This picture is Jezz cropped onto the tour program from the Technical Ecstasy Tour.


  • Real Name: Gerald Woodruffe
  • Birthdate: ???, 1951
  • Birthplace: Birmingham, England
  • Band Position: Keyboards
  • Started in Band: Late 1975/Early 1976
  • Left Band: Late 1977
  • Album Appearances: Technical Ecstasy
  • Other Bands: Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Belle Stars. Purusha, Sally Hope



  1. Erik Tomren says

    Happened to notice that the FB page goes to ‘Sally Hope’. Is this correct? I was expecting it to go to something about Gerald Woodruffe.

    • Follow through and look around. That’s who Jezz is playing with – or at least in 2013 he was. Not sure about right now.

  2. Paul Sayer says

    Great site, cheers. I went to Jezz’s shop to buy a bass with my 15-year-old birthday money many years ago, but somehow he very skilfully persuaded me that what I really wanted was a Wasp synth instead, which as it goes turned out to be the right choice. He was an absolutely lovely bloke who took me seriously, not as a gormless kid, and sent me away believing in myself as a budding musician which I’ve never forgotten. I had no idea who he was at the time but my dad was a massive Sabbath fan, and was pi**ed off with me for weeks for not taking him with me when he found out. Happy days, hope Jezz is doing well.

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