This photo is from the Aug 26, 2004 Black Sabbath gig where Rob filled in for Ozzy Osbourne.


  • Robert John Arthur Halford
  • Birthdate: Aug 25, 1951
  • Birthplace: Birmingham, England
  • Band Position: Lead Vocals
  • Started in Band: Nov 13, 1992
  • Left Band: Nov 20, 1992
  • Returned to Band: Aug 24, 2004
  • Left Band: Aug 25, 2004
  • Album appearances: None
  • Other Bands: Hiroshima, Fight, Two, Halford, Judas Priest



  1. Rob Halford = The METAL GOD! \m/

  2. Rob only did three live shows with the band,but he was good.I do love what he has done with Judas Priest and Halford.I think he is the best singer in Metal along with Ozzy and Ronnie.Rob has been there since the 70’s.He is from Birmingham England.I like the vocal talents of Rob.He is a legend and icon.

  3. James Igou says

    I saw the Camden show (’04).
    It was a pretty good kick in the ass.
    And as I’d been disappointed by Ozzy in the past (anyone else see the last original tour) , his not preforming was no big deal for me.
    And Ozzy even made up for it by singing himself hoarse the next year.

  4. I have seen ozzy and Sabbath thousand times, but would have killed to see Halford lead singing for Sabbath, just once

  5. Chabotsky33 says

    Can you imagine the magnitude of this collaboration…the metal God and the masters of metal!?..the relatively small portion of fans let’s say 200,000 (3 shows times approximately 65-70 thousand ) how lucky to have been there!..wonder if any of it was caught on video or audio?

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