2014 Black Sabbath Tour Dates

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Touring Band

  • Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
  • Tony Iommi – Guitar
  • Geezer Butler – Bass
  • Tommy Clufetos – Drums
  • Adam Wakeman – Keyboards


  • Unknown at this time

List of Dates

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2014 Tour


  1. Please please come to South Africa

    • It’s a second part of european concerts so…

    • Need to know when you are and where you are touring in us. i have been a fan for over 35 years and first daw you guys at the age of 10. My huband had tickets for monsters of rock,at long beach arena with metallica but they were stolen. He is self proclaimed 1 ozzy fan and i promised to try to get him.to your show. Oh no god please help me. Thanks sharon and larry

  2. That image is positively badass! :)

    Where did you get it from, Joe?

  3. For the gigs in Germany the tickets can be bought already since Nov. 08th.
    But more important, the “special guest” is officially listed as “Soundgarden”!!!

    • They should do a world tour with soundgarden. And if not, do a tour in Germany then in the states. I’d love to see that.

      • in germany only the gigs in Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart are with soundgarden! The gig in Essen is without Soundgarden.

  4. Josep hilari says

    Please, comentari to Barcelona in 2014 !
    Thousands of fans are waiting until 30 years….

  5. Vicki Morton says

    How do I get a presale code for Halifax, ns, Canada ?

  6. Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY – Monday, March 31st, 2014

  7. Hi!
    Waiting for you in Kiev in the beginning of the June!
    Please, visit Ukraine after gigs in Russia!

  8. I miss DIO…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Are going to see Sabbath I Stockholm this Friday, but I still miss my GOD RJD!! Fuck cancer!

  10. Prashant Joshi says

    Please come to India for once… !!! Pleeeeeeeeeease m/

  11. What about Kosova?
    Please make the dreams come true for many maaaany fans form Kosova. PLEAAASSEEEEE……

  12. Come to Norway please !!

  13. april 3rd is Halifax, Nova Scotia

  14. Please come to Dallas, Texas Black Sabbath , Metallica, Megdeath, Korn, Iron Maiden, Shadow fall, Anthrax, Slayer at Cowboy stadium or Cotton Bowl ??

  15. Poland 11 june, I just order the tickets :D:D

  16. Josep Hilari says


    Come to Barcelona in 2014. The fans are waiting 20 years for see one concert in our arenas.

    Thanks for your music

  17. I saw tony, I saw with ronnie, I could not see them even with ozzy, please return to Argentina

  18. Bring the Prince of Darkness to South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. First of all you could update the 2013 tour with Oct-Dec concerts.

    To fans, how did look the backstage/earlyentry/meetandgreet passes for the EU leg of the 2013 tour?

  20. We need Sabbath to come to Denver, Colorado!

  21. Margarita Olivarez says

    This grandma still rocking hoping one day she can share your music with her kids in Texas. Preferably Lubbock but anywhere in Texas


  23. Charles Perry says

    Ok. Make my decade. Come play at Red Rocks in Denver (coolest venue alive) with White Zombie as back up band. Ozzy and Rob filled the Pepsi center. I went to Vegas to see you guys and my son was pissed off that you skipped Denver.

  24. Edward Johnson says

    It would sure be nice if all possible to make it back to the States again? Washington State, to be exact?

  25. Brian Metcalfe says

    Got tickets for April 13th 2014 ,Kanata Canadian Tire Centre, taking my daughter Sandra. Hope everyone in the band is well, see you then, Black Sabbath 4ever

  26. Not a lot of chatter about the upcoming March 31 show in Brooklyn, in fact it’s not even listed in the 2014 dates…

  27. ozzy dont forget israel,
    you promice you come back and with black sabbath originaly ,
    might be the biggest concert

  28. stevenf895 says

    Attended the show last night in Brooklyn. The band sounded fantastic. I saw them twice this past year at PNC in NJ and Mohegan Sun in Ct. This show was by far the best of the three. Ozzy sounded great. Plus there was actually a warm-up band instead of a lame DJ. Reignwolf. Who were pretty good but the sound quality was not great.

  29. alberto salgado says

    My friends, when you come from Portugal?

