This picture comes from the Tyr tour programme.


  • Real Name: Anthony Martin Harford
  • Birthdate: April 19, 1957
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Band Position: Lead Vocals
  • Started in Band: Summer 1987
  • Left Band: Late 1990
  • Returned to Band: Mid 1993
  • Left Band: Exact date unknown, sometime in 1996
  • Album Appearance: Eternal Idol through Tyr, and Cross Purposes through The Sabbath Stones
  • Other Bands: Tony Martin Band, The Alliance, Misha Calvin, Dario Mollo/The Cage, Giuntini Project, Empire, Forcefield, Mario Parga Band, Phenomena, Rondinelli




  2. My favorite singer ever

  3. excellent chanteur,thanks for
    evrythings you do with and out black sabbath !
    the third cage is beautifull!!!!

  4. Stéphane Collin says

    great guy ! amazing singer ! fantastic song writer !
    ladies and gentlemen: The one and only Tony Martin.


    “The best singer that Black Sabbath had ever have is Tony Martin”
    Cozy Powell

    • Lorna Kerr says

      For me , Tony was definitely the best front man for Black Sabbath ! Shame , I don’t hear much of hime these days !

      • Richard La Mountaine says

        Some of Black Sabbath’s best songs feature Tony Martin as singer, too bad they are so neglected in the bands history.

  5. Stéphane Collin says

    great guy ! amazing singer ! fantastic song writer !
    ladies and gentlemen: The one and only Tony Martin.


    “The best singer that Black Sabbath have ever had is Tony Martin”
    Cozy Powell

  6. une voix incroyable !! Pur talent !

  7. Very underated, Tony Martin was awesome in Sabbath. People should give him another chance

  8. If Black Sabbath Ozzy line-up takes a break .

    Tony Iommi-Tony Martin could reform under a different name like The Dio era ” Heaven & Hell ” did . they could play only Martin era Black Sabbath with new songs.

    They could use the cross purpose , forbidden or even a new line up – i reckon they’d fill 3000 seaters

  9. He is so fucking underrated and that’s sad :(… amazing singer I LOVE HEADLES CROSS,TYR and CROSS PURPOSES fucking great albums

  10. What ever reason Iommi has for doing the so called original Sabbath thing, he should listen to the albums he made with Martin. I can understand that there’s more money to be made with the original lineup (even if they have left Ward out) but it’s yet to be proven if the new album will deliver the goods fans expect. For me Iommi plus Butler plus Osbourne plus Ozzy’s drummer doesn’t equal Black Sabbath. Remember when Ozzy said that any version of the band without the four original members wasn’t Black Sabbath. Was that just beacause Ozzy wasn’t involved? I have been a Sabbath fan since the beginning, through all the line up changes, reunions, you name it. Just because Ozzy was the first, some fans seem to think he is the best. I saw Sabbath with Ozzy for every tour from Master of Reality to Never Say Die. His on stage antics were great, but his singing was mostly disappointing. I saw Sabbath with Dio several times, Gillian once and Hughes once. Thank god for Youtube! I never saw Martin with Sabbath because I now live in a very rural area. Sure wish I had. Maybe not all the videos are great, but when Martin was on his game he put Ozzy to shame! Even gave Dio a run for the money.
    In closing, if you are a real Sabbath fan, and haven’t given the Martin Era a fair listen, I suggest you do it. Those albums have given us some of the best riffs Iommi has ever come up with. Iommi’s lead work is superb. Martin’s vocals fit the music as well as any of the Sabbath singers. You shouldn’t overlook Martin because he’s not Ozzy or Dio. The man has some pipes! Give credit where credit is due!

    • Sabbath Fan Aaron says

      “Gave Dio a run for the $” Dream on man.Tony steppped and filled the shoes when Sabbath had degenerated to noothing but he wasnt that good LMAO!

    • An excellent singer, but not up to Ozzy standard – then nobody ever has been. Ozzy had the advantage of being in Sabbath during their most creative and best period – albums 1-6. However the Tony Martin period still beats most Heavy Metal hands down.

    • AMEN!

  11. Yes, John, the man has pipes. A great clear, commanding voice. A tribute needs to come to fruition for Tony Martin. He emanates a dark, mysterious world of occult sensibilities. He works, he simply works with Tony Iommi at the helm. He’s still young too. He could really use a boost from the Sabs’ fanbase. He makes a chapter in the Martin years of Black Sabbath come to life with a powerful stroke. Thank you Tony Martin for all the great showmanship.

  12. Tony Martin is one of the best.It is too bad that era of Sabbath isn’t reconized or remembered enough.That is when they made some of their best music.Tony Iommi did some of his best guitar riffs.I like the albums from “Eternal Idol” to “Cross Purposes”.Even,”Forbidden” had its good moments.I like his solo work,as well.

    Tony Martin is a good singer and lyricist.He was a good addition to the band.Atleast that lineup did well in Europe.It would of been nice if it happened on the American continents.I like how Tony Martin did the songs of the classic eras,as well.He did good on the songs that Ozzy and Ronnie did vocal on.I think Tony Martin deserves credit.

  13. Tony Martin is a fantastic singer I love his albums with Black Sabbath, they are so under-rated is sad and annoying because they’re absolutely brilliant. Yeah I would have liked it if Black Sabbath returned with Tony Martin, Iommi, Geezer and either Bill Ward, Vinny Appice or Bobby Rondinelli but then again I’m glad Ozzy is back so a continuation with Heaven And Hell with Tony Martin taking over would be TOTALLY AWESOME!!

