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Geezer Butler’s Book

Yesterday evening, I found a link for Geezer Butler’s long awaited discography on Amazon US. The book is to be titled “Into the Void: From Birth to Black Sabbath – And Beyond”.  The release date is 6 Jun 2023 (in the US/North America), and it’s 8 Jun 2023 in the United Kingdom. ISBN: 9780063242500 ISBN […]

Ozzy is Done Touring

Well, the time has come.  Looks like Ozzy’s health issues are too much for him, and he’s announced he’s done with concerts.  Given his health issues the last few years, and covid, Parkinsons and all that…   He’s canceled all pending concert dates, issuing the following statement.  I’ve seen Ozzy a ton of times both […]

New Bill Ward – Mon Dieu

Last night, Bill Ward quietly released a new track on Youtube called “Mon Dieu”.  I have no info about why this exists, whether it’s from a forthcoming album, or just a rogue individual track he wanted to release.  In the meantime, enjoy the new track!

Ronnie Romero Covers Sabbath

Ronnie Romero, the vocalist most recently known for his work with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow as well as the Michael Schenker Group announced a new album called “Raised on Heavy Radio”.  This is a covers album, and the lead single/instant grat track is a cover of “The Shining” from the Black Sabbath album “The Eternal Idol”.

Born Again Release Date

UPDATE: That was quick.  The UK date has been sorted.  It’s 12 Sep 1983, as proven by Kerrang Issue #50.  Now to find the US date. UPDATE 2: Now I’ve discovered that 12 Sep was the intended date, but delayed – how much?  Not sure. The search goes on. As anyone who knows me knows […]

New Quartz Album Is Out!

If y’all didn’t notice, Quartz released a new album back in the spring.  It’s called “On the Edge of No Tomorrow”.  If you’re reading my site, then you should know that Quartz was the band that Geoff Nicholls was in before he hooked up with Tony Iommi & Black Sabbath.  I’m here to drop some […]

Phenomena – Still the Night


Holy Diver Super Deluxe CD

Got news in the last couple of days that there will be a “Super Deluxe CD” release for Dio’s Holy Diver album, which will turn 40 f’in years old next year.  While the album still stands up damn well in its original form, I’ll be curious to hear the extras and remixes and whatnot.  Below […]

Master of Reality Documentary

Remember a few months ago when I posted about a fan made Sabotage documentary?  That was Alan Berry from The Tapes Archive who was behind that, and now he’s back with a new episode – this one about the “Master of Reality” album.