  30. I just saw Black Sabbath in Halifax, NS on Thursday and it was such an amazing show! Ozzy sounded even better than he did when he was here on the Black Rain tour. And of course Tony and Geezer were amazing as well….definitely had a few moments where I found myself standing there in awe of them! And for those of you who are wondering, Tommy Clufetos did an amazing job on the drums and the drum solo that he did was one of the best I’ve ever seen and he kept very true to the original songs. Sure I would’ve loved for it to have been Bill Ward, but at this point in their careers, just to hear the riffs and songs I grew up on being played by Tony, Geezer and Ozzy was more than a dream come true for this small town boy who got introduced to Black Sabbath at the age of 14…so many years ago…

  31. Please, Sabbath, come to Hong Kong!!!!!

  32. I was lucky to see the band on August 13 2013 at ACC in Toronto and again tonight at First Ontario Centre in Hamilton – thanks for the amazing show guys and God bless !

  33. Went to the Ottawa show last night with my daughter Sandra, truly amazing did not sit down once ,also thought Reighnwolf stood up well as openerBlack Sabbath 4ever

  34. Cleveland Ohio or surrounding states? I’d love to see you live again!!!

  35. ROCKED THE BOWL last night.. good to see Geezer and Tony with Ozzie again. Tommy Clufetos. is a rock God and fits well with the bank.. However.. 20 minute drum solos went out in the 70’s. Needed a few more older songs and truly miss the Dio era songs which will never be heard live again. Was waiting to hear the wail of a harmonica announcing “The Wizard” but it never happened. All of the songs from 13 were crisp and reminiscent of earlier Sabbath.. God is dead blew alot of fans away who have never heard it. Great show.. good fun.. and will do it again God willing!!

  36. Black Sabbath please come to India at least one concert. It will be the best day in my life span. U have a million + ppl here who are the disciples of Black Sabbath. Please consider.

  37. Dear Black Sabbath !!!!!
    All your Moscow’s fans are waiting for your concert here
    Hope it will be a wonderfull show
    God bless you
    An old fan of your group
    From Russia with love…..

  38. votre musique me porte .. on vous attend en France .

  39. It´s such a great date for the Germany Stuttgart gig: on 25. June it´s my 55th birthday – I will remember that birthday forever :)

  40. Come to Texxas Jam or Austin Fest 2014
    this Fall.

  41. Why not Czech Republic?

  42. Issam M. Faqir says

    My beloved “Black Sabbath” I have been a fan and a great admirer of you for the last 40 years.
    The last time I had the great honor of being with you Live was back in 1976 in Portsmouth England.

    I brought my son and daughter to your culture. Now I live in Dubai UAE with my family. I’m taking my kids to see you live in Abu Dhabi – Du arena concert on May 29, 2014.
    PLEASE if you ever read this msg. allow us to meet you backstage for Moments ?
    We love you so much .
    God Bless you.
    With all our love.
    P.S. Our names are:
    Issam Faqir, Moe Faqir & Ruby Faqir.

  43. Kip Brown says

    Just heard a recording of the Moscow show. Yet another one where Ozzy is singing in a totally different key from the band. What the hell, folks? Is the rest of the band, management and sound crew totally oblivious to the fact that show after show Ozzy sings consistently flat song after song after song? I don’t get it…I’ve heard some shows, including the one I personally attended last summer at Noblesville, Indiana, where he’s dead on and never been better. Then, there’s the shows (more often than not) where you wonder if he is even listening to the rest of the band. This has been going on since Lollapalooza in 2012. We’re not talking about a sour note here and there, we’re talking entire songs and entire shows where he’s a full step off of the key of the rest of the band. Why is no one even acknowledging this?

  44. I saw BS last night at Sweden Rock Festival (Sölvesborg), and man… I can hell you it was bloody awesome. They really was better than great, and Ozzy was singing better than I’ve heard him for many many years. His voice held for the entire show. Man, am I in heaven?!

    God bless Black Sabbath!

  45. Ich Bin Der Schrei BCN says

    Barcelona please!!

  46. Ethan Spoljarevic says

    Please come and tour in Australia I missed you guys the last time you came and was really upset :(

  47. Please Spain. Barcelona . I love you

  48. Please Please come to Bangalore, India… We love you…

  49. Spiritually ask you to come to Madrid, Spain. I believe in Christ, and just after in Black Sabbath. You could give to thousands of spanish tasters like me your mellancolic chords and luminous verses of happiness. Please Tony, Ozzy, Geezer, Tommy and Adam. I speak not just for me: musically, soulfully, philosophically, reiligiously, a iberic legion loves you. You will not repent. You know it´s true and I can´t be more arse-licker.

  50. Chris O Connor says

    Please come to Dublin , don’t listen to that Garth Brooks guy , we need metal not country

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