This picture is taken from the music video for “The Shining”.


  • Real Name: Geoffrey James Nicholls
  • Birthdate: February 29, 1944
  • Death: Jan 28, 2017 (Lung Cancer)
  • Birthplace: Birmingham, England
  • Band Position: Keyboards (plus backup vocals & guitar)
  • Started in Band: Late 1979
  • Left Band: Early 2004, right before Ozzfest Tour.
  • Album Appearance: Everything from Heaven & Hell through Reunion.
  • Other Bands: Quartz, Tony Martin Band, Cozy Powell’s Hammer


Thanks to the band Quartz for the photo above.


  1. hello geoff
    i think you are a incredible musician and i dont understant why you arent in sabbath now..
    sorry but i am french and my english is not very good i hope listen you this year with mr martin.
    thanks for plenty melodies youre writing in sabbath and martin band so cool to hear;
    be strong ! salut MONSIEUR!

  2. Angela/Angie says

    Hi Geoff, remember me? i used to see you at the “Hopwood Caravan Club” in Hopwood.

    Quartz were a very good band and i remember we used to chat.

    i would love to hear from you and see how you are doing.

    Lots of love

    Angie xxx

  3. My favorite keyboard player in the history of Sabbath.I like- Don Airey,Rick Wakeman,Adam Wakeman,and Jezz Woodruffe as well.It is too bad they didn’t become full time members and had to be on stage behind a curtain.That is no way to treat a band member and co-songwriter.He came up with the bass lines to-“Heaven And Hell”.I am glad to see Tony Martin doesn’t do this with him in his band.Geoff Nichols is one of the best composers ever.

    He was in the video to-“The Shining”.He was a full time band member during the era of “Seventh Star”.It should have stayed that way.He deserves all the credit that is due to him.When they were in between bassists,Geoff was there on stage playing in view.He was with Sabbath from 1980 to 2004,right?Somebody correct me if I am incorrect.

  4. Dick Richards says

    Hello Geoff
    Remember the Boevils played at our wedding
    Your no. 3 district fans Harry Knowls Pete Barker Barry Wragg
    Don Suckling Brian Smith myself Dick Richards
    all the very best

  5. robert stanford cam says

    Hello Geoff,
    You will always be the only keyboard player Black Sabbath has ever had…

    Love and Peace….!!

  6. Shabba Mishko says

    helo pablo, you come see nikos, geoff he make the choobala. we talky like in old day. now we fight bt i froget all, we best of friends again.

  7. Graham Hardeman says

    Hi Geoff,
    can not see you remembering me from The World OF OZ days I was and still Chris Evans best mate, I’m still in touch with Rob More Tony Clarkson, and of cause Chris. Be great to have a drink sometime with us all and find out what your up to now.Cheers Geoff hope to hear from you

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