  14. tony martin era of Sabbath is so ignored its almost like erased,,but the fact is its probably Sabbaths most polished and most powerful epic era,,

  15. the realist says

    Didn’t have the vocal or stage charisma, character, or personality needed to front the mighty Sabbath.
    As boring, dime a dozen, and cookie cutter as they come.
    The music buying public’s reaction and the level of achievement with all his other projects is proof of that.
    A total bore.

    • If he is so bad , why he spent so many years with the Sabbath? Before you say so many nosense should gave a little bit of knowledge. Or maybe is that you know more about this bussines than Tony Iommi or Cozy Powell.

  16. The Watcher Over Time says

    Ozzy is the ultimate showman/performer on stage. He feeds off the audience & it shows in concert, he loves it. Unfortunately he is not one of the best singers out there. He is the original frontman for Black Sabbath & the world loves him for that. Ronnie James Dio was good in Elf, great in Rainbow & with his solo band “Dio” but he should have left the dungeons and dragons & rainbow lyrics to his previous bands. Black Sabbath had a different foundation built already. He was a great lyricist/songwriter/craftsman of songs but some of what he did, didn’t fit in with what Sabbath had done/or was doing. I watched & listened to everything Sabbath has done since “Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath” in 1974. It was always hit or miss with me & what they were doing. Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath, miss. Sabotage, hit ( awesome, flippin’ album ). Technical Ecstasy, miss. Never Say Die, hit ( another classic album ). Heaven And Hell, hit ( brilliant, right album, right time, another classic ). Mob Rules, miss ( didn’t care for it at all ). Born Again, Seventh Star & even Eternal Idol didn’t really notice them, bought them when they came out but it was kind of one listen & then done with them. It wasn’t until Headless Cross that Black Sabbath really kicked my butt again. Then came Tyr ( WOW ) the first back to back Sabbath albums to really kick a** in long time. Then came the return to Dio with Dehumanizer, it was alright but compared to the previous two albums, I thought it was a mistake. It was because Dio was out again & then they re-inserted Tony Martin for Cross Purposes. I thought it was a good album, but they had lost a little steam. Forbidden could have been another great album but the production on it su**ed. Overall I’ve seen all three, Ozzy, Dio & Tony Martin and from what I’ve experienced, Tony Martin is the best singer for the band. Although Ozzy Osbourne may be the best visual performer on stage.

  17. Svensson says

    Tony Martin was the best singer in Black Sabbath. Also the Black Sabbath music was better when Tony Martin was the singer.

  18. Matt Dennett says

    I really like the T.M era, solid albums, some excellent music, some excellent vocals. I think the main issue with T.M vocals is that he didn’t have the menace that admittedly did give Ozzy and R.J.D plus Gillan the edge (in different ways of course). But even though he lacked that menace he still did a sterling job and he still stuck at it giving it his all through rough times when the Sabbath name was being ridiculed. He should be given more respect for that. I doubt it would ever happen but I would jump at the chance of seeing T.I playing alongside T.M again! It is criminal that this part of Sabbath history has been almost erased and brushed aside – its an important section of rocks heritage. My dream line up would be….

    Tony Iommi
    Tony Martin
    Geezer Butler
    John Paul Gaster of Clutch swinging the drums
    Geoff Nicholls back on the keys where he belongs

  19. Steve Armourae says

    Martin is unfairly neglected. His best song for me is Headless Cross. No one except Ozzy can sing Warpigs. As it’s more of a declaration rather than singing a melody

  20. Great to hear that Iommi might be teaming up with Martin one more time. Even if all they do is add some new material to the Martin era Sabbath albums for re-release, it will be nice to hear them team up again. As I said in my previous comment in June of 2012, Sabbath fans NEED to listen to the Martin Sabbath albums. Forbidden wasn’t a great album, but neither was the last couple of Ozzy Sabbath albums. Not much material from either one made it’s way to the set list for the reunion or farewell tours. Stop comparing all the great vocalist that have taken the stage with Sabbath and just appreciate what the band has given us for over forty years. Be thankful that the original four are still alive considering the musicians that we’ve lost. The Sabbath history includes everyone that was involved in making some of the best rock/metal music ever.
    One last thought on closing the book on Black Sabbath. Maybe I’m biased since I play guitar but to me Iommi is and always will be the driving force behind the band. Drugs, touring and egos almost tore them apart back in the 70’s but Iommi chose to carry on through all the changes. He was there from beginning to end providing all the great riffs the various singers added their unique voices to. If he had left after Never Say Die, Sabbath quite likely would have been history. No Dio, Gillan, Hughes or Martin Sabbath music would exist. Quite likely all the reunions would never have happen if it not for Iommi keeping the band alive. I just want to say thank you Tony for all the great riffs and blistering leads that have come from your talented fingers. Looking forward to what ever you do in the future with whomever you decide to do it with.

  21. Frank Tovar says

    I did not know that Tony Martin was on Herman Rarebell and Friends CD. Tony Martin is covering Another Piece Of Meat two versions Acoustic and full band cover). He still sounds very good. Is Book of Shadows out?

    • Aaron McMahon says

      Not yet Frank – I don’t think he has a clear release date for it as yet. Last thing I heard Tony Martin was part of was on Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – Kingdom of Rock album, on which he sings a song called “When The Sky Falls”.

  22. Rocky Chopin says

    Tony Martin has a new collaboration with Bosnian guitarist Zele (from the band Divlje Jagode). Zele’s album is coming soon, here is video preview for Tony’s guest spot – “Missing You”:

  23. Ola. KS. says

    Best singer in Black Sabbath ever. Great voice ?

  24. Scraliontis says

    Hi, accidentally found a release with TM at with a band called Violet Janine, the song “So Much More (feat. TM)”. Seems to be a ballad. To complete your TM discography!
    Searched for “Thornes”, but it not out yet (?).

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