.

    Jeffs beliefs may have played a role in things too. I know in that time period, being a Christian wasn’t cool to a lot of people. But at the same time, it is not cool to knock a genre of music because someone else says so. Saying Rock, metal, punk etc.. is evil and satanic is not right. In the 80’s we had the PMRC and evangelist preachers claiming this music was of the devil, but we know how that played out or them. (Jimmy Swaggert) and the others who were in scandals. (Watch the movie Marjoe and you will be amazed)

    I love Black Sabbath and have been a fan since I was 5 years old. I like the Ozzy years more than the stuff after. Heaven and Hell is a good song, but that’s where I draw the line. Fenholt is gone now and hopefully we find out what really went down with this situation. Yes, JF was not innocent and had his problems, but no Christian is perfect, none of us are. We all have fallen to sin. Let the one who is without sin in their lives cast the first stone, isn’t that in the bible? I just hope Jeff found whatever he wanted and may he rest in peace.

  34. Jeff Fenholt died on September 10, 2019. He was 68.

  35. Caritas Tarot says

    Hasn’t anyone here heard the term “footnote” before?

    Fenholt CLEARLY IS a footnote in the history of the Band Black Sabbath – the kind of thing notated in writing with one of these *.

    As such, he definitely needs to have a page on the Black Sabbath site. I’m glad he had a fairly brilliant career in JCSS. RIP. Daliland brought me here.

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