Black Sabbath in Germany on December 2, 1987

From Garry Sharpe-Young’s NEVER SAY DIE!  1986-1997 [pg. #265]: Having wrapped up the German leg, (Jo) Burt’s Birthday of 2nd December, a last German gig, “in the middle of nowhere with no facilities”, offered another prime opportunity for tomfoolery at his expense.  As Burt remembers, upon arrival the band personnel were dismayed to discover their venue for the evening was less than salubrious.”

“We were actually playing in a cattle shed!  I was cheered up though when the promoter turns up with a blonde on each arm dressed as biker chicks and says ‘Happy birthday Jo – these are for you’”  As is evident by photos of this Sabbath line-up, bearspiked and back combed hairstyle had obviously caught the attention of his other band members.  The ‘gift’ was not all what it seemed….”

“Turns out they were hairdressers!  They were going to give me a good seeing to in the hair department.  So, with a superb hair do I hit the stage.  Half way through the show the band stop the show to announce my birthday.  The whole crowd was singing along to ‘Happy birthday’.  As I took my bow centre stage, unbeknown to me the entire crew had assembled behind me dressed in the old monks outfits from the wardrobe cases.  I then had custard pies squashed in my face from every direction as the others took photos!  With no showers at the gig I had to travel across Brenner Pass into Italy still picking the cream out of my ears!”

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